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Puzzling Places – The Review

During our lifetime, many of us have put together a puzzle. Trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle in the right spot to reveal the picture. But as puzzles started to develop into more pieces of the puzzle, so did the look and over feel of them as we started to get into 3D Jigsaw puzzles. And with these new puzzles gave us the ability to hold these puzzles in our hands and get a closer look at them in new and different ways. So does developer allow us to take the love of puzzles and elevate it to a new level? Let’s find out with Puzzling Places for PlayStation VR.
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7 breathtaking natural wonders to check out in Croatia

The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World were a collection of incredible constructions. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Colossus of Rhodes, the world is truly home to some amazing sites. Some locals would often joke that the whole of Croatia was the...
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Texas police responding to hostage situation at Colleyville synagogue

Google Earth look at of Beth Israel temple, Colleyville, Texas. A gentleman evidently took people hostage at a synagogue in the vicinity of Fort Truly worth, Texas, on Saturday, according to numerous reviews. The Colleyville Police Office mentioned on Twitter it was conducting SWAT operations at the location of Congregation...
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This Week's Weird News 1/14/22

A murderous clown spotted on Google Maps, a call to close the "Gates of Hell," and the 2022 forecast from none other than Mexico's Grand Warlock are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.
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Jesus spotted in Antarctica on Google Earth, near ancient alien structure

Ancient alien researcher Scott Waring had just spotted an Antarctic extraterrestrial base visible on Google Earth when he noticed something truly astonishing nearby… a giant sculpture of the face of Jesus! Skeptics would say this is a prime example of pareidolia but we know the truth. From UFO Sightings...

GEGVL: Google Earth Based Geoscience Video Library

GEGVL: Google Earth Based Geoscience Video Library. GEGVL includes place- & events- based geoscience educational videos which have been made or reviewed by geoscientists or/and domain experts. There are two versions of the GEGVL so far, for STAAR and General. The GEGVL-STAAR is for middle school science teachers in the Texas area. The GEGVL (General) is mostly for 2YC, 4YU, and above. We will continue updating the GEGVL and upload them to this webpage. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in developing GEGVL or you want to become a video provider. It can be animations, simulations and any other visual format! Thanks! Explore the docs »

5 Key Tips for Using a Drone for Aerial Photos

Originally Posted On: At one time, drones were solely a tool used by the military. Today, individuals everywhere can take advantage of their many benefits, including aerial photography. When using a drone for aerial photography, there are a few things that can help make the flight easier and the...

Drone Photographer Captures Bird’s-Eye Portraits Around the World

Photographer Dimitar Karanikolov has captured a series of aerial portraits from a wide variety of locations around the world. His photos stand out thanks to his use of a human element which add a sense of scale. Based between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, Karanikolov is an architect by trade...

Not a Photoshop trick! Drone images reveal this small Italian town is indeed shaped like a man with outstretched arms

Changing your POV (point of view) can reveal many remarkable aspects. Suppose the point of view is way above ground level. In that case, it unfolds the wonders of our planet like nothing else. a tiny island called Baljenac Island, located in the Šibenik archipelago near Croatia, earned the moniker of “fingerprint island” only after being observed from above. Its uncanny resemblance to a human fingerprint intrigued the world. A similar observation has revealed yet another exciting similitude of an ancient Italian village to a person. A small town called Centuripe, on the coast of Sicily, was photographed by a drone, revealing a five-pointed shape.
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Southern Utah Ski Resort Plans Transformative Expansion

It’s time to add Brian Head Resort in southern Utah to the infinite list of upcoming ski expansions. The Life of Brian Head, Utah Facebook page reported that Brian Head has been working with the SE Group on a multi-decade expansion that would transform the spot from a moderate-size mountain to a massive resort. Some of the new additions include advanced and expert terrain, real estate developments with lift access, a rerouting of the Chair 5 Roulette chair, and an expansion off Navajo Peak. There is no particular expansion that is their first priority, and it will likely take a couple of years for the first new lifts to come to fruition due to the crowded and highly contested lift market at the moment. The mountain is run by Mountain Capital Partners, which just completed Nordic Valley’s expansion in northern Utah. Some maps of the expansion plans are below.

Drone Provides Fascinating Look at Centuripe, a Real Italian Town Shaped Like a Human – TechEBlog

Photographer Pio Andrea Peri has always been fascinated by the mountain town of Centuripe in the province of Enna, Sicily. So, he decided to fly over it with his drone and capture its unique humanoid shape. For those interested in visiting this unique place, you’ll find some remains of the ancient city, mostly of the Roman period, along with numerous antiquities, including some fine Hellenistic terra-cottas. Read more for the video and an interactive map of the town.

Chisholm Trail Marker - Henrietta, TX - Wagon Roads and Trails on

KML File (Google Earth) After the U. S. Civil War, there was a shortage of beef in the eastern United States, and a surplus of cattle in Texas. Thus, the Chisholm Trail, over which more cattle were moved than across any other in history. Cattle were driven from Texas, through west-central Oklahoma, and up to the nearest railhead in Kansas for shipment to the east.

Can Google Earth help connect you to your ancestors?

How can using Google Earth connect you to your ancestors' homes or where they lived?. The Oklahoma Home and Community Education Genealogy Group will host member Jerry Guerin on Jan. 19 as he presents “Walk with Your Ancestors: Overlay Historical Maps onto Google Earth.”. Guerin will demonstrate how to...