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Desiring God

The One-Man Revelation of God

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. (John 1:1–2) Bible readers young and old have wondered why John begins his Gospel referring to Jesus as “the Word” that became flesh (John 1:1, 14). The Greek term for “word,” logos, is common enough in Greek. It appears over three hundred times in the New Testament, with different meanings in different contexts. But when understood in relation to Christ, the word has been furiously debated.
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The Church of God’s Position on Vaccinations

Historically, the Church of God has taken a very cautious and conservative approach to medical interventions. Central to that approach is our belief in the primacy and authority of the Bible, which is inspired and infallible, the very Word of God itself.1 As such, it informs our approach to our decisions related to health, life, and death. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself, the embodied Word of God, in the time of His temptation in the wilderness, left us the example of appealing to Scripture in determining our conduct.2.

Gifts, gratitude, and God

These are crazy days in America. The Czars of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) “pandemic” are changing how we live, work, and even breathe. Remember Fauci using the holiday season to promote the vaccines?. Nonetheless, many millions of people traveled near and far last week to celebrate Thanksgiving. But how many of...

Advent at Home week two: God’s peaceful embrace!

Mennonite Church USA’s 2021 Advent at Home devotional, “Dare to Imagine,” was written by Talashia Keim Yoder, pastor of Christian Formation at College Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana. We invite you to wait for Jesus as we share weekly reflections and activities for all ages. Download the full Advent At...

6 Key Characteristics of a Godly Woman

The Bible has a lot to say about godliness for both men and women. Godliness manifests itself in our lives when we are in control of our appetites and desires. We live in a cosmopolitan culture and must resist the ungodly influence around us. The Bible also says that we are to live Godly lives as women so that our lives will reflect our relationship with God. If we live our lives as Godly women, we show God that we love Him, and our behavior could also influence other women to live in a Godly way. So what are the essential characteristics of a Godly woman?

SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING — It’s all about love

I REMEMBER AT AN EARLY AGE someone telling me that God is love. As I moved along in life, especially when I entered religious life, becoming a Sister of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, I actually felt that love through the many people and experiences in my life. As I reflect on the meaning of Christmas from a Christian/Catholic perspective, I find myself coming back to this early memory of just who God is and why Christmas has grown into such a beautiful and precious feast. I won’t use “holiday” to describe this feast in this article because I truly want to emphasize what this feast means to me and to many of us who identify ourselves as Christians. I trust that my Muslim friends and readers who hold other beliefs about God will allow me to share what I believe as I reflect on this important feast in December, 2021.
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Hymn Notes: Thanks to God whose word was spoken

In a sermon he preached, a few years ago, my pastor summarized all biblical theology in two statements:. 1. GOD IS. That fact is declared in the first four words of the Bible (Genesis 1:1) “In the beginning GOD…”. 2. HE HAS REVEALED HIMSELF. And that is the rest of...

Taking God’s Name in Vain

One of the Ten Commandments forbids taking the name of the Lord God in vain. (Exodus 20:7) Yet the name of the Lord used frequently in profanity by those who claim to believe in God. (FYI, God’s last name is not “damn”) To use God’s name in vain means to...

God is Great God is Good | Toby Crowder

“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.”. “The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.” Psalm 145:3 & 9. Let us thank Him for our food…By His hands, we all are fed… I imagine that is...

Column: Hearing God's voice

“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.” Psalm 145:18. Have you ever wondered if God really talks to us? We know He spoke in an audible voice in the days of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He spoke to Moses, and we all remember how God spoke to Noah, giving him instructions to build the ark. God spoke audibly to His Son, Jesus, while He was with us here on earth, but does God speak to us today in the 21st century?

Not in Word but in Power

For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. 1 Corinthians 4:20. Christianity is not moral platitudes, lofty intentions, and noble thoughts. The fundamental characteristic of God’s kingdom is power. Paul faced constant criticism about his work among the early churches. Some of his detractors would travel to cities such as Corinth and speak extensively about all that Paul was doing incorrectly. At times, people in the churches were enticed to believe the slanderous criticisms against the apostle.

Mass Child Sacrifice in Plain Sight

Several online commenters have pointed out that Covid spelled backward becomes דיבוק in Hebrew, meaning dybbuk, a malicious possessing spirit. Using Google Translate, I found that divoc did yield דיבוק, but now, Google has tinkered with דיבוק so it merely translates as “obsessed.” Very cute. Exorcised, dybbuk is just excessive passion, you see, like a love for chocolate. Even verbal coincidences must be sanitized, lest people get ideas.