Google to enforce 30% take from in-app purchases next year

Google said Monday it will enforce rules that require app developers distributing Android software on the Google Play Store to use its in-app payment system. The move means that developers who have had customers pay them directly with a credit card for digital content will soon have to use Google's billing system, which takes a 30% fee from payments.
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Google Meet noise filtering now on mobile, 60-minute limit coming

Video conferencing has grown into a huge market in the span of just a few months and not just in terms of software. In addition to a rise in demand for computers, dedicated video conferencing equipment, webcams, and even cameras that can be used as webcams have also started popping up left and right. Some, however, may still prefer to have their phones as their tool of choice and those are getting a small but useful new feature from Google Meet.
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The Home Depot is selling a new Google Chromecast that hasn’t been announced

Google’s Pixel 5 event is scheduled for this Wednesday, but some of the company’s other new gadgets are already appearing on store shelves. That includes its all-new Chromecast, which some savvy buyers have been able to purchase directly in-store from retailers like Walmart and The Home Depot over the course of the last week.
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Google gives Netflix, Spotify a year to start paying app store fees

Google is done playing Mr. Nice Guy. The search giant on Monday said it will no longer give high-profile app developers a pass on its 30 percent app store fee starting next year. Google said it will start enforcing its policy requiring developers to use its payments system starting September 2021.

Google is rolling out Gboard for Android TV w/ condensed layout

Earlier this year, Google announced that a big refresh would be coming to Android TV’s keyboard. “Gboard TV” is now rolling out to Android TV, complete with a fresh design. Over the past 24 hours or so, it seems Google has opened the floodgates on Gboard for Android TV users....
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People are already buying Google’s unannounced Chromecast

Google’s Android TV-based Chromecast is already on sale at stores like Home Depot and Walmart. The unannounced $50 dongle uses a rebranded platform, Google TV. It could be available immediately after Google’s September 30 event. Never mind retail box leaks — Google’s Android TV-powered Chromecast appears to already be available...
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Google says Android 12 will make using third-party app stores easier

Google is outlining new changes to its developer policies and promising to make using third-party app stores easier on Android 12. The announcement addresses recent concerns around Android app development, including a fight over alternate in-app payment systems and difficulties for businesses moving online because of COVID-19. Android users can already install apps through third-party stores like Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Google says that in response to developer feedback, it’s adding features to next year’s Android 12 release that will “make it even easier for people to use other app stores on their devices while being careful not to compromise the safety measures Android has in place.” It will release more details on these changes in the future.
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Google Meet’s noise cancelation feature is rolling out on iOS and Android

Google is rolling out its impressive noise cancelation in Google Meet to Android and iOS, but unfortunately, it won’t be available to everybody — you have to be a G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education customer to take advantage of the handy feature, Google says. Google rolled this out first for the web in June.
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Google’s new Chromecast demonstrated a week early

Google’s new Chromecast device has leaked once again, giving us a detailed look at the TV dongle’s hardware and user interface. The leak comes after Redditor u/fuzztub07 was able to buy the unannounced “Chromecast with Google TV” dongle early from a local Walmart. They’ve since published a series of photographs of the included hardware and its manual, as well as a video of its user interface.
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The Government’s Antitrust Suit Against Google: Go Big and Do It Right

U.S. antitrust enforcers are reported to be crafting a lawsuit against Google (and its parent company, Alphabet). The Department of Justice and a large coalition of state attorneys general are meeting this week and could file suit very soon. While it will reportedly focus on Google’s dominance in online advertising and search, the suit could encompass many more facets of Google’s conduct, including its dominance in mobile operating systems and Web browsers. This suit has the potential to be the most significant antitrust case against a technology company in over 20 years, since the DOJ’s 1998 suit against Microsoft.
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Dark mode arrives for Google Docs on iOS. Here's how to turn it on

Google has announced the arrival of dark mode for G Suite on iOS, including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. It comes a couple of months after the company enabled dark theme for those apps on Android devices. It's available now to all G Suite users with personal and professional Google...