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Microsoft Word getting killer upgrade to battle Google Docs

You could soon find yourself finishing Microsoft Word documents a lot faster, as the software is getting a new text prediction feature. Coming in the form of an update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Word is getting a smart tool that will suggest the next words in a sentence by analyzing your writing style and preferences and let you add them in a single tap. It should become available to Word users as soon as next month.
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Google Docs getting the ability to filter comments meant ‘for you’

Commenting in Docs can get especially unwieldy when there are several participants working on a multi-part file. Google Docs is making a pair of changes to the comments experience, starting with a filter. Next to the big blue share button in the top-right corner of the web app is a...
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Google Docs upgrades comments feature to make collaboration easier

Google Docs is upgrading its comment feature to make co-editing and collaboration easier for users. The cloud-based word-processing software, which allows users to view and edit documents together, will add a blue dot to new comments from another user. When a user hovers over the blue dot, the badge will read "New."
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How to Design and Format an Ebook Using Google Docs

The process of writing an ebook can be daunting. Many people don’t know the first thing about formatting, designing a book cover, or publishing. Hiring professionals for every step of the process can be time-consuming and expensive, but you can create your own ebook in a free, handy tool that many writers already know and love... Google Docs!

This Google Docs upgrade will soothe all your collaboration headaches

Google is in the process of rolling out an update for its cloud-based word processing software that should allow users to compare notes and work together more efficiently. As per a company blog post, Google Docs will soon feature two additional ways to locate comments posted by other collaborators that require attention.

How to Create a Checklist in Google Docs

Checklists are a very handy way of keeping track of items, tasks, or steps that require completion. They provide a simple visual reminder of whether or not everything that needed to be done has been done. Combine this with the convenience of Google Docs that can be accessed at any time (as long as you have internet access), and you’ve got a great management tool.

How to use Google Docs Version History

Jack Wallen introduces you to a Google Docs feature you might never need, but will be seriously thankful for, should the occasion arise. If you're a Google Docs power user, there's a feature you really need to start using--one that could help you in ways you never knew possible. That feature is called the Version History. What this tool does is keep a record of every version of a file that has been saved to your Google Docs cloud account.

How to Use Version History in Google Docs

The fear is real when you're looking at a version of your Google Docs that was previously perfect but now looks terrible. When an entire team is working on the same document you want to make sure you know exactly who is making edits and when they were done. Google Doc's Version History can take you back in time to all the revisions with only a couple of clicks.

Google Docs Now Shows You Out Of Office Information When Replying To Or Mentioning Someone

Google has announced that out of office information will now be available when replying to or mentioning someone in Google Docs. Don’t you hate it when someone you mention in a comment in a collaborative Google Doc takes two weeks to get back to you? Sure, they could be really busy or terrible procrastinators, but they might also be out of the office. It would be great to have known the latter before mentioning them, right?

Google is a tech giant now, but it’s been a survivalist since it started

Today it might seem that Google’s power and success were inevitable — thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin cracking the search code — but the reality is quite different. Google was born in a state of war in the early 2000s, subject to the whims of Microsoft, a tech goliath whose Internet Explorer browser was on 90 percent of all computers at the time and essentially controlled most people’s access to Google’s search engine. And even though Google won that battle, it’s faced new ones ever since.

Word Processing Software Market is Expected to Grow at a Healthy CAGR with Top players: Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, TextMaker, Google Docs

The report provides qualitative as well as quantitative researched data of the Global Word Processing Software Market. Along with this, it also incorporates the significant insights into the balanced scenario and the development methods were then adopted by the key players like Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, TextMaker, Google Docs, Kingsoft Writer, Ability Write, RagTime and Others.. Distinctive sponsoring channels and methodology inclined towards a high growth from 2020 to 2027. The report also includes a thorough overview of the competitive landscape and regulatory framework of the Global Word Processing Software Market. This will provide readers a clear understanding of the state of competition, threats, major opportunities, and the major rules, regulations, plans, and policies impacting the market.
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Google has finally added iOS’s privacy labels to Gmail

Google has finally added Apple App Store privacy labels to its Gmail app, almost a month after we ran an article wondering what was taking so long (via MacRumors). The app is the second major Google app to get the labels, after they were added to YouTube when it was updated earlier this month.

Microsoft adding text predictions to Word next month

Microsoft is planning to roll out text prediction support to Word in March, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap. Text predictions in Word, spotted earlier by tech news website Neowin, will work similarly to Smart Compose in Google Docs. Text prediction uses machine learning to anticipate the word or phrase the author needs to type next for quicker text composition.
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Microsoft Word is getting text predictions next month

Microsoft is planning to add text predictions to Word in March. The new feature will work similarly to Google Docs’ Smart Compose option, using machine learning to predict what words an author will need to speed up document creation. Microsoft originally announced a beta of text predictions last year, but Neowin spotted it’s now on the Microsoft 365 roadmap to reach all Word users on Windows next month.