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Google Doodle honors Rudolf Weigl, vaccine inventor who saved Jews from Nazis

Dr. Rudolf Weigl's work on a vaccine for typhus during World War II saved countless lives, but his life-saving skills stretched beyond the reaches of the disease. Weigl was a Polish biologist, physician and inventor best known for creating the first effective vaccine against typhus, a disease that spreads through body lice and has been responsible for millions of deaths throughout history. Along the way, he also provided shelter for Jews at risk of execution during the Holocaust.
Picture for Google Doodle honors Rudolf Weigl, vaccine inventor who saved Jews from Nazis

Google Doodle honors Rudolf Weigl, typhus vaccine inventor

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 138th birthday of Polish biologist and inventor of the epidemic typhus vaccine, Rudolf Weigl. Rudolf Weigl was born in Austria-Hungary on September 2, 1883 — making today his 138th birthday. Early on in life, Weigl lost his father to a bicycle accident, while his mother remarried and the family moved to Lviv, a city which at the time was part of Poland. In 1907, he graduated from the Lwów University with a degree in biology, and Weigl also later achieved doctorates in comparative anatomy, histology, and zoology.
Picture for Google Doodle honors Rudolf Weigl, typhus vaccine inventor

Google Doodle celebrates the first day of school 2021 across the globe

After a long summer that has been punctuated with lockdowns and finally the easing of restrictions, for many children across the globe today is the first day of school for the 2021 academic year – and the latest Google Doodle has a neat school-related sketch to celebrate. Visible on the...
Picture for Google Doodle celebrates the first day of school 2021 across the globe
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The story behind Google’s biggest game yet: An Olympics-themed JRPG

On July 23, in advance of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, visitors to were greeted by an unusual feature. In place of the standard logo, or a traditional Google Doodle — an illustration timed to a specific date or event — the company published “Doodle Champion Island Games,” a video game. The game, which can be played in as few as 10 minutes or for up to four hours, resembles a sprawling Japanese role-playing game, and sports a cute feline protagonist competing in sporting events and tackling side quests.

Play Along With the Olympics in Google’s Charming Game of Cat Athletics: Doodle Champion Island Games

Google really outdid themselves with their latest search page “doodle” dedicated to the Tokyo Olympics, a fully playable game titled Doodle Champion Island Games.” It tells the story of Lucky, an adorable calico cat on a mission to win the Doodle Island Games. This elite athlete is introduced in an anime-themed opening full of champions to defeat, obstacles to overcome, and teams to join as you try to collect all seven sacred scrolls.
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Google’s new Tokyo Olympics Doodle is an homage to 16-bit video games

The 2020 Olympic Games are currently still on in Tokyo, Japan — against all odds — and in celebration of Japanese culture and sports in general, Google is debuting a new interactive Doodle on Thursday with art from Japanese animation house Studio 4°C. The new Doodle, called Doodle Champion Island Games, is actually a series of Olympic event-themed 16-bit mini-games that you can play, contributing to the scores of four teams Google will track on a global leaderboard.

Today’s Google Doodle Is About Covid-19 Vaccination And Face Masks

The next time you go to the Google search page to enter something like “will the Covid-19 vaccine make my keys stick to my forehead,” you may find a Google Doodle that includes the words “Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Save lives.”. That’s because today’s Google Doodle indicates those words...