Glaucoma vs. Cataracts: What’s the Difference?

Glaucoma and cataracts both affect your eyes, and the risk rises as you age. The two conditions can also share symptoms, but they have vastly different prognoses. Left undetected and untreated, glaucoma causes irreversible damage to your eyes, sometimes leading to blindness. Yet simple outpatient surgery can fix cataracts, quickly...
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A new treatment for glaucoma?

Northwestern University issued the following announcement on Oct. 18. A Northwestern Medicine study in mice has identified new treatment targets for glaucoma, including preventing a severe pediatric form of glaucoma, as well as uncovering a possible new class of therapy for the most common form of glaucoma in adults. In...
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A New Approach in Glaucoma Treatment

In the human eye, a space called the anterior chamber sits in between the cornea, which is a clear layer in the front of the eye, and the iris, the part of the eye that's colored. Fluid can normally move through the anterior chamber, but in glaucoma, that movement is disrupted. The fluid may start to move too slowly, or it can become totally blocked. Pressure then builds up inside the eye, which is thought to impair the optic nerve, damaging it. Eye pressure is thought to be a risk factor for glaucoma, as are variations in some genes including ANGPT1.
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New Therapeutic Targets for Glaucoma Identified in Mice

About three million Americans have glaucoma and it is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. Treatments for adults may include eyedrops, oral medications, and other options including laser therapy and various surgical procedures. There are no cures, and a severe form of glaucoma in children between birth and three years old known as primary congenital glaucoma can only be treated with surgery. Researchers are actively searching for new therapeutic targets. Now, researchers at Northwestern Medicine report new potential treatment targets for glaucoma in mice, including preventing a severe pediatric form of glaucoma, and a possible new class of therapy for the most common form of glaucoma in adults.

Ophthalmic Company Implandata Awarded as Top 12 Healthcare Innovator at Medica, World Forum for Medicine

HANNOVER, Germany, October 18, 2021 / B3C newswire / -- Implandata Ophthalmic Products, a digital health eye care company with offices in Germany and San Diego, California has been selected as Top 12 Health Techpreneur at the Healthcare Innovation World Cup at Medica, the world’s largest medical trade fair. Out of more than 300 competitors, Implandata has been awarded as a leading breakthrough health care innovator and was invited to present its disruptive EYEMATE solution on Nov 15, 2021 at Medica Connected Health Care Forum.

Taking good care of your eyes: How to identify and treat glaucoma

Losing your eyesight is often considered part of getting older, but your fading vision may also be the result of a condition like glaucoma. Knowing what signs to look for, booking regular check-ups and seeking early medical advice can prevent your eyesight from worsening. Mr Vik Sharma, a consultant ophthalmologist...

VA and Deep Nasal Grid Vessel Density Linked in Glaucoma

For patients in the sample, vessel density was the only structural parameter to correlate with visual acuity. Photo: Ryan Schott, OD. Click image to enlarge. The assessment and management of glaucoma is important in all glaucoma patients, especially those with advanced and severe disease. At this stage, structural parameters may reach a point where no further loss is detectable. In a recent study, researchers aimed to evaluate the correlation between structural parameters and visual acuity (VA).

Beyond anxiety in patients with glaucoma

Emotional health can potentially affect patient care, study results show. It is widely understood that emotional health is a significant part of overall health. Depression and anxiety have the capacity to affect a person physically. I was recently challenged by a friend on how anxiety could influence physical health. Rather than cite numerous peer-reviewed references, I simply pointed to the notion of stage fright. The classic scenario would be feeling sick in the bathroom before giving that big speech.

Senate FY2022 Appropriations Bill Doubles Funding for the CDC’s Vision and Eye Health Program

(PRESS RELEASE) This week, the Senate Appropriations Committee released its proposed legislation to fund programs under the Department of Health and Human Services in Fiscal Year (FY) 2022. As a result of continued Prevent Blindness advocacy efforts, the Senate Appropriations legislation includes a total of $6 million for vision and eye health programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In particular, the Senate proposes to fund the Vision Health Initiative (VHI) at $2 million in FY2022 – a $1 million increase over FY2021. Notably, the Senate legislation directs the CDC to improve “existing surveillance of social, economic, and environmental contexts as related to eye healthcare disparities.” The CDC’s Glaucoma project would continue to be funded at $4 million. If the legislation is enacted into law, the VHI’s funding level would be at its highest since FY2010. Earlier this spring, 117 organizations joined Prevent Blindness in a letter to Congress urging an increase funding for vision and eye health programs at the CDC.

Sustained-release glaucoma therapies offer customizable treatment plans

NEW YORK - Sustained-release drug delivery for glaucoma treatment offers a way to reduce IOP without relying on surgery or drops and gives physicians a way to customize treatment plans for individual patients, according to a speaker here. “It really gives us the ability to further customize our treatment plans...

27th Glaucoma Foundation (TGF) Scientific Think Tank

Newswise — On October 15th, 33 scientists and glaucoma clinicians from research institutions throughout the US and from Canada, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany gathered in person and virtually in New York to participate in The Glaucoma Foundation’s 27th Annual Scientific Think Tank, this year focusing on “New Vistas in Glaucoma Research.”

Laser treatment shows potential to transform glaucoma management in Africa

Laser treatment has the potential to transform the management of glaucoma in Africa, and to prevent more people from going irreversibly blind, particularly in regions with high disease prevalence and incidence, suggests new research published in Lancet Global Health. Conducted in Tanzania, the research is the first randomized controlled trial...