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You can now buy Mary Shelley’s old address—though you’ll have to bring your own goth.

News for Frankenstein fans, or just fans of the monster: according to Mansion Global, a two-bedroom Bloomsbury apartment at the address of Mary Shelley’s former home is on the market for $1.36 million. If you saved $1.17 million from not buying the first edition of Frankenstein that went up for auction in September, you only have .19 million dollars to go.
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Three new songs and three remixes from Italian darkwavers Ash Code will surely grace goth club speakers once we can go pick cobwebs again. Bandcamp New & Notable Mar 9, 2021.

A New Goth Scene: Luna Negra’s Goals for Its Events at Bart Lounge—Showcase Great Performers, and Create Community

A goth scene is developing in the Coachella Valley—and a husband-and-wife duo that goes by the name Luna Negra is largely responsible for that. Edgar and Karla—they declined to give their last name(s)—have been working on creating a goth scene in the Coachella Valley for 2 1/2 years. Their events take place at Bart Lounge in Cathedral City and have featured musicians who cover goth music genres like dark wave, post-punk, death rock and beyond. On Saturday, Dec. 4, Luna Negra will feature DJs including Danza de Luna, Luna Divina and Dead Romeo.
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Sister Wives: Robyn Makes Fun Of Janelle’s Goth Look, Fans Call Her “Villain” Of The Family

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is infamous for her gritty behavior, and once again, her statement took the shape of the storm. Well, recently, Kody and Janelle discussed their music interest amid his workout session. It was surprising for fans to learn about Janelle’s favorite music genre. Meanwhile, Robyn’s comment on Janelle’s music taste left many fans in a daze. Many showed their concern for the second wife, while others were offended by Robyn’s statement. Here’s what actually happened.
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Your daily reminder that goth is more than just “thin, young, and white”

Yall love goth girls and goth gfs but do yall love trans goth girls and trans goth gfs ?? i know i do. This is like… CARTOON goth. This is the kind of goth i aspire to. “Good evening, Goodwill shoppers. (Halloween noisemaker: ooooOOOOooooo) The time is now seven fifty. The store will be closing in ten minutes. (Halloween noisemaker: ominous piano.) We ask you at this time to start bringing your final selections up to the front… or else. (Halloween noisemaker: witchy cackle.)”

A Gloomy Glut Of 25+ Goth Memes

We've got to hand it to all the goths out there. They took one look at all the pain, suffering and misery in the world and instead of being horrified, they decided it was their vibe. Between the high drama and the copious amounts of black, you might not think there's much room for memeing — but you'd be wrong. Goth memes are a special genre, because they are experts in dark humor. It really is more than just a phase.

“Trending To Twenty” By Fine Place

Fine Place is a new duo comprising Frankie Rose (Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls) and Matthew Hord (Running, Pop. 1280, Brandy). The Brooklyn duo’s debut album This New Heaven is a post-rock record, with elements of industrial and goth. Along with the news they the duo have shared album track”Tending To Twenty”, along with a video created by Frankie Rose.

Goth / Halloween Bat earrings

For halloween I designed those bat earrings. Even some of my friends bought some from me <3 Can't believe how happy it made me. Experimenting with matching pearls becomes a hobby recently!. But let's be serious - black is a colour which can be worn at each time of the...

Add ‘Yacht Goth’ to Your Rock Encyclopedia

Michael McDonald and Christopher Cross walked on water so Taylor Hawkins and Dave Navarro could hoist their jibs. In an interview with Rolling Stone about their new supergroup, NHC, the duo — of Foo Fighters and Jane’s Addiction fame, respectively — coined a spectacular term for the sound they were able to cultivate in the studio alongside fellow musician Chris Chaney. “We had a joke when we made this record,” Hawkins explained. “We called it yacht goth.” Yes, please go on; tell us more about our new favorite subgenre. “We love the Gerry Raffertys and we love the Steely Dans,” Navarro continued. “But we added in a little touch of the goth and a touch of the heaviness.” Rolling Stone reports that NHC is influenced by the Police, Pink Floyd, and a certain holy triumvirate from Canada. They also plan to release an album and embark on a tour next year. “There’s always a little Rush,” Hawkins added. “That’s just to make sure the chicks love us … I kind of imagine our live show being somewhere between Rush and the Faces. I want there to be a looseness, a party vibe.” In the spirit, we’ll christen their boat with a broken Champagne bottle, eyeliner, and pills we found in our pocket.

New Goth Restaurant Opens With Unique Menu

Grabbing food at the new goth restaurant.Fabrizio Magoni/Unsplash. There are plenty of upscale restaurants dotting the Phoenix scene, giving patrons plenty of opportunities to wine-and-dine to their heart's content. But what happens when something else is desired? When a different vibe is wanted? Often that is a little more challenging to find. Well, that is all about to change, with the punk-rock meets goth restaurant “Aftermath” opening up in uptown Phoenix.

Taylor Hawkins and Dave Navarro on the Secret History of Their ‘Yacht Goth’ Supergroup

When Taylor Hawkins, Dave Navarro, and Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney started jamming together at Hawkins’ L.A. home studio in early 2020, they had little ambition beyond killing time during the pandemic. “After a couple of songs, we realized we had a sound,” says Navarro. “We just kept going, and before we knew it, we had a body of work. And then a light bulb went off and we realized we had an actual band and were going to make a record.” The debut LP from NHC (named, obviously, for Navarro, Hawkins, and Chaney) isn’t slated to come until sometime early...
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Echoes and Dust “Tribes of Medusa are a Brooklyn-based, husband and wife duo who create dark ambient/doom/goth metal music.…” 10 hrs ago →

Take This: Win Two Tickets to Substance Festival at the Belasco Theatre

Restless Nites are bringing the most stacked post-punk and goth lineup Los Angeles has to offer to the Belasco Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for what is sure to be an unforgettable three days. Substance festival 2019 was spectacular and this year’s only added another night of music. From local underground heroes to some of the biggest names in the world of dark music, Substance has assembled a goth rock lineup for the ages. This includes Nitzer Ebb, Chelsea Wolfe, John Maus, Ceremony, Health, Squid, and so many more.