Why growing fungi at home is beginning to mushroom

An increasing number of gardeners are growing mushrooms in their vegetable patches to improve soil quality and grow food in small spaces. Mushrooms are now cultivated in the kitchen garden at Kew Gardens in south-west London and visitors have been keen to know how they might grow their own. Hélèna Dove, Kew’s head kitchen gardener, says: “Mushrooms have seen a great rise in popularity and we’ve seen a huge amount of interest from visitors since we installed our mushroom beds in Kew’s kitchen garden this autumn.
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8 garden trends gracing our plots in 2023

A guide to the influential gardening trends of 2023, including Greek style, sustainability, slow gardening and garden glow-ups. Just like our plants, garden trends tend to be slow-growing. But once they’ve arrived, they tend to pop-up again and again. Like coming across a perennial self seeder, some you’ll be pleased to see, others you’ll want to root out.
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New sugar maple at Mary Edwards Property

On Oct. 19, the Granby Land Trust planted a young sugar maple near the iconic, old sugar maple in the front field on the GLT’s Mary Edwards Mountain Property. Sadly, the old sugar maple is in decline, having survived several lightning strikes, the most recent which set the tree on fire. In addition, very dry conditions this summer were a hardship for the old tree. Our fingers are crossed that she will have many years left, but the good news is that now the majestic old tree has a young friend to keep her company as she enters her sunset years.
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Add greenery inside the home with these plants

This is a great time of the year to consider adding some houseplants to your home. They can add color and liveliness to your space, and they can be used to increase the relative humidity indoors, reduce noise, and screen unattractive areas. Indoor plants can also make your home healthier, as they will help purify the air.

Choosing between gas-, electric-powered lawn tools

As the demolition derby of shopping carts commences, there is but one more conflict among shoppers: gas-powered vs. electric outdoor tools. There are certainly pros and cons to both sides, but when it’s all said and done, which is better?. As we enter the debate on gas-powered versus electric...

5 Best Electric Tillers of 2022 – Reviews and Top Picks [ Gardening ] [Video]

Sun Joe TJ602E Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator – Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR14 Garden Tiller/Cultivator – Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator – Black+Decker 20V MAX Cordless Garden Cultivator – Greenworks Pro TL80L210 Cultivator – Do you have a garden? If so, you know...

'All thriving'

Marie Feliciano has a weakness for a special plant species — the monstera, also known as the split-leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese plant. Feliciano has 16 varieties of this tropical plant in her League City garden, including some very rare and very special species, which she cares for daily, monitoring their growth and expanse.

Easy indoor plants – 10 plants for beginners

Looking to fill your home with lush, easy indoor plants? Well, rest assured we’ve compiled this expert guide especially for you so you can achieve the indoor jungle you long for without any stress or green fingers needed. Often seen as tricky and demanding, many of us have long...

Nepali Garden in USA || Bhutanese Nepalese diaspora in the US || [Video]

Hello friends, this is our family Garden. Gardening or planting as one unique form of therapy and healing or almost as a way of escaping for many. So, I thought perhaps some of our Bhutanese Nepalese elders hold the same perspective on gardening especially, as they transitioned into a whole new different society and different way of life. This is about what was farming and gardening like back in Bhutan and what gardening really means to them.

The best bark on garden trees for winter colour and texture: Gardening jobs for the weekend

Trees, being large, long lived and hard to replace, are the centrepiece of the garden. Expect garden trees to give 30 or more years worth of pleasure, wildlife support, environmental good and – in many cases – fruit. In winter, bark colour and texture provides long-lasting interest in ways that shrubs and other plants cannot match.

What Kind Of Light Do Geraniums Need

What Kind Of Light Do Geraniums Need – Species) are excellent houseplants and can be grown indoors all year round. They are usually available from March to June and bloom continuously if there is enough light in the house. Many new varieties are available, including vines and hanging baskets. They can be purchased at different stages of growth and in different types of packaging.

Ceramic Flower Stand Kit Water Planting Vase Nordic Style Ceramics Succulent Flowerpot Iron Flower Stand Ceramic Flower Pot

There are various types of Flower Pots & Planters, but the most popular ones are as follows:. Plastic Flower Pots & Planters are the most common form of Flower Pots & Planters. They are light in material, full of color and simple to use.Plastic flower pots are widely found in soilless cultivation, for the planting of parasol, monstera, calla lilies, and Guangdong evergreen.
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In the Garden: Winter tree care

Living in New England is a joy, but we gardeners do have some challenges: cold winter winds, deer, rocky soil and more. As we get ready for winter, one of the biggest challenges for many of us are the deer. They are hungry and relentless. In my part of the world, there was a crop failure for acorns this year, a staple for hungry deer. The deer don’t care that you spent $275 on a nice tree. If they want to browse it, they will … unless you take steps now to protect it.

17 Top Blooming Plants For Your Butterfly Garden - Here's a directory of images ideal that people explain to and also demonstrate to you personally. Many of us get plenty of image however all of us simply present the particular picture that we consider will be the very best picture. The pictures is merely intended for demonstration...

For this reason you should not buy moss for the birth at Christmas

The December’s holidays They are just around the corner and, with them, many traditions will be present in Mexican homes. One of the most anticipated practices is put the birth for the Christmaswhere he moss has been part of it for generations, however, the authorities have made an effort to preserve and protect this type …


Greetings to all of us who have been in this beloved community. On this occasion, I am here again before your eyes to share some of the beauty of my photography with all of you and the pictures that I show you today are about the beauty of flowers and flowers, what I mean is flowers at four o'clock in pink and I took this flower at night so when I took some of the photos Of course I blamed the flash on my smartphone when taking pictures so it could be seen clearly.
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Dakota Gardener: Growing paperwhites is fun and easy

There is nothing easier to grow than paperwhites. Just add some rocks and water, and you can enjoy flowers in a month!. Paperwhites are sold online and at garden centers this time of year. You can plant them in a pot with soil, but I like to grow them in glass bowls with water to watch their roots grow. It’s fascinating.

Colors Of The Rainbow Bouquet

Colors Of The Rainbow Bouquet. Color any occasion beautiful with this lovely bouquet of hydrangea, roses and lilies in all the. Color any occasion beautiful with this lovely bouquet of hydrangea, roses and lilies in all the colors of the rainbow. This colorful bouquet includes purple hydrangea, pink roses, yellow...