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Bobby Flay's Burger Recipe With A Twist

There are few dishes more iconic of American food than a really good beef burger. Chef Bobby Flay knows all about that, as he's a well-known burger aficionado and owner of a widespread burger chain called Bobby's Burger Palace. But if you can't make it to one of those locations across the United States, he's also shared how to make a perfect one right at home.
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Best Burgers in Seattle: 16 Local Favorites

Our guide to the best burgers in Seattle is serious business. We aren’t including just any old burgers, even if they’re known as nostalgic Seattle classics. No, to be featured on our guide, a burger has to be the complete package. Succulent patties that are grilled to perfection, exciting toppings, a substantial and delicious bun, and most importantly—outstanding flavor.
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Cooking Burgers On A Stove – 4 Tasty Tips

We take a closer look at some great and tasty tips for cooking burgers on a stove. Ah, summer. Hot days, blue skies, plenty of daylight, pool parties, and of course, barbeques. If there’s one food that is considered synonymous with summer, it’s the humble burger, yet a lot of people don’t realize that you don’t necessarily need a barbeque to grill up the perfect burger.
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Monty’s Good Burger Expanding To Culver City

The space at 3849 Main St, in Downtown Culver City, previously the home of Tentenyu Ramen & Sushi Roll, is getting a new tenant. While there’s no sign up yet and the windows are papered over, there is a small now hiring notice attached to the front, spilling the beans that Monty’s Good Burger will soon be spreading their plant-based love to the Good People of CC. Monty’s has a smattering of locations across LA and one in Riverside as well. They offer a focused menu of plant-based burgers, fries, tater tots, drinks, and merch.

Lyndsi LaRose: Actress, Writer & Producer

Lyndsi LaRose is an actress, writer, and producer known for her appearances in ANT-MAN, INSURGENT, SLEIGHT, AJ & THE QUEEN, and WORKAHOLICS. She performs improv and sketch comedy in Los Angeles at the Groundlings Theater, Comedy Central Stage, and Upright Citizens Brigade and is a graduate of the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television.
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This Restaurant Has The Highest-Rated Burgers In Columbia

Who doesn't enjoy a good burger? Whether you want a loaded hamburger, complete with towering toppings and extra bacon, or you're looking for a hearty veggie option that doesn't sacrifice on flavor, there are plenty of amazing restaurants in Columbia to find your perfect match. To help narrow down your...
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The Best Burger in Texas is Just Down the Road

FoodandWine.com came out with their list of the best burgers in every state and their best burger in the state of Texas is not too far from San Angelo. The author of the list, David Landsel, says he has done extensive research on burgers over the years, and he considers the meat to be the most important part of a good burger.
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A Guide To Lafayette's Burger Joints

Nothing seems more American than a good burger. A dish that has stood the test of time and can be reinvented in various ways, it's no wonder burgers are still a favorite among foodies. Lafayette has a variety of burger joints, from classic drive-thrus and historic restaurants to vegetarian and vegan options, gourmet burgers, and even seafood, bison, and lamb burgers. Whatever your burger craving demands, there's a place where you can find it.
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The Burger Restaurant Bobby Flay 'Grew Up In'

Bobby Flay has done a lot in the food industry. He's accomplished so much that there are four separate timelines on his website listing his achievements for opening restaurants, writing cookbooks, hosting food television shows, and being honored in the culinary world. Flay was even a member of the French Culinary Institute's first graduating class in 1984, but it was much earlier in life that he learned to appreciate a good burger.
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3 Outstanding Burger Places in El Paso You Have to Try

The food that can be eaten anywhere at any time, if it'sgood. According toJulian Canlas, who is a food blogger at Twisper,"the hamburger is probably most often associated with the USA. This is no surprise as it has become somewhat of a staple in that great nation. However, the story of the creation of the hamburger (one of many stories) is that the hamburger was brought to America by German immigrants from (surprise, surprise) Hamburg in the early 20th century. As a result, you would expect the best burgers to come from either America or Germany."