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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could make many, many things more expensive

The backdrop of global and domestic inflation in the United States was already worrying. Now, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stands to potentially make the situation worse. The conflict has roiled global markets in recent days, causing stock market turmoil, sending oil prices higher, and injecting even more uncertainty into an already off-balance worldwide economy. It’s also sparked concerns that inflation, already running hot, could run even hotter. In the United States, the Consumer Price Index, which measures the average change in prices consumers pay for goods and services, was up by 7.5 percent over the past year in January. That’s a 40-year high. The hope was that inflation would soon start to come down, and that factors driving it, such as high gas prices and supply chain woes, would finally pass. Now, it appears that the situation could be quite the opposite.
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LIers face spiking gas prices, stock market gyrations as tanks rumble in Ukraine

As Russian tanks rumble into Ukraine, Long Islanders are feeling the tremors of rising oil prices and gyrating equity markets. Gasoline prices are already up 31 cents in the past month, reaching an average of $3.73 as of Thursday afternoon, said Rober Sinclair, senior manager, public affairs, for AAA Northeast. The price of diesel fuel, meanwhile, has climbed from $3.82 to $4.24.

Biden, not Putin, to blame for higher gas prices

President Biden wants you to know that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will drive up oil prices. He warns that it may soon cost more to fill up your tank. He’s right, but don’t be deceived; that’s been the plan all along. Not, certainly, to foster war in Europe, but to push a hasty and ill-considered switch to renewable fuels, no matter the cost to consumers. Sadly, that has also been the program in Europe, which is now dealing with the ugly consequences of bowing to climate activists. The world still needs oil, and much of it is in the wrong hands.

Gas Prices Still On The Rise In Southern California And The War Has Only Just Begun

(San Diego, CA) — Gas prices are still climbing. The Auto Club of Southern California (AAA) says the average price of regular, self-serve gas in Orange County is at $4.80 per gallon, while Riverside and San Bernardino Counties are neck and neck at $4.73 and $4.74 a gallon. Los Angeles County is the highest at $4.82, while Imperial County is the lowest in the region at $4.63. in San Diego County is up more than two pennies to about $4.78 per gallon. It’s the largest daily increase in gas prices for the area since October of 2019. Overall, the average price of gas in San Diego, CA has increased 21 times in the past 25 days.

California gas prices near $5 average as Russia-Ukraine crisis persists: 'It could get worse'

California gasoline prices hit another record Thursday and are inching toward $5 a gallon — a level that could persist as Russia moves troops into Ukraine. "California could stay near or above $5 a gallon for a few months. It could get worse than that if Russia further inflames the situation," said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, which monitors prices.

Gas prices at the pump: This is what fuel is costing people in Houston area, across the US as Russia invades Ukraine

HOUSTON – As tensions continue amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, here is what you need to know about gas prices in the Houston area. AAA, the nonprofit American Automobile Association, said Friday gas prices are averaging $3.24 in Texas and $3.57 nationally. You can watch the prices here. The highest prices reported in the United States right now are in California, according to AAA, averaging at $4.79 a gallon.

Locals, snowbirds convey concerns over increasing gas prices

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The Russia/Ukraine conflict is expected to hike up prices - especially when it comes to gas. Panama City Beach residents and snowbirds aren’t afraid to talk about how sticker shock at the pump is affecting them. “It’s been rough,” local resident Cody Herron said....
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Increasing Gas Prices, Yikes

Gas prices are on the rise but still not as crazy as signs I've seen on the news. $4.40/gal in Goleta. Cheapest gas in town today for regular is at Summit on Milpas (4.37/gal). Get it now before it goes up!. We don't have to wait for the price of...

Vermont gasoline prices could get 'ugly'

Vermont Business Magazine World crude oil prices have topped $100 a barrel as Russia invades Ukraine. Vermont gasoline prices have risen 22 cents over the last month as tensions rose in Europe. Prices are expected to continue to rise. In Vermont today, the average price of gasoline is $3.60 per gallon. This is also $1.02 higher than one year ago. The highest price in Vermont is $3.89 in Killington and the lowest is $3.34 in Brattleboro.