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Genshin Impact fans aren't happy with its 'broken' new character

Genshin Impact fans aren't too happy with the game's latest five-star character. Peppy pyro archer Yoimiya has been live on Genshin's limited character banner for just over a week now. Fans were excited about her arrival—her design is fantastic and the only other fire-based archer is firmly at the bottom of most Genshin tier lists. But now she's here, complaints of broken mechanics are rife, and players are worried about it setting a precedent for future character releases.
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New Genshin Impact characters Baal and Aloy coming in 2.1 update

Genshin Impact’s giant update, The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, is getting more content on Sept. 1. The 2.1 update, “Floating World Under the Moonlight,” will bring the main storyline in Inazuma to a close, and add new characters, additional boss fights, and two new islands to explore. And fishing is coming to Teyvat. (Everybody’s doing it!)
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Scaramouche is returning to Genshin Impact, this is not a drill

A favourite Genshin Impact character is returning to the world of Teyvat, and fans are freaking out. Scaramouche appeared all the way back in Genshin Impact 1.1, one of the Fatui's terrifying eleven harbingers. He landed alongside a limited-time event, shrouded in mystery. The whole thing culminated in the vague yet shocking revelation that the world's stars and sky is "fake."

Genshin Impact shows off Aloy's skills and its excessively fishy update 2.1

Now that all your Travelers have gotten introduced to Genshin Impact's new world zone Inazuma, it's just about time for another game update. Genshin Impact version 2.1, called "Floating World Under the Moonlight", is just around the corner on September 1. As ever, the update will bring a new storyline, new characters, activities and oh, also fishing. Of course Genshin Impact is getting fishing. Last up, Mihoyo also give a look at some of the abilities for their big crossover character Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn fame who will be dropping into the Genshin realm.

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Genshin Impact unifies fans. As character designs pass through the peepers of those who play the free-to-play RPG, fans have a tendency to rally around certain characters. Most recently, people felt drawn to the Inazuma Archon Baal. Now that Baal’s time has come with Version 2.1, stares turn to the next character, the enigmatic priestess, Yae Miko.

Watch Genshin Impact’s 2.1 livestream here

August 20, 2021 The livestream has been delayed due to technical difficulties. After a bit of here and there, we should be getting back to a regular patch schedule in Genshin Impact. Initially, we expected to get update 1.7 last time out, but Mihoyo jumped straight to update 2.0 since it was a relatively chonky slice of new content, including a new region with all the works. Now, though, we’re due an update on update 2.1.

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus guide

Want to know more about Theater Mechanicus in Genshin Impact? If the name seems familiar, that's because this limited-time event first ran in version 1.3 back in February. Now it's arrived in Inazuma, so if you missed out on this minigame the first time around, you've got just over a week to give it a try.

Genshin Impact Phantom Flow event | Phantom Flow challenges and rewards

Genshin Impact Phantom Flow is one of the 2.0 update’s last events. It’s a challenging series of fights with multiple clear requirements and difficulty levels. Persevering gets you some handy rewards for the new Inazuma characters and potential party members added in the 2.1 update. Genshin Impact Phantom Flow |...

Genshin Impact: Omnipresence Over Mortals Archon Quest Teased

Omnipresence Over Mortals will be the name of the next Archon Quest – the continuation of the game’s main story. While the presenters of the Genshin Impact 2.1 special livestream were tight-lipped about what’s coming up, we still got some glimpses of what’s to come. They were kind enough to offer some teasers for the next Archon Quest.

The best Genshin Impact Amber build

Want to learn how to create the best build for Amber in Genshin Impact? Amber is widely regarded as Genshin Impact's least desirable party member, but as the second playable character you unlock in the game's prologue questline, you're going to be playing as her for a while regardless of your opinion of her as a fighter. Furthermore, as one of only a handful of completely free characters in the game, this Pyro Bow user is your friend if you're looking to keep costs down in this free-to-play RPG phenomenon.

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus guide: All Theater Mechanicus stages

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus is back in Inazuma, with a new round of stages, challenges, and rewards!. It’s a lengthy tower defense mode, but each stage has a few tricks you can exploit to avoid getting overwhelmed. Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Guide | General tips. Your choice of Mechanicus is...