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Windows Insiders in Release Preview can now try Android apps on Windows 11

If you’re a Windows Insider enrolled in the Release Preview channel and you’re running Windows 11, you can now start testing Android apps on your PC. Microsoft is preparing to roll out the feature to all Windows 11 users next month – albeit it’ll still be labeled as a preview – and as is customary, Windows Insiders in the Release Preview channel can try it a little early.
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Huawei gets payments on its phones back through a new partnership with Curve

Huawei is now on its own version of Google Mobile Services, which means its smartphones sold in markets such as Europe can't do most "normal Android" things, contactless payments included. Now, the OEM has announced that they might be back soon due to a Curve app that can use the NFC chip on Huawei phones.
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Elo Introduces M60 Pay Android-Powered Mobile Computer With Built-in Payment Capabilities

Elo, a leading global provider of Android-powered interactive devices, today announced a major addition to their mobile computer lineup – the Elo M60 Pay handheld computer. The new device brings payment centerstage to empower retail, hospitality, and entertainment businesses to accept payments in store or on the go – wherever customers are located.

Honor 50 Lite Review

It's got the looks, a large screen and supremely fast charging but the Honor 50 Lite is a little too light elsewhere to challenge the best budget phones. The Honor 50 Lite falls short in storage, lack of waterproofing and 5G it makes up for in its impressive battery life, charging and style.

Gmail is the fourth app to exceed 10 billion downloads

Google’s Gmail email service became the fourth application to overcome the barrier of 10 billion downloads on the Play Store platform, the official platform for Android devices. The Gmail page at Google play store its number of downloads was updated and revealed in the last hours. The portal reported...

Here’s why OnePlus 10 Pro is launching in China first

As per a series of discussions reported by Android Central, there’s a bunch of reasons the OnePlus 10 Pro is launching in China first. Neil Shah, Vice President of Research at Counterpoint Research, told Android Central one of the most likely reasons behind the decision. As per Shah, the brand would most likely have decided to launch the OnePlus 10 Pro first in China to stay in the “race to have Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip-based phone on the shelves first.” Shah says: “China was not an important focus market for OnePlus earlier, but after folding into OPPO, China becomes a key focus market for scaling the OnePlus brand. It will be positioned to fill the big gap between the Reno series and Find series for OPPO. Especially in the China market where Vivo has done well with the V and X series,”

Why the US has a premium Android gap

At CES 2018, AT&T was on the verge of announcing a partnership with an ascending smartphone company to offer its latest flagship, but the carrier suddenly reversed course; a pending announcement with Verizon met a similarly abrupt demise. These scuttled plans would turn out to be the closest Huawei would come to launching its smartphones in the U.S.

Honor Magic V vs OPPO Find N: Specs Comparison

After the comeback in the European market and a lot of rumors, Honor has finally announced its first foldable phone: the Honor Magic V. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and the OPPO Find N, the Honor Magic V is a foldable smartphone that can turn into a tablet thanks to a big foldable display placed internally. The phone debuted in China about a month after the launch of the OPPO Find N, and it may represent a good alternative to the OPPO flagship since it is going to register the sold out everywhere. This comparison will highlight the differences between Honor Magic V and OPPO Find N: the latest Chinese foldable phones.

Huawei will launch the P50 Pro and P50 Pocket globally in January 2022

Huawei's P50 Pro has emerged despite its maker's recent trade-restriction-imposed woes. Its flagship attributes include a 50MP main camera, not to mention the unique selling point of a 40MP lens dedicated to monochrome sensing. However, they do come with the compromise of a version of a Snapdragon 888 processor incapable of on-board 5G connectivity as usual.

Honor 50 and also Honor 50 Lite battery launch internationally

Honor’s bounce-back smartphones considering that parting methods with Huawei is something we’re watching on. Today, they simply released the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Lite– both still with traces of its Huawei family tree yet with Google Mobile Providers. This brand-new set of smartphones hasn’t strayed also...

Why is there a premium Android gap in the United States?

AT&T was on the point of announcing a partnership with an up-and-coming smartphone maker to launch its latest flagship at CES 2018, but the carrier abruptly reversed course; a forthcoming announcement with Verizon was similarly abruptly cancelled. These thwarted ambitions would prove to be Huawei’s closest approach to introducing its devices in the United States.

Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket, European prices are staggering

Two of the most prestigious smartphones presented by Huawei in the just ended 2021, the P50 Pro and the compact folding clamshell P50 Pocket, are arriving in Europe at decidedly salty prices, according to the well-known insider @_snoopytech_: in fact, we are talking about, respectively, 1,199 and 1,622 euros. The reaction meme has already been put there by the source, so we abstain.
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Honor CEO shows off foldable Magic V on video; phone to be unveiled January 10th

If you're a smartphone enthusiast, you probably know the Honor story by now. A Huawei sub-brand, Honor was considered guilty by association and forced to abide by the restrictions placed on Huawei by the U.S. These restrictions prevent Huawei from obtaining supplies from its U.S. supply chain (which forced the company to develop its own successful ecosystem), and cutting-edge (read 5G) chips from certain foundries.

Specifications and functions of HONOR Magic3, Magic3 Pro, Magic3 Pro +

HONOR officially released the HONOR Magic 3 series as planned. These new devices are the company’s first flagship smartphone lineup after being sold by HUAWEI Let’s take a look at what these HUAWEI Mate 40 series look-alike phones offer. Release of HONOR Magic3, Magic3 Pro, Magic3 Pro +:...

2021 Winners and Losers: Honor

To say 2021 was a bounce-back year for Honor would be an understatement. The former Huawei sub-brand rose up from the smog of the Huawei US ban and got on track releasing phones with Google Mobile Services (GMS) once again. The Honor 50 series came first followed by the flagship Magic 3 series shortly after. The Magic 3 Pro+ in particular brought arguably the most impressive spec sheet of any Android flagship this year though, like the rest of the Magic 3 series, it remained exclusive to China.

Geek Review: Huawei P50 Pro

Three years ago, Huawei was close to being at the top of the smartphone food chain, but all that changed when it lost the use of Google Mobile Services (GMS) for its new devices. Since then, the Chinese tech company has made great strides in improving, and some say, perfecting the one thing it can control – the hardware, and its latest Huawei P50 Pro shows that the tech giant is not giving up without a fight.