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Ray Whitney shares the story of his ‘a– whooping’ at the hands of Matt Kuchar

For as long as there are professional golfers, there will also be fools who think they’re capable of beating them head-to-head. One such fool is Ray Whitney, the former professional hockey player and current scratch handicap, who belongs to Whisper Rock Golf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. Through his spheres of influence (the NHL) and affluence (at Whisper Rock), Whitney has been fortunate to see and interact with a large number of PGA Tour pros, Matt Kuchar chief among them.
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Should golf carts be banned from Carolina Forest paths? Horry County has a solution

Even though John Giantoni is retired and uses a wheelchair, he stays on the move and active. Mondays, he and his wife go to an Italian club and play cards. Tuesdays are for the beach and fishing, Wednesdays he plays Bocce and darts and Fridays they go to the Moose Lodge. And in between that full schedule, Giantoni plays basketball with other wheelchair users, and putters around Carolina Forest in his electric wheelchair. He said he’s put more than 700 miles on the chair in a year.
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Misguided golf cart driver takes ride down County Road 466 in The Villages

A misguided golf cart driver took a ride Thursday morning down County Road 466 in The Villages. A white-haired man was alone in the gray Yamaha golf cart shortly before 10 a.m. when he made a right turn from Morse Boulevard onto County Road 466. He drove for about one-quarter of a mile before a woman in a sport utility vehicle drove up next to him, rolled down her window and informed the man he should not be driving a golf cart, which was clearly not Street Legal, on County Road 466.
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Girls Golf: New Albany Eagles’ Kary Hollenbaugh acing another season

Kary Hollenbaugh had just shot a 70 in the third round of the OCC-Central Division girls golf tournament when she took a break, sitting on a stool attached to her push cart. The New Albany senior and Ohio State commit wasn’t thinking about having won each of the first three rounds of the tournament, but rather was focused on her putting and having lost a few balls during play.

Villager escapes prosecution after golf cart speeding dispute

A 78-year-old Villager will avoid prosecution after spitting on a fellow resident in a golf cart speeding dispute. Ronald Joseph McKean of the Village of Valle Verde was allowed to enter into a pre-trial diversion contract this week in Lake County Court. The terms of the contract call on him to meet monthly with a pre-trial intervention officer and pay $20 in restitution to the man he spit on. McKean will need to seek a mental health evaluation if the officer recommends it. In addition, McKean paid $465 in related court costs.

Bethel Golf Classic to tee off Friday, September 24

The 2021 edition of the Bethel Golf Classic is set for Friday, September 24 at the Bear Trace at Harrison Bay. The annual fundraiser for Bethel Bible Village will be hosted by noted singer/songwriter Kelley Lovelace. Bethel Bible Village helps at-risk youth catch up in their studies and earn a diploma while receiving the counseling and social services they may need to succeed.

Martins Ferry Council: Ordinance is for golf carts only

MARTINS FERRY — Martins Ferry City Council clarified an ordinance that allows golf carts to be used on certain city streets during Wednesday’s regular meeting. The clarification is meant to allow the city’s police officers to better enforce the existing law. Apparently some people, including resident Joe Charlton, have been using smaller recreational vehicles, known as utility terrain vehicles, to get around the city. However, the vehicle, a Rebel X, is not a golf cart and was not approved and inspected by the police department, city officials said.

Custom LiFePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack vs. Regular Batteries – Know the benefits

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