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Christine Vachon, Lav Diaz Join Rotterdam Film Festival Jury, Indian Cinema Program Revealed

The International Film Festival Rotterdam has unveiled its competition juries for its 52nd edition. U.S. producer Christine Vachon, whose credits include “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Far From Heaven” and “Carol,” and Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz, who won Venice’s Golden Lion for “The Woman Who Left,” are among the Tiger Competition jurors. The first titles in the Short and Mid-Length strand have been revealed as well as a program that looks at the socio-political development of India over the past 30 years. Festival director Vanja Kaludjercic said the announcements are “testament of the broadening and deepening of our program, from the delights of...
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The Turner Prize jury have played it too safe

In the end, the announcement that the 66-year-old sculptor Veronica Ryan had won this year’s Turner Prize came as little surprise. At the same time, it was the wrong decision. Heather Phillipson was by far the most powerful and ferociously imaginative artist on this year’s shortlist. Reader, she woz robbed!
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Almodóvar, with a short gay western film

The short in English, titled “Strange Way of Life,” will premiere in May at the Cannes Film Festival, Almodóvar said during an episode of singer Dua Lipa’s podcast “At Your Service.” This is the first western of the Manchego director, a work that “deals with masculinity in a deep sense,” according to what he said during that conversation with the singer. “It’s a ‘queer’ western, in the sense that there are two men who love each other,” said the filmmaker. Almodóvar, who said he was “forbidden” to talk about the film’s plot, advanced that the short will have the classic elements of this “male genre”, but that it will explore “a type of dialogue that I don’t think any western has ever captured between two men ”. A precedent for the western genre is “Brokeback Mountain” (“Brokeback Mountain”), shot in 2005 by Ang Lee. It narrates the secret relationship between two cowboys, and won the Golden Lion of Venice in 2005 and three Oscars the following year. Pedro Almodóvar, 73, won at Cannes with “Todo sobre mi madre” (best director, 1999) and “Volver” (best actress award, 2006), but he still has to win the long-awaited Palme d’Or.
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Julie Andrews Nose Job

Julie Andrews Nose Job – Dame Julie Andrews DBE (born Julia Elizabeth Wells; 1 October 1935) is a successful actress, singer and author. In a career spanning seven decades, she has received numerous accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, two Emmy Awards, three Grammy Awards and six Golden Globe Awards. She also received three Tony Award nominations. Andrews became a Disney Legged in 1991 and was awarded an honorary Golden Lion, a Screen Actors Guild Life Achievemt Award in 2007 and an AFI Life Achievemt Award in 2022. In 2000, Queen Elizabeth II. Andrews became a lady. For services to the performing arts.

Professional Gambling Players: Pros and Cons

Gambling games can be the main activity of life. Many people would like to make money with the help of gambling. There are people who are not sure that gambling can be a full-time career. But there are also a significant number of players who have successfully built a career on it. It is not as easy to become a professional gambler as starting a new job. It’s an affordable option when you consider the availability of online gambling and its simplicity today. But at the same time, gambling can’t provide an income all the time. Therefore, professional gambling can have positive and negative aspects. Learn more about gambling at

‘Never as popular as pie and peas’: Trevor Beales, Hebden Bridge’s lost musical son

In the early 1970s, life in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, was dreary, says Christine Beales. “It was dead. Growing up there you just had to get out.”. So she did. Christine lived in Rome between 1972 and 1974; and upon returning began a romance with a young folk singer named Trevor Beales, who had also felt the need to escape. He had been travelling in Europe and America; on the latter trip he carried stacks of demo tapes of music he’d made in the early 1970s to take to record companies. “He always had this strong belief in himself and that it was going to happen,” says Christine. “I loved his drive, zest and enthusiasm.”

10 Best Films Based On Books About Gambling

There are a number of common cultural and social phenomena that have managed to acquire enormous popularity in the world among the people at large. One of them is gambling. A few centuries ago, people preferred to spend their free time at card games or other entertainment, among which everyone could find something to their liking. Now the situation is quite different: the games are still popular, but they have transformed in a new direction and have taken a slightly different form. Modern gambling games have a completely different format, they are more perfect and interesting. All this has developed into a full-fledged gambling trend that many people know about. Some people become really interested in it and eventually turn it into one of their hobbies, while others have a slightly different attitude. For them, gambling is of purely theoretical interest, they prefer to watch it from the sidelines. Each option has its advantages. In today’s world, gambling is very interesting and has become quite common in popular culture. To understand its features at least from a cultural point of view, it is recommended to gain new knowledge and understanding of the development of the phenomenon, and maybe to try playing games because they can become a great hobby for every person.