Ford Fiesta, Focus Owners Are Still Facing Infuriating Waits for Gearbox Fixes

Ford Fiesta and Focus owners are expressing how frustrated they are about long wait times for transmission repairs, via a report in the Detroit Free Press today (subscription required). Problems with Ford's faulty PowerShift gearboxes, found in its 2011—2016 small cars, began a decade ago and led to a 2020...
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The GearBox: James Bond 007 Style

Responsible for the fascination of secret agents and the pursuit of justice, James Bond standouts as the epitome of action stars through the vast series of 007 films. Leaving the theater with a black tuxedo on their next Christmas list, fans of Bond dream of the day when they have a room full of luxury cars and crime-fighting gadgets.
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Partial Lift, PTO, Rear Gearbox Morehead, KY $1000

Tom spotted this potential deal. “Complete PTO and tractor type drive just out of a 1946 CJ-2A. Includes the original drive shaft. Needs seals, but the gears and bearings inside look good. Also included is the partial Newgren lift. What you see is what I have. It is a good start point if someone wants to make a Farm Jeep. Will not separate and cannot ship, the lift is too heavy”
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Tougher floor test and revised gearbox regulations in updated 2023 F1 rules

The FIA has published details of the tougher floor tests Formula 1 teams are required to conform to during the 2023 season. The sport’s governing body has also changed its restrictions on teams’ gearbox designs for next year. Revised floor deflection tests were introduced through a technical directive...

Gearbox issues in my 2019 Scorpio makes me cancel my road trip midway

I was wondering all the while how a high-performance SUV like the Scorpio can have gearbox problems at 21000 kms. BHPian scorched_earth recently shared this with other enthusiasts. I purchased a Mahindra Scorpio (S9 140bhp 2WD) in the third quarter of 2019, then lockdowns began in 2020, and then on...

New Tales From The Borderlands Is Like A First-Time TTRPG

Telling a great story isn’t easy, even if you have a formula to fall back on. It’s not about having the most unique puzzle pieces, but figuring out how they all fit together in a way that plays to your narrative’s core. For Gearbox’s new graphic adventure New Tales From The Borderlands however, they’re still figuring out what that core actually is. Following up Telltale’s critically lauded Tales From The Borderlands was never going to be easy, but what’s profoundly frustrating about its (mostly) indirect sequel is how it struggles to lean into its greatest strengths.

The lessons you can learn from about EXTRUDER GEARBOX REPAIR

Especially in pop culture, are often used as a metaphor for something that is out of our control. They’re an easy way to talk about an impending sense of doom, an unstoppable force, or something that is just plain icky. But what can zombies teach us about EXTRUDER GEARBOX...

FVTH gets DAF rigid with automatic gearbox

FVTH has a 600-vehicle fleet with an 80% DAF presence across all weight categories. The company, based in Portsmouth and with a new location in Colnbrook, Heathrow, also has New Generation DAF XG tractor units on its fleet with New Generation DAF XD rigids on order. FVTH has nationwide coverage and has a specialist division of the business dedicated to the construction and builders’ merchants’ sectors.

Ford Transit Connect Gearbox Oil Change

Ford Transportation Link Transmission Oil Modification Ford link equipment oil modification exactly how. Area pipe right into a container.start the engine as well as allow idell as well as drain 3 qts of liquid shut down engine. Procedure it in the catch container. 2019 transportation link (chc) canada/united states of...

Borderlands 3 Rated for Switch - News

Borderlands 3 has been rated for the Nintendo Switch in Europe by the Pan European Game Information. The base game and all the of DLC was rated 18 by PEGI for the Switch. A Switch version of Borderlands 3 has yet to be announced by developer Gearbox or publisher 2K and this is the first bit of evidence a Switch version is on the way.

Borderlands 3: the Switch version is appearing on the PEGI side, soon to be formalized?

The fans of the license Borderlands have had plenty to do this year with, first of all, the offbeat spin-off that is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and more recently the narrative adventure New Tales from the Borderlands. From cross play was also added to Borderlands 3. It is precisely this last episode that interests us, because an old rumor has just been reminded of us, this time in an almost official way.

Gearbox Manufacturers in India

An industrial gearbox is a system used to transfer mechanical energy from one device to another, while also increasing torque and reducing speed. The gearbox helps change speed, using torque to convert energy into a compatible format. These devices are very useful in facilitating industrial mechanical operation. Some of the...