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Further examining the Big Ten’s potential candidates for expansion

Texas and Oklahoma made their intentions to leave the Big 12 Conference known on Monday by issuing a joint statement saying they will not renew their grant of rights agreements when they expire in 2025. If there was any doubt these two schools are planning on bolting for the SEC, it was all cast aside when this became official.
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Next Gen Favorites: the half-finished Duolingo course

I heard the notification whistle and reached for my phone instinctively. I was met with a bright screen and an ominous message. Instead of coming from a friend or concerned neighbor, the message came from language-learning app Duolingo. Once again, I had abandoned a Spanish course, and Duo the Owl had popped up in my notifications to remind me just how frequently I failed to complete a course on the app. It became a kind of routine: leaving a course half-finished and then watching the anxiety pile up with each notification.
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Pac-12 expansion idea hinges on academics, geography and market size

WITH OKLAHOMA AND TEXAS seemingly on the verge of a move to the SEC, thus turning the Big 12 (which is actually 10 schools) on its head, college football fans are speculating how the repercussions may shape the alignment landscape around the nation. The Pac-12 is a particular point of intrigue, because the conference is widely viewed as a Power 5 stepchild and remaining schools of the Big 12 could be ripe for picking off.
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Alix Ohlin on How to Map the Shape of Your Short Story

In the before times, I loitered in museums. The last show I saw in person before the pandemic was work by David Wojnarowicz, film and photography he made as the AIDS epidemic ravaged. I emerged from the gallery blinking into the grey light of a March afternoon in Vancouver, thinking about loss, memory, and the accompaniment of art.
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This AI can spot sunken ships from the damn sky

The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. In collaboration with the United States Navy’s Underwater Archaeology Branch, I taught a computer how to recognize shipwrecks on the ocean floor from scans taken by aircraft and ships on the surface. The computer model we created is 92% accurate in finding known shipwrecks. The project focused on the coasts of the mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico. It is now ready to be used to find unknown or unmapped shipwrecks.
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Lorain and Huron County’s foundations separate

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio – After 25 years of partnering, the community foundations of Lorain County and Huron County are separating. The move, according to both foundations, is a positive that reflects growth. President and CEO of the foundation in Lorain County, Cynthia Andrews, noted the foundation in Huron County “has...
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How to Engage Audiences and Monetize Streaming-Only Events

See more videos like this on StreamingMedia.com. Learn more about monetizing live streams at Streaming Media West 2021. Adam Paul: In streaming, we have 38 minutes. The last time I checked, that's how long people engage on average with our stuff. I think the biggest key to me is this: Do not step away from what the heart and soul of the band is, what the show is, what the client, the fan, the people that give their lives for these bands are. Give them the show, and it can be creative, but it has to be on the band's brand. And I think then, if you can put that together and really capture the band and their essence and everything that they have and their performance and their live show, then you can sell a ticket, and the people feel great about buying tickets and buying the poster and buying the shirt, just like coming to a live show. And as John said, putting a shell of Toyota or Verizon, or whoever around it, it doesn't feel like the products are getting rammed down their throat. It has to be truly organic. You don't want Jimmy Buffett on a soundstage with a bunch of electronics. You need him in front of a palm tree. When that happens, people will engage and go in their backyards and put up little palm trees and buy the t-shirts and wear all of these pieces of the puzzle. And it's not about the size of it. It's about capturing the essence and the moment and the feeling. It's people, the fan. And Mike, coming from the world of the most powerful fans on the face of the planet, if the fan feels a part of it, you got 'em. But you've got to bring them into it. And if they're into it, you're good. You're going to get a positive review on the backside.
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Summer Reading Projects or How to Become Levi-Strauss

This post is part of the series Excavating Archaeology, which features selections from, and research on, the Jay I. Kislak Collection of the Archaeology & History of the Early Americas and related collections, housed in the Geography and Map Division and in the Rare Book & Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress.
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Water Institute, CPRA Award Nicholls Nearly $500,000 for Coastal Research

THIBODAUX, La. — Nicholls State University will receive $495,368 from the Restore Act Center of Excellence for Louisiana to help coastal scientists better understand coastal ridges. Researchers will use the grant money to categorize the ecological attributes of the ridges to help coastal scientists design future ridge restoration and management...