Why are Ohio Republicans so fearful of Ohio voters?

We have experienced of late so many examples of Republican efforts to thwart the will of Ohio voters. Earlier this year, we saw Republican officials and legislators blatantly disregarding the Ohio constitutional amendments Ohio voters overwhelmingly put in place to curtail gerrymandering. These Republicans thumbed their noses not only at voters but also at the Ohio Supreme Court, which time and again ruled their actions unconstitutional.
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A sign of democracy in trouble - voters’ declining trust and participation: Mark Salling

CLEVELAND -- I was advised not to write this. But the Nov. 18 comments by Plain Dealer/ columnist Justice B. Hill (“Black nonvoters betray their forebears, and cede their future”) give me some cover. I am white and Hill is Black. I think you get the point. Hill is critical of his Black community for not voting. I and many others share his regret, because the low participation in democracy’s most important act as an individual affects his community and mine.
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POLITICO Playbook: What’s next at the southern border

HOW BIDEN AND HARRIS SPENT TURKEY DAY — President JOE BIDEN, in his long-loved tradition of spending Thanksgiving with the family on Nantucket, spent some of Thursday giving our pumpkin pies to island firefighters, the AP’s Darlene Superville writes. The president also called into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day...

Don’t blame redistricting for blue wave | IN RESPONSE

For Colorado Republicans, the results of the 2022 elections were obviously terribly disappointing. In addition to overwhelming losses in all statewide races, Republican representation in the state legislature dropped to modern lows: just 19 of 65 seats in the House and 12 of 35 seats in the Senate. On these...
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Letter: The return of the 1950s

I was a teenager in the 1950s and supported the changes made in the 1960s. Even the Catholic Church loosened its rules a bit. Those changes revealed sexual abuse by priests, sports coaches, and men in positions of power, including politicians. Do young people support our government controlling its citizens...

If DeSantis Wins 2024 Primary, It’s the Trump Nightmare With a Different Name

A lot of the outcomes are in from the 2022 midterm election, and the much-hyped “pink wave” and the potential for Republican domination in Congress by no means materialized. However one Republican outperformed most of his get together this cycle, successful reelection in a landslide: Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Sam Adams understood that privilege can have a spot in politics | Letters – Tampa Bay Occasions

Ought to we rejoice Sam Adams or condemn him? | Nov. 20. Samuel Adams, on the forefront of assaults on the plutocracy in pre-revolutionary Boston, had no qualms about embracing the richest particular person in New England, native politician and businessman, John Hancock. Adams acknowledged early on that Hancock’s wealth and affect may very well be a useful asset within the pursuit of independence from England. Collectively, he and Hancock proved to be a formidable mixture, a lot in order that the British authorities needed them dropped at justice in any respect prices. They narrowly prevented arrest on multiple event, maybe most notably after Paul Revere’s legendary midnight journey alert. The Adams-Hancock collaboration not solely lends credence to the idiom that “Politics makes unusual bedfellows,” it exhibits that privilege has its place in politics, particularly when the plenty are the beneficiaries.

Will Republicans Legalize Marijuana?

There was a time when gambling was illegal in Wisconsin. By the mid-1980s 25 states across America had legalized a state lottery yet Wisconsin held out. The state Assembly rejected a bill to legalize a lottery by an overwhelming vote, 69-29, in 1983. But as surrounding states like Illinois started...

EDITORIAL: Democratic gerrymandering pays dividends

Nevada Democrats have spent the past few weeks congratulating themselves for their performance in the midterm election, never mind that that they lost the governor’s race and two other statewide constitutional offices. But winning becomes much easier when you’re the ones drawing the maps. It’s true that, in...

Interpreting and misinterpreting America’s mid-term election

No ‘red wave’, but some Democrats mused that they lost the election. Actually, they were serious. Had the Republicans attained their red wave, Democrat’s would not have had to worry about Joe Biden running again and the likelihood he will lose the next presidential election. On November...

Flip of Michigan legislature highlights role of fair maps

(AP) - Democratic candidates for the Michigan House and Senate won a majority of votes this year, translating into their party winning control of both legislative chambers. That may seem like a natural result, but it hasn't been in previous elections.While Democrats also won a majority of votes in 2018 and 2020, Republicans won majorities in the Legislature. The difference this time: Candidates ran in new districts drawn by a citizens commission instead of ones crafted by Republican lawmakers that were designed to help keep their party in power."Michigan went from some of the most extremely gerrymandered maps to some of...
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Community leaders and JHU students reflect on the midterm election results

Former Sen. Barbara Mikulski recently joined forces with Stephanie Young, executive director of the nonpartisan organization, When We All Vote, a non-profit organization, to discuss the results of the 2022 midterm election with students from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and community members. The session included discussion on what the election...