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Emergency alert in ‘Gotham City’ mistakenly sent by Missouri State Highway Patrol

An emergency alert mistakenly pushed out to cellphones on Tuesday afternoon by the Missouri State Highway Patrol was a test gone wrong, according to the agency. Around 5 p.m. cellphones pinged in the state alerting residents to a purple or green 1978 Dodge 3700GT with Missouri license plates sought out of Gotham City, Missouri. There is no such place — Gotham City is the setting of the DC Comics franchise “Batman.”
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Emergency alert mistake has hundreds Googling 'Gotham City, Mo.'

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — An emergency alert meant to be a "test" had many people Googling to find out where Gotham City, Mo., is. The message the Missouri State Highway Patrol sent out late Tuesday afternoon said, "Gotham City MO purple/green 1978 Dodge 3700GT MO UKIDME." It's a reference to...

MSHP says 'Gotham City' emergency alert was a monthly test

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says an emergency alert sent out Tuesday afternoon was a test message and there is no current alert. The emergency alert referenced Gotham City, Missouri and the Joker's purple and green car. There is not a Gotham City in Missouri. The alert read "GOTHAM CITY...
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Former Tiger Richardson signs contract extension at NJ/NY Gotham FC

Former Missouri soccer player Domi Richardson signed a contract extension at NWSL team NJ/NY Gotham FC through 2022, the club announced Wednesday on Twitter. The extension also includes an option for the 2023 season. Richardson was signed as a free agent by NJ/NY Gotham in 2016 — when it was...
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The Batman: New Trailer Spotlights The DC Hero's Partnership With Catwoman And More

Batman and Catwoman may have spent decades in DC Comics lore as adversaries (albeit flirtatious ones), but in recent years, these two are more often depicted as allies at the very least. That looks to be the case for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which sees Robert Pattinson playing Bruce Wayne and Zoë Kravitz playing Selina Kyle. Just in case it wasn’t clear from previous trailers for the upcoming DC Comics movie, the latest preview spotlights the partnership between these two, alongside plenty of other new goodies to enjoy.

The Batman: Zoe Kravitz Reveals New Skill She Learned Shooting the Film

Zoë Kravitz learned how to shoot a gun without breaking one of her long nails while shooting The Batman. The star revealed how much technique went into loading, unloading, and shooting a gun while also making sure to keep her nails pristine. This is somewhat surprising since Catwoman is typically associated with using a long black whip as her main weapon of choice instead of a gun. However, it would appear Selina Kyle will be adding some gunplay to her arsenal at some point during The Batman, though she also makes use of her legs as a weapon as well.

New apartment complex, grocery store coming to large North Kansas City development next

When it comes to sharing information on his real estate projects, Rick Worner says he’s “more of a groundbreaking kind of guy than an announcement kind of guy.”. That said, the master builder for One North was pleased to see dozens of area residents interested in two of the mixed-use development’s next upcoming components, during a two-hour open house Wednesday afternoon at the project’s dual-branded Aloft and Element hotel, southeast of Interstates 29/35 and Armour Road.