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Rory McIlroy’s simple gear advice to help you ‘trust’ your wedges

Bounce isn’t just the thing that your golf ball does after it lands. It’s a piece of technology on every one of your wedges — and it’s incredibly important. It helps dictate the way your club moves through the turf, and the way it flies in the air, which obviously has a huge effect on how it lands on the green.
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WATCH: Is ANYONE cooler than Fred Couples on the driving range?

Golf is a game of beauty and much of that beauty comes from the amazing swings that we see from our favourite professionals every week on the PGA Tour. Louis Oosthuizen, Ernie Els and Adam Scott are just some names that you should go and watch at an event if you want a lesson on tempo and rhythm.
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This Solar-Powered Golf Bag Features Bluetooth Speakers and a Charger for Your Devices

MNML Golf’s new bag won’t help lower your handicap, but it could make your next round more pleasant. That’s because the Redondo, California-based startup’s new MV2 bag is loaded with a number of features guaranteed to provide both distraction and support the next time you’re struggling to make par. At a glance, the MV2 looks just like any traditional golf bag, but underneath its minimalist design (hence the brand’s name) you’ll find a host of crucial features sure to make your time on the links more enjoyable. The first is a small solar panel connected to an integrated charger, which can be...

How much shorter does a golf ball travel in cold weather?

As the cold weather starts to roll in, golfers might notice that their shots aren't going as far as they did just a month or two ago -- and that they're definitely not going as far as they did in the summer. Golfers might be wondering if they're imagining things,...
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Kenny G in Deep Concentration

Editor’s note: On Thursday, Ringer Films will debut the latest documentary in its Music Box documentary series on HBO: Listening to Kenny G, which gives a closer look at the life and legacy of the famed saxophonist. Sherwood Country Club is about 45 miles north and west of downtown Los...

Titleist Pro V1x vs TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1x and TaylorMade TP5x are among the best premium golf balls in the market and with both having red numbers you might assume that they go head to head as the same type of ball, but you would be wrong. The Titleist Pro V1x is the higher...

How to play golf in the cold: 8 tips for conquering winter golf

With temps dropping, daylight waning, and Christmas trees being erected, it can mean only one thing — winter is coming. For some, that might mean the clubs are being stored away in the back of the closet until spring, but for others, it’s the beginning of a whole new season: winter golf.
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An inside look at the Best New and Best Renovated Courses of 2021

The end of the year is a time for reflection, an opportunity to look back and remember the paths that led us to this point, hopefully in celebration. It’s also a time to count the votes. From roughly March through the middle of September, select members of Golf Digest’s course...

The swing fix that turned this golfer’s huge over-the-top slice into a draw

As golfers inch their handicap lower along their path to better golf, most of them, inevitably, will find themselves needing to navigate a common problem: How do I stop swinging so out-to-in (or over the top), and start swinging more in-to-out?. A swing that’s too over the top generally causes...
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6 products to help you get loose before off-season rounds

*All products featured on Golf Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.*. While off-season rounds are often few and far between, golfers will do anything to take advantage of the sun emerging from behind those...

The Wedge Guy: A shot to a spot

Over the past few years, golf has entered the statistical era, with the help of ShotLink, launch monitors, and “strokes gained.” As more and more data is analyzed, much is being written about which parts of the game are most important to scoring and winning out on tour. It started...
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GOLF | Denham Springs' Macias to compete in PGA National Club Championship

It’s not every day a 14-year-old gets to travel to California to play a sport she loves, but that’s exactly what Sophia Macias is doing. Macias, a freshman at Episcopal who lives in Denham Springs, will be leaving Thursday to compete in the PGA National Club Championship, which begins Saturday and runs through Monday in Palm Springs, Calif.