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Iliza Shlesinger on the real-life liar boyfriend who inspired her Netflix comedy Good on Paper

Face it: We've all dated someone who turns out to be different from what we expected. But that "I thought I knew him" narrative took an extreme turn for comedian and actress Iliza Shlesinger when a pal-turned-boyfriend wound up being a compulsive liar who invented pretty much every detail of his life - including where he went to college, the fancy home he "owned" in Beverly Hills, and his mother's battle with cancer.
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Good on Paper review – Netflix dating comedy is OK on screen

It would perhaps be overly generous to say that the Netflix dating caper Good on Paper was itself an embodiment of its title but pre-release there were enough reasons to at least label it “fine on paper”, a welcome addition to the streamer’s growing sub-genre of female-fronted, and created, comedies. First, and what’s often most depressingly appealing these days about a Netflix “original” is that it was produced by an actual studio before being acquired (in this instance, Universal), gracing it with the feel and aesthetic of a genuine movie. Second, it’s based on a true story from comedian Iliza Schlesinger’s life, one that she’s turned into a script, craftily giving herself her first major lead and also telling a dating story from an authentic place, rather than leaning on a married person’s broad strokes idea of what swiping, flirting and shagging is like in the modern age.
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‘Good on Paper’ Review: Iliza Shlesinger Charms in Netflix’s Messy Rom-Com About the Hell of Dating

Messiness is essentially the theme of Kimmy Gatewood’s “Good on Paper,” so it’s fitting the director and actress’ feature filmmaking debut is just that: messy. Not that it’s lacking charm, mostly care of star and screenwriter Iliza Shlesinger, who gamely co-opts her own notoriety and crazy stories to offer up an anti-rom-com with some sage insights about both modern romance and the stand-up comedy game. And yet, despite a clever idea at its heart — a serial dater meets a guy who seems too good to be true, a concept Shlesinger mined from her own bad dating experiences — “Good on Paper” can’t quite find its footing, offering insight and sparkle in only fits and starts.
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Why Serena From Good On Paper Looks So Familiar

Being a stand-up comic isn't all jokes and good times. It involves many long hours and minimal pay, and even if you start gaining a following, you then have to travel a lot. It can make for a lot of lonely nights, as depicted in the most recent Netflix romantic comedy "Good on Paper."
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What Time Will ‘Good on Paper’ Be on Netflix?

Don’t believe everything you hear, especially when the person you’re hearing it from is some random guy sitting next to you on an airplane who claims to be dating a model. Comedian Iliza Shlesinger learns that lesson the hard way in her new Netflix movie, Good On Paper, about a stand-up comic named Andrea (Shlesinger) who gets into a relationship with a dude named Dennis (Ryan Hansen) who claims to be a super successful Yale graduate. But it doesn’t take long before Andrea begins to suspect Ryan is not the man he claims to be.
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What is Good on Paper about?

Attention all lovers of romantic comedies! We have yet another Netflix film to feed our romance obsession!. Good on Paper is a film part of Netflix’s June 2021 releases, and this one is sure to have you wary of any guy who says his house is in Beverly Hills but lives somewhere completely different.
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Where Was Good on Paper Filmed?

‘Good on Paper’ is a refreshing romantic comedy film that decidedly does not have the happy ending people expect. Following the life of a frustrated stand-up comic who thinks she’s found love, only to be duped repeatedly, the film finds countless opportunities for comedy. A lot of the hilarity stems from Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger), the protagonist, making the rounds of film studios, trying to get her big break in the world of television. As Andrea chases her boyfriend around town, trying to uncover his mysterious life, we see recognizable locations throughout the film. Let’s take a look at where ‘Good on Paper’ was filmed.

Good On Paper

Stand-up comic Andrea Singer stumbles upon the perfect guy who checks all the boxes. Iliza Shlesinger knocks them dead on the roast and stand-up circuit, but how good is this sharp comedian when it comes to following her heart? She writes and stars in this romcom—based on a “mostly true” story, we’re assured—as Andrea Singer, a comic who unexpectedly falls for Dennis (Veronica Mars’ Ryan Hansen), a nerdy but sweet hedge-fund Yaley who seems too good to be true. At least that’s what her bestie, Margot (Margaret Cho), thinks, urging Andrea to go to extremes to find out more about her guy. Because how could that ruin a perfectly wonderful but possibly illusory relationship?