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How to stop your phone and other smart devices from listening to you

If you’ve ever thought someone was secretly eavesdropping on you, you’re right. Smartphones and other devices can hear and record what you say, as proven by a now-viral TikTok that showed thousands of audio files recorded on a woman’s Echo and Dot speakers and saved in the innermost folders of her Amazon account.
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This Alexa-enabled LED smart lamp is on sale for over 20 percent off

Smart technology has come a long way since . Sure, we don’t have flying cars or cities in the sky, but modern conveniences that we now take for granted like smart watches and were once sci-fi fantasies. And how can we forget ? These tools can automate your heating, order products online and even adjust your home lighting. As for that last point, you’ll need a compatible lamp if you want hands-free control over your lighting, and this has you covered.
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How to prepare your front porch for trick-or-treaters this Halloween

Whether you want to go the spooky or fun route for Halloween, preparing the front porch is a delightful affair that all the neighborhood kids will appreciate. Every year, we go all out with several Halloween-themed inflatables, decorations, lighting, and more. We even set up a projector and screen in the window with a companion speaker on Halloween night to provide the kids with a fun and immersive experience. While you don't have to create a full-on scary set-up, there are some handy ways to simplify a frightening front porch display for trick-or-treaters before curling up with some of the best spooky movies to watch once the kids go to bed.
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A Local Berkshires Favorite Stops By For A Live Chat

We here at WSBS always LOVE to showcase our local crop of entertainers who give their all to present a top quality show for our tri-state residents. Now that things have eased up a bit during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing more of these talented individuals take center stage whether indoors or outdoors and that's a good thing if you ask me as music gets people together and connected in our community.

Google’s smart home platform and tools are now fittingly named “Google Home”

During Google’s Smart Home Developer Summit yesterday, the company made several big announcements, but none were as important as the newly minted and unified platform renaming. Beginning its journey five years ago with Google Assistant and the Google Home, smart home tech has come an incredibly long way, and now encompasses smart displays, lights, locks, cameras, and so much more.
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Buffalo Rumblings podcast channel continues to expand

Over the past three seasons, the Buffalo Rumblings podcast channel has continued to grow as we engage more fans of the Buffalo Bills each week. Every year the team looks to add new shows, and we are proud to welcome “Not Another Buffalo Podcast” to our line-up. The show is...

SmartBug: the Italian startup and its 360º switch

SmartBug is an Italian startup which, just a few months ago, stepped forward in the world of home automation by launching its own globally home automation ecosystem through campaign on Kickstarter –Won–. SmartBug is a smart home system with which users can automate their home, a true revolution in the...
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Introducing Google Home: Google Rebrands Smart Home Ecosystem

Google has been involved in the smart home space for a while now. Industry-defining acquisitions like Nest Labs in 2014 for $3.2 billion showed Google’s commitment to smart home technology. Well, Google is not looking to be the quiet kid on the block. At the Google Smart Home Developer Summit, Google announced a complete rebrand of it’s Smart Home ecosystem. Drumroll please. Introducing “Google Home”! Surprised? Yeah, I know, but lets just gloss over the obvious name and see what is included.

Cove High-Tech Neckband Aims To Ease Stress, Improve Sleep

With the free app, 365 Threat Monitor, scan all emails as they reach your users' mailboxes to detect ransomware, phishing and spam. Get real-time phone alerts + security breach updates and delete threats instantly with just one click. Download now!. Everyday stress at work and home sometimes seems like a...

Put Your Feet Up While These Smart Robots Vacuum and Mop Your Floors

In terms of weekly around-the-house chores, the introduction of robotic vacuums changed the game. At one time, vacuuming your home floors required effort, attention and, most importantly, time. About 10 years ago, choosing a robotic vacuum offered nearly complete freedom from this task, except for the initial installation and some semi-regular emptying. Fast forward a few years and while it’s not quite time for robot butlers, it is time to wave goodbye to the hassle of another chore, namely mopping, as we introduce a new generation of robot vacuum and mops into our homes. Why Choose a Robot Vacuum and Mop...
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Matter Gets Native Android Support Via Google Play Services

Google has announced native Android support for the new, unified smart home platform Matter via Google Play services. The company also announced new tools and features for developers to create Matter devices. Google Home will be the new name for its entire smart home platform, including developer tools and programs. The announcements came at the Google Smart Home Developer Summit on Thursday.

Nest Cam (indoor) review: Google’s smart security camera has fast alerts and a nice design, but the video quality isn’t as good as cheaper competitors

Indoor cameras are an awkward category. It’s hard to find a way to fit one into your home without feeling like Big Brother is watching you. My family hates having them in the house and only grudgingly lets me set them up to test as long as I take them down as soon as possible. Despite my assurances that the devices are set to not record when we’re home — they just don’t quite believe me. And they’re not alone.