Colchester school appeals to parents to fill teacher shortage

A school appealed directly to parents to help recruit a new geography teacher due to supply staff shortages. Colchester County High School for Girls managed to fill the role, but experts say there is a widespread teacher shortage across Essex. Grainne Hallahan, of educational publication TES, said coastal and deprived...
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The Legends Of Ictinike In Iowa May Send Chills Down Your Spine

Among the earliest people to live in Iowa were the Ioway (also known as Iowa, Bah-Kho-Je, or Báxoje) tribe. A subculture of the Sioux peoples, the Iowa inhabited portions of modern-day Wisconsin and Iowa up until the 1830s, when they were forced to relocate. Yet their influence is still felt here in Iowa – most […] The post The Legends Of Ictinike In Iowa May Send Chills Down Your Spine appeared first on Only In Your State.
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US, LatAm, Canada, & the Netherlands, Betsson’s geographical goals

An ambition of entering regulated or regulating markets “where the conditions are right and there is plenty of growth to be unlocked” has been stressed by Betsson, as the group details the importance of geographical expansion within its growth strategy. Speaking in the aftermath of scooping the Casino...

"Common Test for University Admission" begins 530,000 people nationwide apply

The "Common Test for University Admissions", which 530,000 people have applied for, began on the 15th. At one of the venues, the University of Tokyo, there was an incident in which three people, including an examinee, were cut off before the start of the exam, but the exam itself is being conducted as usual.

In the Middle of it All, There's Malta

We were thrilled to be able to visit the country Malta in the geographical middle of the Mediterranean. Not only beautiful, this country is rich in culture and history. Join us as we explore several natural wonders and also make a visit to the capital city of Valletta, known for its immense fortifications and expansive harbor. Below are some resources on the history I cover in the video.

Realignment likely for county commission districts

Redistricting is in the works for the geographical areas represented by the Platte County Commission, officials have said. The Platte County Commission is considering adjusting the boundaries of the north and south districts to more closely match the population numbers as shown in the 2020 census. Currently district two (basically...

Derogatory name of Colorado mountain changed – Tampa, Florida

Clear Creek County, Colorado — Mountains can bring people closer to Earth, but if the name is very derogatory, many wouldn’t dare to say it. There is a problem. As a result, the United States Board on Geographical Names has officially approved the name change for the mountains in Clear Creek County, Colorado. It is now called Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain.

Alberta surpasses 8 million doses of COVID vaccine administered

*Numbers are up to date as of previous day’s end. Numbers in parentheses represent a one-day change unless otherwise noted. Total cases: 436,495 (+6,163) Total recoveries: 368,986 (+4,762) Active caseload: 64,129 (+1,396) Tests completed: 16,541. One-day positivity rate: 37.26%. Seven-day positivity rate: 39.24%. Active variant cases: 7,943 (-780) Recorded...
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Gross-Feibel is a topic at land bank meeting

The Highland County Land Reutilization Corporation (land bank) held a special meeting Thursday morning and discussed a brownfield grant the county has the possibility of using. Mark Current, Highland County Community Action Organization housing director, detailed some of the projects that the land bank could move forward with:. * The...

The Texas Bucket List – Geographic Center of Texas

Brady – Towns in Texas are known for their way of life. Close knit communities where neighbors care for one another. You see, Texans have a lot of heart and things aren’t any different in Brady. “Brady is a great little town that is very, very friendly,” said Brady mayor Tony Groves.

Filing Deadline, Redistricting, Tornado Relief Dominate New Legislative Session

The legislative session has just begun, but lawmakers already have greenlighted redistricting maps and moved the filing deadline for candidates in the 2022 primary election from January 7 to January 25. Republican lawmakers' new maps redraw geographical boundaries for Kentucky's U.S. Congressional seats, and state Senate and House seats. Rep....

Geographers and COP26 – looking back and forward?

By Alex Jackman and Liz Fox-Tucker, Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) Geographers are central to tackling climate change. At COP26 last year – and at many related events – geographers were able to share their expertise and insights on climate change and the action necessary to limit it. The RGS-IBG have been advising, facilitating and promoting these geographical contributions widely over the last year in both the professional and academic communities. Here we highlight a small fraction of the research, reporting, public engagement, advocacy and impact that geographers are achieving around climate change and offer some suggestions as to what might come next.

Swiss Residence in Mexico City / Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms + BlancasMoran

Swiss Residence in Mexico City / Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms + BlancasMoran. Architects: BLANCASMORAN, Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms. Text description provided by the architects. The Swiss Residence is located in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood in northwest Mexico City and is characterized by tree-lined avenues that are home to prestigious residences. The topography is a geographical element that strongly defines the site. The ravines create natural corridors abundantly wooded. The residence is located right at the bending point between Paseo de la Reforma Avenue and the Dolores Ravine.

Spatial correlations in geographical spreading of COVID-19 in the United States

The global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has followed complex pathways, largely attributed to the high virus infectivity, human travel patterns, and the implementation of multiple mitigation measures. The resulting geographic patterns describe the evolution of the epidemic and can indicate areas that are at risk of an outbreak. Here, we analyze the spatial correlations of new active cases in the USA at the county level and characterize the extent of these correlations at different times. We show that the epidemic did not progress uniformly and we identify various stages which are distinguished by significant differences in the correlation length. Our results indicate that the correlation length may be large even during periods when the number of cases declines. We find that correlations between urban centers were much more significant than between rural areas and this finding indicates that long-range spreading was mainly facilitated by travel between cities, especially at the first months of the epidemic. We also show the existence of a percolation transition in November 2020, when the largest part of the country was connected to a spanning cluster, and a smaller-scale transition in January 2021, with both times corresponding to the peak of the epidemic in the country.

Ready-made 100 Days of School thematic unit

Download the Play Academy’s ready-made 100 Days of School thematic unit is a great way to celebrate your children’s one hundredth day of the school year and to explore the concept of one hundred. Ready-made 100 Days of School thematic unit lesson plans. Save time and enjoy teaching...

Alpha-fetoprotein Tumor Market 2021 Trending Technologies, Development Plans, Future Growth and Geographical Regions to 2026

Alpha-fetoprotein Tumor market research report encloses in-depth study of risks and opportunities that will influence the industry dynamics over 2021-2026, alongside initial and future impact of Covid-19. The Alpha-fetoprotein Tumor market research report provides a detailed analysis of this business landscape and includes significant information such as revenue estimations, market...