Guilty after being proven innocent

The left keeps insisting that people are still guilty even after being proven innocent. That was true with George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson and Kyle Rittenhouse. They certainly do not believe in the foundational principle of our jurisprudence system; innocent until proven guilty. They believe that they have a right to put their finger on the scales of justice to sway the outcome to be consistent with their false narrative. This is done by Democrat presidents, their attorney generals and the media.
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Uyghur policeman tortured to death for helping detainee: Report

Washington [US], December 4 (ANI): A Uyghur police officer in China's Xinjiang province who was said to have committed suicide was instead tortured to death for helping a camp detainee, Radio Free Asia (RSA) has reported. The Washington-based publication said Nurmemet Yusup had died under mysterious circumstances during the first...
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Governor signs bill mandating genocide education in schools

BOSTON — Middle and high school students in Massachusetts would learn about the history of genocide and human rights issues under a bill signed into law by Gov. Charlie Baker this week. The bill requires middle schools and high schools in the state to include instruction on the history of genocide. The legislation comes as incidences of hate and antisemitism are on the rise across the country, with several incidents reported in Massachusetts over the past year, according to supporters of the legislation. Massachusetts has not required education on the Holocaust or other genocides as part of its classroom curriculum.
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‘Spencer’ Director Pablo Larraín Endorses Chilean Oscar Entry ‘White on White’ (EXCLUSIVE)

“Spencer” director Pablo Larraín has thrown his weight behind Chilean Oscar entry “White on White” (“Blanco en Blanco”), hailing it as a “really interesting, strange and highly violent film.” “White on White” also addresses issues that are “highly unsettling and complex and which haven’t been resolved or at least discussed at sufficient length,” Larraín adds. His words come from a conversation, which he moderates, with “White on White’s” director Théo Court and star Alfredo Castro that forms the latest Academy Awards Edition of CinemaChile Talks. Some sort of sympathy for “White and White” may be inevitable. Larraín was once a student of Castro’s, a...

UN team delivers report on Islamic State atrocities committed in Iraq

The head of the United Nations team investigating Islamic State crimes in Iraq Thursday delivered his report to the Security Council, accusing Islamic State (IS) actors of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. Christian Ritscher, Special Adviser and Head of the United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for...


On March 11 of 2018, Veronica John, 35 years old, heard a barrage of gunshots when Fulani herdsmen surrounded her village in Kaduna state, in central Nigeria. Veronica tied her two-year-old daughter on her back and ran. “I didn’t know which direction to go and wound up running straight into...

Bangladesh president urges world leaders to end discriminations

Bangladesh president Md Abdul Hamid on Saturday called upon the world leaders to shun the path of divisions, join hands and walk together on the path of peace. He said this as he opened the ‘World Peace Conference-2021’, highlighting Bangladesh’s ‘untiring quest’ for building a peaceful, just, rights-based, inclusive and prosperous nation.
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Israel Hits Back: Ban Malaysia From Hosting International Sports Event?!

Subscribe to our Telegram channel for the latest stories and updates. Israel media The Jerusalem Post (JP) has criticised Malaysia for banning Israelis from a squash championship. In a scathing editorial featuring the Jalur Gemilang, JP accused Malaysia of being antisemitic and anti-Israel when the right thing to do is...
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Who ordered the Uyghur genocide? Look no further than China’s leader.

Evidence has grown over the past few years that China has carried out a genocide against Uyghur, Kazakh and other Turkic Muslim peoples of Xinjiang region in the country’s far northwest. Eyewitnesses, satellite photos and government records have contributed to a grotesque picture of a people’s identity being eradicated. We now know that China built an archipelago of concentration camps, tried to repress the Uyghur birthrate and dispatched workers into forced labor. But who should be held to account?

Penobscot does not want the scalp of his ancestors to be whitened | National News

Portland, Maine (AP) — Most Americans know that Native Americans have endured atrocities such as war, illness, and land theft after the arrival of European settlers. But it’s much uglier than that. Members of the Penobscot state of Maine produced an educational film about how European pioneers killed indigenous peoples...

Tripura Violence: Twitter Shares Details of Its Users with State’s Police

NEW DELHI – Microblogging site Twitter has informed some of the prominent social media users that it is going to give information related to them to Tripura Police as demanded from the company. These users are the ones who have been booked under the stringent provisions of UAPA and other laws for their posts over Tripura’s anti-Muslim violence.
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Baker signs genocide education bill

Students in Massachusetts middle and high schools will soon learn about the history of genocides around the globe as a required part of their curriculum. Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday signed legislation to mandate lessons on the Holocaust and other mass atrocities and to help school systems develop those lessons plans. Legislators said the collective knowledge of genocides appears to be declining and said they hoped that teaching about such acts will help prevent them in the future.

Rights groups urge Macron to refuse protection to Syrian war criminal

Human rights groups urged President Emmanuel Macron on Friday to ensure France exercises the principle of “universal jurisdiction” and refuse protection to perpetrators of crimes against humanity. The request came after a court ruled that it had a lack of jurisdiction to prosecute a Syrian war criminal. In an open...