Mayim Bialik Just Broke Her Silence on the "Jeopardy!" Hosting Scandal

Newly announced host Mike Richards left the show after a series of controversies. After a lot of drama and many changes over the past couple of months, Mayim Bialik is one of the new hosts of Jeopardy!—at least for now. In August, executive producer Mike Richards was named the new permanent host of the daily game show, while Bialik was tapped to host special events, such as the National College Championship. But, as more information came out about Richards' past—including involvement in a discrimination lawsuit during his time on The Price Is Right and offensive comments on his former podcast—Richards stepped down as host after only filming a few episodes and left as executive producer a week after that.
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‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Takes Subtle Dig At His Controversial Play Style

Matt Amodio’s “Jeopardy!” stock is rising day after day. The Ph.D. student has won 24 consecutive games and is approaching $1 million in total winnings. But remember a month ago when the now-legendary contestant came under fire for his controversial answering habits? It seems like ancient history. Today, however, he poked some fun at himself on Twitter for his use of “what’s” to begin every response he gives on the show.
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Mayim Bialik Doesn’t ‘Wish Ill’ on Ousted ‘Jeopardy’ Host Mike Richards, Responds to Vaccine Criticism

Big shoes to fill. Mayim Bialik is set to host multiple weeks of Jeopardy! until the show officially names a full-time host — but the job came with quite a bit of drama. In August, Jeopardy! announced that executive producer Mike Richards would take over as host following the late Alex Trebek’s death, with Bialik, 45, hosting primetime specials. However, the following weeks were packed with controversy as Richards, 46, exited the show after offensive comments about women and the Jewish community he allegedly made in the past resurfaced. He released an apology and stepped away from the show. Sony TV then announced that the Big Bang Theory alum and Ken Jennings will split the hosting duties until a permanent replacement is found.
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Dress In Love brings unique glamour, local flair to Southcenter Mall

Walking into the Dress In Love boutique in Southcenter is truly a fashion lover's dream - a wondrous escape from the outside world where colors and prints play vibrantly together. Karina Silva is the proud owner of Dress In Love, one of the few locally-owned clothing stores inside the Westfield...

Jason Wu Fights Back Against Sweatpants With Dreamy Glamour and Exacting Craftsmanship

NEW YORK — During the heart of the pandemic, Jason Wu kept the fashion flag flying as one of the few designers to continue to present a live show during New York Fashion Week. The shows, presented in fall 2020 and winter 2021, were small, featuring Wu’s contemporary collection of knock-around clothing rather than the artfully executed day dresses and evening wear he is known for, and audiences were limited to a few heavily masked attendees.

Netflix Drama Series 'Virgin River' Renewed for Two More Seasons

Fans of the popular show would be happy to know the series will continue for the next two years following renewal for seasons four and five, respectively. Netflix confirmed the renewal of “Virgin River” for a fourth and fifth season recently. The announcement comes a few months after the release of the series’ third season in July.
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Dan Crenshaw mails statewide fundraising letters featuring yearbook-style glamour shot

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is allegedly seeking congressional campaign support through mock handwritten letters and...professional headshot photos?. Scott Braddock of Quorum Report on Tuesday shared photos on Twitter of a fundraising appeal he received in the mail from the Houston congressman. The seemingly hand-penned missive, marked as a “private correspondence,” included a large photo of Crenshaw.

Uma Thurman Wrote an Emotional Essay About Having an Abortion as a Teenager

Actor Uma Thurman wrote an essay about the abortion she had when she was a teenager, which she calls her “darkest secret until now.”. In The Washington Post op-ed, Thurman calls the Texas abortion law a “discriminatory tool against those who are economically disadvantaged” as well as “a staging ground for a human rights crisis for American women.” Thurman shared her own story “in the hope of drawing the flames of controversy away from the vulnerable women on whom this law will have an immediate effect.”

This Refined London Townhouse Brings New Meaning to ‘Salvage Glamour’

From the garden of this late Georgian house in London’s Primrose Hill that backs onto Regent’s Canal—where the family’s narrow boat, Lilliput, is moored—you can hear distant roars over the knife-and-fork sounds of lunch. “It’s the lions in London Zoo,” says Guy Hills, the creative director of the clothier Dashing Tweeds, who lives here with his wife, Natasha Good, a corporate lawyer, their three teenagers, and a gray shih tzu–Westie cross called George. “Sometimes you can hear the gibbons singing, too,” Guy continues. “It’s the most wonderful part of town.”

Mayim Bialik says Jeopardy! is the best job she’s ever had

Mayim Bialik has “never had a better job” than hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ The former ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress – who stars in her own sitcom ‘Call Me Kat’ – was originally hired to host some primetime specials and spin-off runs of the beloved quiz show before being asked to fill in as daytime presenter when Mike Richards stepped down from his role after controversial past comments he’d made resurfaced. Reflecting on the possibility of taking on the daytime job permanently, she told Glamour magazine: “I think it’s very clear. There’s no other job I would rather have. “I love my sitcom work, I do. I lo…

Yara Shahidi asked to present early at Emmys so she could go to class Monday

Yara Shahidi wowed at the Met Gala in a Dior gown which was a nod to Josephine Baker. But Sunday’s green Dior Emmys look may be her best yet this season. I am sure that Yara is not caught up in the glitz and glamour of her job but she seems to enjoy getting all glammed up. Yara also has a life outside of…

Mayim Bialik Confirms She Wants to Become the Permanent Host of 'Jeopardy!'

Mayim Bialik has confirmed that she wants to become the permanent full-time host of Jeopardy! following the current season, in an interview with Glamour on Tuesday. “There’s no other job I would rather have,” the Big Bang Theory actress told to the outlet. “I love my sitcom work, I do. I love all the other things I do. I love the podcast. But I absolutely have never had a better job. … The use of my brain and my skillset feels best suited by this job on Jeopardy! It is a dream job. I think it’s a dream job for anyone, but especially for someone who is trained first as a performer and then as a science communicator.”

Mayim Bialik still would love to be the permanent host of “Jeopardy!”

Mayim Bialik continues to express her interest in taking over as the permanent host of “Jeopardy!” The game show has had a tumultuous year with hosts. “I think it’s very clear,” Bialik recently told Glamour. “There’s no other job I would rather have. I love my sitcom work, I do. I love all the other things I do. I love the podcast. But I absolutely have never had a better job.”