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Paramount+ Was the Fastest-Growing Brand for 2021

According to the Morning Consult's report on the fastest-growing brands for 2021, Paramount+, the streaming service from ViacomCBS, was the top streaming service in 2021, the number one fastest-growing brand among all adults, and the number one fastest-growing brand for Gen Z and Millennials. The two other streaming services that made the list were HBO Max and another ViacomCBS-owned service, Pluto TV. Meanwhile, Netflix and Hulu were nowhere near the top 20.
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Social media is being used for hiring, and no, we’re not talking just LinkedIn

(SOCIAL MEDIA) Social media has evolved from being only community-oriented to career-oriented. See how users are getting jobs by being creative. Gen Z and Millennials are no doubt the heaviest users of social media, and perhaps the internet in general. But it’s no longer just about catching up with friends and family, posting memes, and hailing yourself as hashtag king – they are using it to get jobs in creative ways.
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The 15 Coolest Brands, According to European Gen Z and Millennials

It’s not easy to win the title of “cool” from young European consumers. We checked out our brand tracker to find out which ones they consider worthy of the accolade…. When it comes to brand affinity, there are many reasons young Europeans may favor one brand over another, whether it’s because they feel a sense of community around the brand or because it has a relatable social media presence. But having that elusive “cool factor” is as important to Gen Z and Millennials as it is hard for brands to orchestrate. Many brands have overstepped the mark in an attempt to reach young consumers on their level, acting like “our clever, smart-ass friends,” as The Drum aptly put it, and coming off instead as inauthentic—one of the greatest cardinal sins a brand can commit in the eyes of young consumers. It’s clear, then, that being considered “cool” by Gen Z and Millennials can be a huge boon to brands. But which ones have earned the accolade?
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Snap Inc: ‘Beauty seekers’ use our app as a virtual mirror 30+ times per day

Founded in 2011, social media major Snap Inc’s multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat enabled content to be shared amongst friends and family, staying visible for only a limited time. Today, much like other social media platforms worldwide, Snapchat offered a social commerce space where beauty and personal care brands could showcase digital store fronts, offer virtual try-ons and other immersive and digital experiences, and allow users to purchase products directly via the app.
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Snap Inc: ‘Beauty seekers’ use our app as a virtual mirror 30+ times per day

Beauty brands must start to create camera-first digital strategies because consumer interaction with the tool is evolving fast, particularly amongst Gen Z and Millennial beauty seekers on Snapchat, say executives at Snap Inc. Founded in 2011, social media major Snap Inc’s multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat enabled content to be...

#TikTokHolidays, #BackInTheDay, & 4 Other TikTok Hashtags That Trended This Month

TikTok has become home to some of the biggest trends on the internet—here are six hashtags that trended on the platform this month…. Oh, November. While the latter part of the month was (once again) taken over by Taylor Swift and her devoted Swifties thanks to #RedTaylorsVersion, there were other things that were a major part of this month. #FoodDance took over TikTok as users poured hot sauce on their dishes and, well, danced. Meanwhile, babies chose their own Hogwarts houses, and it’s all over the #SortingCeremony hashtag. Of course, we can’t forget about #Friendsgiving and #CleanLook. And Swift wasn’t the only celebrity that took over TikTok as users participated in the #HilaryDuffChallenge to poke fun (and pay homage) to the Lizzie McGuire star’s now-viral dance from the 2000s (including the star herself). But on an app where the trending content never ends, there were even more hashtags that took over the app this month. Here are six:

10 Most-Booked Experiences This Winter

Now that we’re fully into the swing of the holidays and winter, wanted to shed some light on the activities Americans are getting up to this season, according to data from Tripadvisor. Although the vast majority (94%) of travelers will remain domestic, people are looking to broaden their horizons and...

WE Social Media Monitor

Social media usage soared in Western Europe in 2020 as young consumers sought entertainment and connection during lockdowns. Now, even as restrictions loosen, social media has continued to be a hub of entertainment for Gen Z and Millennials, and their use of most platforms has only increased. This social media monitor dives into the most-used social platforms among 13-39-year-olds in Western Europe, the platforms increasing in usage, and the increased popularity of TikTok.

Social Media Monitor Report

After a major surge in use in 2020, social media has continued to be a hub of entertainment for Gen Z and Millennials, and the platforms performing best all have one thing in common—the vital role of video. This social media monitor dives into the most used social platforms among...

PMMI’s Annual Meeting Offers Optimistic Inflation Perspective

The three-day event included business sessions on navigating a COVID-influenced world, breakout sessions on workforce, cybersecurity, and digital marketing strategy, a tour of the world-renowned Ford River Rouge Plant, and networking opportunities to reconnect business and create new partnerships. Chairperson Emmanuel Cerf, Vice President, Polypack Inc., kicked off the business...
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The Web and the Rise of Modern Creative Careers

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past two decades. While our personal lives have been revamped thanks to personalization and engagement algorithms, the corporate world has remained relatively stable. We still think of a high-paying job as something that requires a university education coupled with many hours spent building a corporate persona.

The Top 15 Retail Brands Among Gen Z & Millennials

Our brand tracker reveals which retail brands have the highest YScore+ among young shoppers…. Using YPulse’s exclusive youth brand tracker, we’ve told you which brands Gen Z and Millennials think are the coolest, are winning BIPOC young consumer affinity, and have the highest YScore+ among Gen Z. Now, on the brink of the biggest shopping weekend of the year, we’re tapping the data to tell you about the top retail brands among Gen Z and Millennials.

Muscle Maker’s Pokemoto Division Opens First Military Location at Fort Meade

LEAGUE CITY, TX, Nov. 18, 2021 // GLOBE NEWSWIRE // - via NewMediaWire - Muscle Maker, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: GRIL) newest subsidiary Pokemoto, a poke bowl concept known for its healthier modern culinary twist on a traditional Hawaiian poke classic, today announced that it has opened a location at Fort Meade, the first on a military installation. This announcement comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Pokemoto has partnered with Franserve to bolster its pipeline through its franchise sales consultants.

P&C Insurance Customers are in the Driver’s Seat

The impact of business and consumer trends is sometimes seen more clearly when we link them together. For example, if you follow the progression below, you might come to some new conclusions about where and how P&C insurers should be targeting their future development strategies. In 2019, personal savings in...

Tastemade Launches Travel Streaming Network

Tastemade is launching a streaming network on Wednesday to showcase the network’s travel series. The network, Tastemade Travel, will first be available on Samsung TV Plus, Redbox, VIZIO WatchFree+ and IMDb TV, which reach a combined 80 million households in the U.S. Additional distribution platforms are expected to be added in the next quarter. Tastemade Travel will stream shows like Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia and Curtis Stone’s Field Trip, as well as series hosted by the conservationist Monty Halls (My Family and the Galapagos), MasterChef New Zealand winners Karena and Kasey Bird (Foreign Flavours), the Australian footballer Abbey Holmes (Into the Outback With Abbey Holmes); chefs Pablo Naranjo (Gourmet...

Mobile/App Behavior Report

With lockdown measures in place and the pandemic in full swing, 2020 became the year that young consumers spent more time on their phones than ever before. Now, as things start to return to normal, our data shows that some of their mobile habits have, too. But what smartphone trends will last, even in a post-COVID world? This report dives into Gen Z and Millennials’ mobile usage, how it has changed (and changed again) since the pandemic, the mobile entertainment they’re turning to the most, and why brands should have an integral role in young consumers’ mobile habits.

Gen Z Committed to Retirement Investing

Among 401(k) and 403(b) plans, many Gen Z workers are automatically enrolled in their plan and defaulted into a target date fund. As a result, 86% of Gen Z workers are holding 100% of their savings in a TDF. Meanwhile, Gen Z retirement savers with an IRA were found to overwhelmingly utilize Roth IRAs for their savings, with contributions to Roth IRAs making up 95% of total contributions in the third quarter.