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G-7 leaders gather in Germany amid conflict between Russia and Ukraine

President Biden and other world leaders have gathered in Germany for the G-7 summit. Leaders are focusing on the conflict in Ukraine and ways to isolate and put economic pressure Russia. Charles Kupchan, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and professor at Georgetown University, joined CBS News' John Dickerson to discuss.
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“T” is for Tillman, James Hammond (1869-1911)

“T” is for Tillman, James Hammond (1869-1911). Lieutenant governor. Born in Clarks Hill (now McCormick County), Tillman was educated at Georgetown University. Although admitted to the bar, he opted for a career in journalism instead. Writing for the Winnsboro News and Herald under the name “Fair Play,” he countered the attacks of the State newspaper—one of the harshest critics of his uncle, U.S. Senator Benjamin “Pitchfork” Tillman. Appealing to racial prejudices and capitalizing on his family name, he was elected lieutenant governor in 1900. Running for governor in 1902, the State attacked him unmercifully and he was defeated. Blaming his defeat on the newspaper’s editor, N.G. Gonzales, Tillman shot the unarmed editor in downtown Columbia. Public reaction to his acquittal on the grounds of “self-defense” was negative, and James Hammond Tillman retired from public life in disgrace.
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Researchers say switching between healthy and unhealthy foods increases the risk of diabetes

Switching back-and-forth between calorie restrictive and normal diets may be more harmful for a person’s health than never adopting a healthy diet, a new study finds. Researchers at Georgetown University, in Washington D.C., found that an unstable, changing, diet can cause long term harm to a person and even put them at an increased risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.
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Yo-yo dieting can lead to long-term heart problems, raise risk of diabetes

WASHINGTON — Yo-yo dieting increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, warns new research. The study conducted in rats suggests that dramatic swings in calories consumed have long-term impacts on cardiovascular health and metabolism. Scientists at Georgetown University say that their findings offer potential insights into the long-term...

Georgetown Varsity Blues Dad Wins by Revealing Rich Kid Perks

Click here to read the full article. Going by the odds, Amin Khoury’s decision to go to trial seemed dubious. The businessman faced felony charges over his daughter’s admission into Georgetown University as a tennis recruit seven years ago. Dozens of other parents nabbed in Operation Varsity Blues copped plea deals. The few others that tried their luck with juries were convicted. One was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Those outcomes aren’t surprising given that defendants in federal criminal trials usually lose. According to Pew Research, federal juries convict 86% of criminal defendants. That’s one reason why 90% of defendants facing...

Perkins named WBB DBO at William & Mary

Jasmine Perkins has been named as the director of basketball operations at William & Mary. Perkins joins the Tribe after serving in the same role at Wake Forest last season where she oversaw the day-to-day operations of the program and coordinated team travel. The Demon Decans experienced success during her...