NASA: Glitch forces Hubble Space Telescope into safe mode

The Hubble Space Telescope is facing a new technical challenge, the latest in a series of issues that have thrown the aging observatory off its game in recent years. "Hubble's science instruments went into safe mode on Monday after experiencing synchronization issues with internal spacecraft communications," NASA tweeted. "Science observations have been temporarily suspended while the team investigates the issue. The instruments remain in good health."
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Guardians of the Galaxy Game: How to fix bugs and glitches

Guardians of the Galaxy bugs and glitches can be a real problem, with the game suffering from a bunch of audio and visual problems that affect graphics, sound, and can even be game-breaking. Bugs include button prompts remaining on-screen, players getting stuck in certain areas, and even not being able to progress at all. Here’s how to fix these glitches in the GotG game.

UK's daily Covid cases fall for third day in a row: Infections down 6% in a week to 40,954 despite three days of data from Wales due to glitch — as hospital admissions flatline and deaths rise 18%

Daily Covid cases across the UK have fallen for the third day in a row and hospital admissions have plateaued, official data shows. The Department of Health said there were 40,954 new infections in the past 24 hours, marking a 6 per cent fall on the figure last Tuesday. Today's tally includes three days' worth of data from Wales because of a technical glitch, meaning the true week-on-week drop is likely even greater.

Warzone Ghost Glitch Renders Perk Unreliable

A Warzone bug is causing the ever-popular Ghost Perk to not function as intended during private and public matches in Season 6. Raven Software had been pretty busy to say the least in recent weeks when it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone, not only due to The Haunting Halloween event still running, but also due to hiccups that have garnered some major attention from the community for the devs to fix. One was the removal of the Plunder, Clash and Payload modes, which should have at least one of them return with the Oct. 28 playlist update. Another was an issue preventing some players from being able to equip the Ghost of War skin, which Raven has said they've already addressed as well.
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Major Warzone Ghost glitch breaks popular Perk

Ghost is one of Warzone’s most popular Perks, thanks to its ability to hide the player from enemy UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors. But a “game-breaking” Season 6 glitch is causing the Perks effect to stop working, leaving unsuspecting players exposed. With Call of Duty: Vanguard so close to its worldwide...

Glitch Art in Medical Imaging #ArtTuesday

Glitch 3 (above): This shows magnitude and phase of what I seem to recall is a synthetic signal; for fun this is colorized with an art-deco inspired color scheme. Sebastian Schaetz shared this art on As a computer scientists working on image processing algorithms I know about the frustrating...