Breath of the Wild Player Wins Mount Rhoam Race in Seconds

Anyone who has ever played Breath of the Wild knows that it features one of the most intricate gameplay systems and vast world in all of video gaming. To this day, players are still testing out new ways to fight enemies, speedrun the game, and travel across the map. Despite...
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Man transported to hospital after hang glider crash in Draper

DRAPER, Utah, Sept. 24, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A man was transported to the hospital Friday evening after his hang glider crashed in the area of the Salt Lake County Flight Park. First responders were dispatched to 15302 S. Steep Mountain Drive at 6:38 p.m., Draper Police Officer Dudley told...

Air-sea gas fluxes and remineralization from a novel combination of pH and O2 sensors on a glider

Accurate, low-power sensors are needed to characterize biogeochemical variability on underwater glider missions. However, the needs for high accuracy and low power consumption can be difficult to achieve together. To overcome this difficulty, we integrated a novel sensor combination into a Seaglider, comprising a spectrophotometric lab-on-a-chip (LoC) pH sensor and a potentiometric pH sensor, in addition to the standard oxygen (O2) optode. The stable, but less frequent (every 10 min) LoC data were used to calibrate the high-resolution (1 s) potentiometric sensor measurements. The glider was deployed for a 10-day pilot mission in August 2019. This represented the first such deployment of either type of pH sensor on a glider. The LoC pH had a mean offset of +0.005±0.008 with respect to pH calculated from total dissolved inorganic carbon content, c(DIC), and total alkalinity, AT, in co-located water samples. The potentiometric sensor required a thermal-lag correction to resolve the pH variations in the steep thermocline between surface and bottom mixed layers, in addition to scale calibration. Using the glider pH data and a regional parameterization of AT as a function of salinity, we derived the dissolved CO2 content and glider c(DIC). Glider surface CO2 and O2 contents were used to derive air-sea fluxes, Φ(CO2) and Φ(O2). Φ(CO2) was mostly directed into the ocean with a median of −0.4 mmol m–2 d–1. In contrast, Φ(O2) was always out of the ocean with a median of +40 mmol m–2 d–1. Bottom water apparent oxygen utilization (AOU) was (35±1) μmol kg–1, whereas apparent carbon production (ACP) was (11±1) μmol kg–1, with mostly insignificant differences along the deployment transect. This deployment shows the potential of using pH sensors on autonomous observing platforms such as Seagliders to quantify the interactions between biogeochemical processes and the marine carbonate system at high spatiotemporal resolution.

Hits Different: Japanese Breakfast’s “Glider”

Hits Different is a recurring feature where we explore artists and musicians, mostly from Philly, that have songs, releases or albums that go against the grain of their usual repertoire! A rap band making an 80’s hair metal ballad? A noise artist putting out a polka record? Or perhaps the differences are subtle but worthy enough for an examination! In this column we’ll explore the psycho-spiritual cosmology and intimate processes behind these quirky songs and their challenging ideas, what makes the group tick, and ask, “what were you thinking?!” Join me for the trip!

Sable review: a beautiful adventure beset by troubling bugs

I love the weird beauty of Sable and its coming-of-age adventure story, but there are a lot of small irritants that pile up and - perhaps worst of all - your bike just isn't fun to drive. As you might expect from a game set on a desert planet, Sable...

Sable review

Considering gliding is such a central mechanic in Sable, it's perhaps fitting that the game should have such pronounced highs and lows. At its best, Sable channels an incredible sense of awe and wonder, sending us on an open-ended rite of passage through its truly remarkable world. At its worst, though, Sable can feel unpolished, dull, messy, and, on occasion, even genuinely uncomfortable to look at. It starts out strong with its striking art style and tantalising freedom (hence why I enjoyed the Summer Game Fest demo so much), but the longer the adventure goes on, the more things like the glitchy climbing, rough performance, and barren landscapes start to grate, like grains of sand pouring into your boots and bits to make an otherwise enjoyable outing increasingly unpleasant. I absolutely adored Sable at times, and couldn't stand it at others — it's a game all about the journey, and good lord, does it ever take you on one.

Person taken to hospital after Alton glider crash as air ambulance is called

A glider crash at a Hampshire airfield has seen one person taken to hospital after being freed by emergency services. On Monday (September 20) a glider crashed with two people on board at Lasham Airfield near Alton. Firefighters from both Basingstoke and Alton were called to the scene and crews...