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Voice Assistant Air Fryers

The COSORI 8-in-1 Smart XL Air Fryer Grill is a connected kitchen countertop cooking appliance for avid or amateur chefs alike seeking out a way to prepare a wide range of recipes in a simple, intuitive manner. The unit is paired with a 100-square-inch grill that will offer enough space...
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5 voice commands I use every day on Alexa and the Google Assistant

It is very possible that at home you have a smart speaker from Google or Amazon, or that you bought one on Black Friday. But it is also possible that you are not getting the most out of it, and even that you hardly use it because you do not see the sense in your day to day life. That is why I have wanted to review my personal use of these helpers to give you advice on how to get the most out of it and make certain routine tasks much more comfortable.
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COSORI 12-in-1 Air Fryer with Alexa, Google Assistant Support

Here is a smart air fryer that you can easily control with your voice commands. The COSORI 12-in-1 Air Fryer has 6.8qt capacity and various modes, including bake, roast, broil, reheat, and keep warm. You can control it with the VeSync app. This air fryer has a crisper plate that filters excess oil and improves crispiness.

Unacceptable Google ads appeared in Google Assistant

The euphoria of Black Friday deals is in the air, but Google has definitely gotten carried away: some users are (understandably) complaining about the appearance of advertisements in the Google Assistant app. Google had already tried in the past, even directly in Google Assistant, attracting the ire of consumers, who...

How to answer and reject calls using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s digital assistant and has been around for a while now. For the most part, it does what you might expect from such an assistant, such as setting timers, creating calendar reminders, answering your questions about the weather, and so on. Over the years, Google has added more features to it.

Google’s accessibility app will get assist for Indian languages – Instances of India

Google has rolled out a brand new replace of its accessibility app – Look to Converse. Until now, the app was solely accessible in English language and with the replace, the corporate has added 17 extra languages to the app – Arabic (Fashionable Customary Arabic), Bengali, German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (LatAm), French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Portuguese, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese. It’s price noting that out of all accessible languages, seven are extensively utilized in India.

Bundles, the best feature from Google Inbox, is about to make a big comeback in Gmail

Anyone else sorely miss Inbox? I still do, and it’s been years since Google put it in the graveyard. As a matter of fact, I had to look, but it’s been a staggering 3 years since Inbox was officially cancelled, and I can say I’ve despised Google’s decision every day since. Inbox was simply a better way to do email and I’m far from the only one who thought so. I won’t go back over my thoughts on all Inbox brought to the table – you can read this post if you’d like a refresher – and I won’t get into why I think Google failed in capturing the best parts of Inbox to bring to Gmail’s last redesign.

Learn how to find the name of a song with the Google app

Got a song in your head and can’t find it? With the Google app, you can unravel this mystery. It often happens that the song remains in our thoughts without specifying the name of the singer or the name of the song. Suspicion can follow the listener for weeks. To solve the puzzle without any big problems, it is very simple: using Google app, find out the name of the song.

Google announces India-first features at 7th Google for India conference

Google LLC has reportedly announced a flurry of new partnerships and India-first product features at the 7th edition of the Google for India conference. These product features are focused on helping new internet users in India get easier access to information in regional languages, offer support for youngsters and small businesses in the country, and create more organic ways for local language speakers to connect to the internet.

Google announces initiatives to help India's digital transformation

Tech giant Google declared various initiatives to help India's digital transformation journey, with the aim to broaden the benefits of India's growing digital economy to more people. The company announced a pilot of the first-ever Google Assistant-enabled, end-to-end vaccine booking flow that will lead users through the procedure of booking...
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Google is making it a lot easier to book vaccine appointments in India

Google has announced a pilot of a Google Assistant-enabled end-to-end vaccine booking feature in India. Google has worked closely with COWIN to make the integration possible. In addition to English, the feature will work in eight Indian languages. Google announced a bunch of new initiatives to improve the experience of...

Here are some ways to take advantage of Google Assistant during the holidays

Google Assistant is the virtual assistant of the Mountain View house as well as one of the most advanced in circulation and now Google – through the words of Dina Berrada, Director of Product Management, Google Assistant – wanted to emphasize ten ways to exploit it in view of holidays.

Google Assistant will soon walk you through booking a vaccination slot in India

Google hosted its annual Google for India event today virtually where it announced a couple of new upcoming features for Google Pay, Google Career Certificates, and financial assistance for micro-enterprises. Another key announcement from the event is an upcoming Google Assistant feature that will enable Indians to book a vaccination slot on the country's Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network platform (COWIN) without having to fill out a web page form.