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How to clear your Discord cache so your device runs better

If you spend a good amount of time on the internet, you are probably familiar with Discord. The app was initially adopted by PC gamers as a means to communicate while playing cooperative or multiplayer games together. Since its launch in 2015, Discord has evolved into a platform where groups of people can gather together over any kind of mutual interest.
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Where to buy PS5: Restock updates and how to pre-order Sony’s elusive PlayStation 5 console

Follow live: PS5 stock UK: Tracking live restock updates from all the major retailersThe PS5 has been out for over eight months now and gamers are still struggling to get their hands on Sony’s newest console. Stock issues have plagued the PS5 ever since it launched last year, and the restock kerfuffle is still going on today.The sad tale began in November, when excited gamers tore open PS5 parcels that they had pre-ordered, only to find them replaced with cat food, a George Foreman grill and a bag of grain. Whenever more PS5s were made available, they were snapped up almost immediately, with...
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How to Lock Incognito Tabs with Face ID in Chrome for iPhone

The Incognito mode in Google Chrome is quite helpful for private browsing. But what if you leave your iPhone unlocked? Chrome for iPhone’s new feature locks the Incognito tabs with Face ID so that others can’t check what sites you visit. Using Face ID to unlock the Incognito tabs feature...
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The best Chrome VPN extensions for 2021

Chrome VPN extensions come in many shapes and forms, from the best free VPNs to paid subscriptions to ones that include adblocking and other services. Installing a Chrome VPN extension is the more condensed and compressed alternative to downloading the client developed by the company. Instead of having to open up the program, turning on your VPN, making sure all the settings are correct, then opening your browser, you can have all that at the switch of a button in Chrome. The best VPNs, including the best VPN extensions for Chrome, can give you the protection, speed, and anonymity you need, all while being extremely easy to use.
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This devious Mac malware has developers in its crosshairs

Malware analysts have shared new details about the infamous XCSSET malware that targets Mac devices around the world. XCSSET first came into the spotlight in August 2020, when it was spotted inside Apple projects developed using the free Xcode integrated development environment (IDE). A variant of the malware was then discovered designed specifically to target M1-powered Macs.
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Chrome OS download locked users out of their devices

Chromebook users across the world were locked out of their devices after a single code typo caused a significant knock-on effect. The issue, found in Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.165 saw users unable to access their devices due to a one-character typo that saw a software update effectively lock them when restarting their machines.

Here’s why Google abandoned the Chrome Home UI redesign

Google Chrome for Android has continued to evolve over the years with new features and improvements, but it hasn’t seen a major UI refresh in a long while. Google did experiment with new UIs on several occasions but plans never made it past the testing phase. The first attempt, dubbed Chrome Home, came in 2017, which saw the address bar being moved to the bottom of the screen. Google later deprecated it in favor of Chrome Duplex (later named Duet), which introduced a split toolbar and underwent several updates before being finally killed off a year later. While Google never publically disclosed why it abandoned these UI experiments after lengthy testing, an ex-Googler has shed more light on the matter.

Google Chrome to get built-in desktop screenshot tool w/ Lens support

Google Chrome for desktop is set to gain a handy screenshot tool, complete with Google Lens integration, which should replace screenshot extensions. In desktop versions of Chrome today, there are two main ways of taking a screenshot. The most obvious way is to use your operating system’s built-in screenshot tool — pressing the Print Screen button, for instance — then editing it in another app. The other option is to install a dedicated Chrome extension for taking screenshots — such as Awesome Screenshot — to get extra features like scrolling screenshots.

Zero-day vulnerability alert: Update your Google Chrome right away!

Is one of the most used web browsers among computer programmers. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, and other platforms. It is used by over 2 billion people worldwide. Since it is one of the most widely used web browsers, it is also a favourite of hackers. Google recently...
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Chrome Home's bottom address bar: Ahead of its time and intentionally left behind

Plenty of folks, including us, found a few of Apple's changes to Safari in iOS 15 to be familiar, resembling a redesign Google spent years testing for Google Chrome. While that UI, originally called Chrome Home, was ultimately abandoned after years of testing on users, a former Googler and designer intimately involved with the changes recently published a short but fascinating account of the time that pulls aside the curtain on the rise and fall of Chrome's now-defunct bottom navigation bar.
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iOS 15 Safari redesign: former Google designer explains why Google tried a similar thing and abandoned it

The iOS 15 beta version will introduce many interesting new features to iPhones, and a redesign of the default Safari browser seems to be one of them. However, such a redesign has been attempted by Google in the past for its Chrome browser. Now, Chris Lee, a former Google staff interaction designer, has shared some insight on that design, why Google attempted it and why it wasn't successful, reports 9to5Google.
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Desktop Chrome Is Getting Screenshot, Editor & Google Lens Features

Google is now preparing an update that will give the desktop Chrome browser a similar screenshot and photo editor feature to Android. And that will also be getting a new way to use the AI-vision tool Google Lens. That’s based on recent reports detailing several changes making their way through the Chromium Gerrit.

Google updates timeline for unpopular Privacy Sandbox, which will kill third-party cookies in Chrome by 2023

Google has updated the schedule for its introduction of "Privacy Sandbox" browser technology and the phasing out of third-party cookies. The new timeline has split the bundle of technologies in the Privacy Sandbox into five phases: discussion, testing, implementation in Chrome (called "Ready for adoption"), Transition State 1 during which Chrome will "monitor adoption and feedback" and then the next stage that involves winding down support for third-party cookies over a three-month period finishing "late 2023."

Google is doing a double-take on its FLoC timeline and will split rollout into two phases

Google’s Federated Learning of Cohorts – or FLoC – is a transition the company is making to move away from third-party cookies in its browser and towards an approach that groups individuals together based on different interest groups for advertising as opposed to targeting them specifically. Upon being introduced, it was immediately faced with backlash on several fronts. Now, the company is doing a double-take and will slow its roll (out) by splitting the implementation of FLoC into two phases.
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Understanding Contextual AI In The Modern Business World

Emilia Kirk is the Global Head of Growth at , responsible for Client, Marketing and Product Growth. Visit Seedtag's site to hear more. There are certain developments in the world of business that cannot be ignored. They revolutionize the way you work and become absolutely essential in the ways you operate. However, some developments, such as contextual AI, work quietly in the background and are sometimes seen as nice-to-have rather than business-critical. In my experience, this is a flawed assumption. I believe contextual AI needs to be seen as part of the absolute necessities to drive success.

Finding Windows HANDLE leaks, in Chromium and others

Three years ago I found a 32 GB memory leak caused by CcmExec.exe failing to close process handles. That bug is fixed, but ever since then I have had the handles column in Windows Task Manager enabled, just in case I hit another handle leak. Because of this routine checking...

Hysolate: Protect Yourself by Running Apps in an Isolated Environment

Have you ever downloaded an application from the Web and wondered if it contains malware and whether you should open it? With cases of malware, viruses, and ransomware spreading like fire, it is normal to be paranoid about every app you run in Windows. Hysolate creates an isolated container for Windows and allows you to run your applications in a sandbox environment. Even if the application contains malware, it will not affect your base system. Think of it like a virtual machine – but a well integrated one with little technical skills required to start using it. Let’s see how Hysolate works.
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Popular Myths and Facts about Node.JS

Node.js represents JavaScript, is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end runtime environment. It runs on the V8 engine and does JavaScript coding outside the web browser you are using. Node.js development company lets its developers use the JavaScript language to create the command line tools and the server-side scripting. Therefore, Node.js can be regarded as a unified web application that revolves around a single programming language. It does not differ in languages for client-side or server-side scripts.