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Protests in Venezuela after discriminatory actions against a gay couple at a pizzeria | international | News

Throughout the day, network users criticized the events, putting the hashtag #VeraPizza as the fourth trend on Twitter in Venezuela. Activists, human rights advocates and members of the LGTBI community protested this Saturday against discrimination against two young men Friday night at a Karaoke pizzeria in Caracas, where they were expelled for dancing while holding hands, while dozens of other couples were also expelled. did that. Without being penalized, according to Eve.
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Activists protest 'discrimination' against gay couple in Caracas pizzeria

Activists, human rights defenders and members of the LGBTQ+ community protested on Saturday against what was described as "discrimination" faced by two young people the previous night at a karaoke pizzeria in Caracas. "I have just experienced an act of discrimination. At #VeraPizza in Chacao, they just told me that...
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Switzerland approves gay marriage in referendum

Switzerland has approved same-sex marriage in a referendum. 64% of voters were in favor of this initiative, which will allow same-sex couples, among other things, to adopt children and have access to assisted reproductive techniques, in the case of women. “It is an incredible victory. Swiss society has taken us...
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Chris Colfer reveals which character in his new book A Tale of Sorcery is openly gay — and why it's so important

Something wicked this way comes to your local bookseller when Glee alum Chris Colfer's third installment of his bestselling A Tale of Magic series lands on shelves next week. Not only does the highly-anticipated A Tale of Sorcery continue the epic saga of the first two entries, but it also introduces Colfer's first featured out character in his overarching The Land of Stories universe. EW got an exclusive look at A Tale of Sorcery, and spoke to Colfer about the potency of writing an openly gay character in a children's book.

Sandwich Man Charged With Hate Crimes After Harassing Gay Household

Matthew J. Butchard, 27, of Woodridge Road was arrested on criminal harassment charges on Friday, September 17, at 1:12 PM after a Snapchat video showed him writing homophobic slurs on a delivery he was dropping off at a home on Fairfield Drive. A witness showed police the video, which showed...

Kenya bans ‘blasphemous’ film about gay lovers

Nairobi – Kenyan authorities on Thursday banned a documentary about two gay lovers, calling it “unacceptable and an affront to (the) culture and identity” of a deeply Christian country which has long criminalised homosexuality. Directed by a Kenyan filmmaker, “I Am Samuel” depicts a romantic relationship between two men living...

Some Gay Republicans Are Furious After Biden’s UN Speech Slamming Anti-LGBTQ Countries

President Biden on Tuesday in his speech to the U.N. General Assembly spoke in support of LGBTQ rights around the world, specifically calling out anti-LGBTQ crackdowns in Chechnya and Cameroon. “We all must defend the rights of LGBTQI individuals so they can live and love openly without fear, whether it’s Chechnya, or Cameroon, or anywhere,” he said, speaking shortly after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is a vocal opponent of LGBTQ rights, addressed the General Assembly. “As we pursue diplomacy across the board, the United States will champion the democratic values that go to the very hear of who we are as a nation and a people – freedom, equality, opportunity, and a belief in the universal rights of all people,” he said, putting.

Switzerland Takes A Huge Step Forward With Gay Marriage.

Switzerland Takes A Huge Step Forward With Gay Marriage. When Thierry Delessert and his girlfriend were apartment hunting 30 years ago, they were often questioned if they were relatives or gay. He was well aware that the latter response would result in their application being rejected outright. The 56-year-old historian...

NH man faces civil rights complaint after assault on gay couple

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - Authorities have filed a civil rights complaint against a Manchester man accused of assaulting a gay man. The complaint filed Thursday by the attorney general’s office alleges that a 35-year-old man saw a couple holding hands and walking in Manchester on May 11 and assaulted one of them. Authorities say he told police he did not approve of homosexuality and objected to their public display of affection.

Polish region does U-turn on gay rights

The Polish region of Swietokrzyskie has voted to abandon an anti-LGBTIQ declaration from 2019, Reuters reports, after the EU threatened to withhold pandemic-recovery funding. The local government, on Wednesday, also said it was against "all manifestations of discrimination based on sex, age, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, belief, or [sexual] orientation". Its old declaration, like dozens of others adopted in Polish regions, had declared the area an "LGBTI ideology-free zone".
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Qmmunity: Advocacy Orgs’ Toolkit Informs Trans Students of Their Rights

As the third special session of the 87th Texas Legislature kicks off this week, LGBTQIA rights advocates are reminding young trans Texans: You have rights – know them. The Transgender Education Network of Texas, ACLU of Texas, Equality Texas, and Lambda Legal have collaborated to launch a digital toolkit to inform K-12 transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer students and their advocates of their rights in Texas public and charter schools. Available to download for free at, the "Free to Be Me" toolkit walks readers through how students' rights regarding bullying and harassment, names and pronouns, dress codes, school sports, and more have been applied across Texas. The initiative's candid about how some measures can be difficult for young people without the support of a parent or guardian, since there are certain legal rights that can only be exercised when somebody turns 18 (or is legally emancipated). Still, every trans student has rights, and the "Free to Be Me" toolkit is a great resource outlining the informal and formal steps students – and in some instances, their parent or guardian – can take in defending those protections... The Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services was scheduled to hear the anti-trans student-athlete Senate Bill 3 on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

UK college falls over itself in apologies after students complain speaker linked to gay conversion therapy was part of Christian conference held at school

One might argue — in these days of perpetual outrage — that the squeaky wheel indeed gets the grease. Well, as long as it’s the right kind of wheel. Seems a speaker linked to gay conversion therapy was part of a Christian conference held at Worcester College in the United Kingdom earlier this month, the Oxford Tab reported.

The Self-Malediction of “In Gay We Trust”

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