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The ChatGPT chatbot is blowing people away with its writing skills. An expert explains why it's so impressive

We’ve all had some kind of interaction with a chatbot. It’s usually a little pop-up in the corner of a website, offering customer support – often clunky to navigate – and almost always frustratingly non-specific. But imagine a chatbot, enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), that can not only expertly answer your questions, but also write stories, give life advice, even compose poems and code computer programs. It seems ChatGPT, a chatbot released last week by OpenAI, is delivering on these outcomes. It has generated much excitement, and some have gone as far as to suggest it could signal a future in which...
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Google introduces “Continuous Scrolling” on desktop for Search

Notably, users shouldn’t mistake continuous scrolling for infinite scrolling. With continuous scrolling, users can see up to six pages of search results by scrolling down before they see the “More” button to look for further results. On mobile, Google limits continuous scrolling to four pages of search results in one go.
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New Google Photos search button replaces Lens

Google has done a lot of work integrating Lens into many of its services. One of the most sensible integrations is with Google Photos. However, the company may replace Google Lens with a new search button in Google Photos. Google unveiled Google Lens back during Google I/O 2017. Since then,...
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Google Search brings continuous scrolling to desktop

Google’s search results on desktop will load in a continuous scroll instead of dividing into pages, the company has announced. The move follows a similar change made on mobile in October last year, but isn’t quite an “infinite” scroll. Instead, Google will load six pages of results into a single scroll before offering users a “See more” button to show more results.

Google Search results now continuously scroll on desktop

The website will automatically load six pages of results before prompting you click a 'more' button. Google is giving its search results on desktop the "continuous scrolling" treatment over a year after launching the feature on mobile. Continuous scrolling will eliminate the need to click "Next" or the page numbers at the bottom of your search results. Instead, Google will automatically load the next batch of results on the page once you've scrolled to the bottom of the current list. If you use Google on mobile, the feature will feel very familiar.
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Why Google's Growth Potential Surpasses Its Numerous Execution Flops

Google is fairly valued, with a price target at $133. The key vertical that investors can expect from Google is successful cloud expansion. A new premise is forming based on the lack of Alphabet Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) ("Google") ability to ship new products and the general fear cycle in tech. The implication is that Google is having difficulties staying on the cutting edge and that new AI tech has the potential to disrupt search and other services. Google has been great when it was playing the innovation game, but without it, the traditional corporations like Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft (MSFT) may dominate.

Google is adding continuous scrolling to its search results

Readers like you help support Android Police. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read More. As long as many of us can remember, Google Search has always only shown you a limited amount of results on its first page. To dig deeper, you’d have to switch to a second, third, fourth, or n-th page, which is something many of us probably rarely do. This behavior is slowly starting to change, with Google introducing continuous scrolling for search results on mobile in 2021. And now, the company is rolling out the same capability to search results on desktops.
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3 Top Stocks to Buy in December and Hold Forever

Alphabet has strong competitive advantages, sees multiple paths for growth, and is valued attractively. Berkshire Hathaway offers tremendous diversification and a long-term track record of beating the market. Microsoft is a leader in multiple arenas and should be on its way to becoming a Dividend Aristocrat. You’re reading a free...

What Is North Carolina’s Favorite Taylor Swift Album?

North Carolina, y’all have good taste. If you know me you know I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan. Yeah, I know everyone these days seems to be. But I’ll gladly challenge you. That’s why when I was sent this study it certainly piqued my interest. Our friends at analyzed Google Search trends to determine the most popular Taylor Swift album in each state. There is no shortage of new Taylor music these days. So picking a favorite Taylor Swift album is a daunting task.

Google Discover bug causes empty feed in Pixel Launcher

In the most recent beta version of the Google Search app, a bug is causing the Discover feed in the Pixel Launcher to be empty. On some phones, most notably Google’s Pixel series, the leftmost page of the launcher offers handy access to a feed of the latest interesting articles around the web from Google Discover. You can also find Discover on the main page of the Google Search app or in Chrome’s New Tab Page on Android.

5 SEO Strategies To Maintain Rankings on the SERP

The competition to rank on top of the search engine result page is gradually getting tougher. Google has updated various guidelines in the last few years related to SEO. Those guidelines made it difficult for websites to maintain ranking in search engines.

Complete SEO training 2023 + SEO For The WordPress Website

SEO Training From An SEO Expert : SEO your WordPress Blog including Keyword research, Backlinks Strategy ,Google Ranking. No prior knowledge of SEO or Digital Marketing is required. You should have an existing website or plans to build a website for implementing these SEO techniques. Be excited about using today’s...

OpenAI’s ChatGPT could start a search engine revolution. Should Google be worried?

Fresh off this fall’s wide release of DALL-E, the brilliant A.I.-powered text-to-image generator, the team at OpenAI has done it again. Six days ago, the A.I. research outfit unveiled ChatGPT, arguably the most advanced, user-friendly chatbot to enter the public domain. As more than 1 million users have already discovered, ChatGPT provides remarkably intelligent, detailed, and conversational text in response to complex user prompts.

Google adopts continuous scrolling for desktop search results in the U.S.

The search results on the second page of Google results now have their time to shine. After introducing continuous scrolling to mobile search in October 2021, Google is now rolling out the same feature for desktop search results. Previously, Google Search used a pagination system where it groups search results in 10 pages (though you can go up to 100 results per page by modifying a setting).

Microsoft Recruits Top Twitter, Google Engineer For Security Role

His new role “sits right at the nexus of critical infrastructure, security, and privacy, so it‘s a subject that speaks very closely to my heart,” Yonatan Zunger said on LinkedIn. Microsoft has hired Yonatan Zunger, once the “seniormost engineer” at Twitter and a 14-year-plus Google employee, whose...

Google switching to continuous scrolling for desktop Search results

Google is adopting continuous scrolling for desktop Search results as it did for the mobile website in October 2021. Search has famously shown 10 blue links, though you’ve long been able to go up to 100 results per page from Google says “you’ll now be able to see...