The mouse spawned a mountain - Walla! sport

"Bayern Munich like Mickey Mouse," so sang over 13,000 fans in Copenhagen on October 22, 1991, providing the German media with the headline for the day after one of the most humiliating defeats the country has ever known in football. The only case in history in which the luxury club...

Klay Thompson Thinks Klay Thompson is One of the 75 Best Basketball Players Ever

© Provided by The Big Lead Golden State Warriors Media Day | Ezra Shaw/GettyImages. The NBA released a list of the 75 best NBA players ever to celebrate the league’s 75th anniversary. That list includes two members of the Golden State Warriors championship teams from 2017 and 2018 in Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Not on the list is Klay Thompson who took to Instagram to express his dismay with his exclusion.

Barcelona only seeks to make the Mbappé operation more expensive

Barcelona’s alleged interest in Kylian Mbappé came to light, according to the newspaper ACE Barça, aware of Kylian’s contract, knowing that it is ending, could offer the player a transfer bonus of 90 million euros. Let’s see why this is smoke. Kylian Mbappe does not contemplate Bacelona / ATPImages / GettyImages In the...

With more Tokelauan speakers in New Zealand than in Tokelau, it remains a unique but endangered language

If you didn’t know Tokelau Language Week begins this weekend, you can probably be forgiven. Spoken by fewer than 5,000 people worldwide, Tokelauan has been designated “severely endangered” by UNESCO, its second-most at-risk category. You simply don’t hear it spoken much – or spoken about. The statistics tell us why. Since the mid-1960s, migration from Tokelau has meant more 3,000 Tokelauan speakers now live in New Zealand, with just 1,500 still in their homeland. With transmission between generations declining, Tokelauan really is in danger. Compared to the estimated 1.8 billion English speakers in the world, Tokelauan is literally and figuratively a...

‘If you want summer, get vaccinated’ – Jacinda Ardern sets the target for re-opening New Zealand

The New Zealand government has bet heavily on vaccination targets and certificates to move the country into the re-opening phase of its COVID-19 response. As part of today’s major announcement, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said 90% of the eligible population must be fully vaccinated in each of the country’s regional district health boards (DHBs) for the new protection framework to come into effect. That framework involves a “traffic light” system of red, orange and green levels based on case numbers, health system and testing, contact tracing and case management capacities. Targeted local lockdowns would still be an option at the red level....