NECA’s Next Gargoyles Action Figure Will Be Hudson

NECA’s Next Gargoyles Action Figure Will Be Hudson. With the recent announcement of Bronx for an upcoming figure based on Disney’s Gargoyles, NECA could hardly not do Hudson as well. Plus with Ed Asner recently passing after a long and storied career in voice work as well as live-action roles, he deserves the tribute. The former leader of the Wyvern Clan and founding member of the new Manhattan Clan mostly prefers TV to adventures. That’s why he passed the leadership torch to Goliath. But even with his strength failing, he can still fight when called upon. Hence the sword on his belt, to compensate for any lack of sheer talon power.
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Gail Kim reflects on Awesome Kong's barrier-breaking career before IMPACT Hall of Fame induction

Before the WWE had a women's revolution that led to the rise of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair and others, IMPACT Wrestling gave women a significant platform to display their talent in the Knockouts Division. Rather than be treated as sexual objects, the women of IMPACT were showcasing their talent that was on par with their male contemporaries.
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Lions Know the Value of Taking a Shot

It wasn’t exactly David vs. Goliath, but Lions head coach Dan Campbell decided to reach into his bag for a few tricks on Sunday. While it made for some exciting football, the winless Lions couldn’t quite topple the Rams. There is quite a bit to unpack here, so let’s look at each key decision by the Lions and how some of these aggressive moves impacted the game.

Pixel 6 vs. iPhone 13: Which phone is better?

Welcome to the Pixel 6 vs. iPhone 13 face-off where we attempt to answer an age-old question: Android or iOS? Google unveiled the Pixel 6 on Oct. 19, undercutting its competition with a spectacular starting price of $599. Even the iPhone 13 mini — the line’s tiniest phone with base-level specs — is pricier than that, starting at $730.

Archon Stephen Cherpelis to Be Honored with the OXI Day Award

WASHINGTON, DC – Stephen Cherpelis, Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and well-known benefactor of the Church, the Greek community, and Greek education will be honored with the OXI Day Award presented by the Washington Oxi Day Foundation on Thursday, October 28, at 2:30 PM at the National World War II Memorial. There will be a reception at 6 PM and a dinner and program at The Capitol View at 7:30 PM.

Kim Clement’s TWO PRESIDENTS Prophecy

Most agree that the GOLD standard of prophets in modern times is Kim Clement. Sadly, he’s no longer with us. But many of the prophecies he gave seem to be playing out in realtime right now, years after he gave them. I wanted to focus right now on his Two...

NECA: Gargoyles Hudson Figure Revealed. [31 Nights Of Fright]

If you are a fan of the classic cartoon series Gargoyles this has been a great year for you thanks to NECA. From Goliath to Bronx NECA has been giving us some amazing figures. Well, now we have another on the add to the list…Hudson. Here is the first look at Hudson from NECA.

After 12 years in energy, Orbán might lastly lose subsequent yr’s election

Though the Hungarian parliamentary elections won’t be held till subsequent spring, it’s clear that the present Prime Minister Victor Orban has already participated within the election. At a rally in Budapest this weekend, Orban condemned the EU’s angle in direction of his nation and Poland, evaluating it to the Soviet...

Keys to Victory: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

Sunday’s game between the Bengals and the Ravens is one of, if not the best game on the schedule this week. Cincinnati has a Goliath sized challenge on the road in Baltimore against a blazing team that has won five-straight games. Here are three keys to victory with first place...

Hungary: Orban accuses EU, US of meddling as election looms

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who faces a parliamentary election in April next year, accused Brussels and Washington on Saturday of trying to meddle in Hungarian politics. Orban told tens of thousands of his supporters at a rally in Budapest that Washington and Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros were trying to get the Hungarian leftist opposition elected using their money, media and networks.

Orban compares the EU to the Soviet Union

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban condemned the EU’s angle in the direction of his nation and Poland at a rally in Budapest six months earlier than the upcoming parliamentary elections, and in contrast it with the Soviet Union. “The European Union speaks to us and regards us and the Poles...

Pudzianowski KO’s Bombardier Stiff in the Battle of the Goliaths

The bantamweight KSW championship will top tonight’s card after the main attraction between two Goliath’s hit the cage in the co-main event. KSW 64 takes place on Saturday at Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland. After the initial cancellation just hours before the main event was set to take off, “Bombardier”...