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Amazon Grand Gaming Days Sale Announced With Great Deals on Gaming Laptops, Consoles, Accessories

Amazon Grand Gaming Days sale is now live in India, bringing a host of deals and offers on gaming gadgets. Customers can look forward to getting deals on gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, gaming consoles, graphics cards, TVs, and more. There are offers available on gaming products from popular brands like Acer, Sony, HP, Dell, JBL, Corsair, and Cosmic Byte. Customers can expect to get up to 50 percent discount on products. There are additional exchange offers and no-cost EMI options available as well.
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Ubisoft is shutting down Hyper Scape 1.5 years after its launch

Remember Hyper Scape? You know, Ubisoft’s battle royale game? Well, the French company has just revealed that it will be shutting down its servers on April 28th. Hyper Scape came out on July 12th, 2020. This basically means that the game will be shut down one and a half years after its launch.
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Cloud Gaming Market to 2025 - Latest Trends, Growth and Competitors Strategies

North America held more than 45% of the total revenue in the global cloud gaming market in 2018. Large players in the region, such as Microsoft and Electronic Arts, are conducting various strategic initiatives to augment their existing product features. The presence of strong telecommunication architecture is encouraging the companies to launch their product offerings in the region. The Asia Pacific cloud gaming market is expected to register a CAGR of 46% over the forecast time period due to the rising frequency of 5G development initiatives in the region. The inexpensive nature of the cloud gaming platform is driving its usage among various cost-sensitive gamers.
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Zenith the Last City Release Date, Time, and Crossplay

Ramen Digital Life’s inaugural description and Virtual – reality role-playing game is Zenith: The Last City. It will be available for Streaming VR, Oculus Rift, and Gaming Consoles in January on the date 27th, 2022. Since the gameplay is published on numerous channels, numerous participants might be wondering...

7 Best Gaming Consoles of 2022 So Far: Which One Should You Get?

Some of us play video games to make our spare time worthwhile, some of us are doing it as a way of living, and some of us are obsessed with wandering around different universes to escape reality. No matter the reason, gaming can be a big part of our lives. Even though there are numerous types of games, and a variety of tools and devices that make it possible for us to get in touch with game universes, it is the greatest necessity to pick the best ones to entertain ourselves with the utmost comfort and ease.

(LEAD) Netmarble eyes more new IP titles, expanding to PC, consoles

(ATTN: UPDATES with more info in last 4 paras; ADDS photo) By Kim Han-joo SEOUL, Jan. 27 (Yonhap) — Netmarble Games, a major South Korean mobile game developer and publisher, on Thursday introduced more than 20 new titles with 75 percent of them based on its own intellectual property (IP).

Awesome DIY Projects to Repurpose Old Video Game Consoles

After saving hard for months, you’ve finally got the new PS5 and can’t wait to explore the amazing gaming features it brings forth. But what should you do with your old gaming console? Hang on to it and revisit it from time to time, or toss it in your box of old stuff and focus on the new?

Blizzard is working on a new survival game

Blizzard has announced that it’s working on a brand new survival game for PC and consoles. Although we don’t know much about this game, Blizzard is currently building a team for it. As Blizzard stated:. “Blizzard is embarking on our next quest. We are going on a journey...

The Next Decade Will Be Defined By Games, Not Consoles

Game acquisitions are nothing new, but we have never seen a company make a purchase on the scale of Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. Nearly ten times the cost of the Bethesda purchase, this acquisition makes Microsoft the third largest game company by revenue, putting them just behind Sony and Tencent. This falls in line with the philosophy of Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, who wants Microsoft to be at the forefront of gaming. This purchase won't finalize until 2023, but it gives Microsoft even more ammo to pack their console with exclusives. By releasing first-party games day and date on Xbox Game Pass, a service that recently hit 25 million subscribers, and leaning heavily into the "play anywhere" model with cloud gaming, this purchase makes one thing very clear: The debate over which console is more powerful is over, and it's this generation's games that will define the decade.

Crytek is officially working on Crysis 4

Crytek has officially announced that it is working on the fourth installment of the Crysis franchise (which has the working title “Crysis 4”). In order to celebrate this announcement, the team released a CG trailer that you can find below. Crysis 4 is still in a very early...

Best retro games consoles 2022: the top nostalgic gaming revivals

Retro games consoles are really in right now. It seems that we all want to spend serious money on next-gen consoles, as well as enjoying the vintage games we couldn’t get enough of when we were kids – along with the consoles we played them on. Because, sure, you can find some retro games on modern-day devices, but it just doesn’t feel quite the same.

Cloud Gaming could Rid the Need for Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles have been around since the 1970s with companies like Atari, and they evolved into handheld games and even mobile devices. Many companies have fallen victim to new technologies like Blackberry, and the gaming community isn't any different. When Blackberry watched the rise of the iPhone, they didn't take it seriously, and the iPhone made the Blackberry obsolete and sent it into extinction. Many believe that Cloud Gaming will eventually get rid of gaming consoles.

The Apple game system that failed early in the console wars

Apple is not a name you usually associate with the infamous console wars of the early 90s. But way before the era of the iPods and the iPhones, in the age of the PlayStation 1, the Nintendo 64, and the Sega Saturn, Apple tried its hand at developing its own gaming console. The result was the Apple Pippin, a product that would eventually go down in history as one of the worst Apple products ever made, possibly even superseding the likes of the infamous Hockey Puck mouse and the Newton tablet.

Half-Life 2 Overcharged is coming to Steam in February 2022

Modders ‘BriJee’ and ‘Mike Nov’ announced that Half-Life 2 Overcharged will release on Steam in February 2022. In order to celebrate this announcement, the modders released a new gameplay trailer that you can find below. Half-Life 2 Overcharged is a mod that aims to fix, improve...

Steam sets a new record of concurrent players in less than a month

On January 9th, Steam set a new record with 28 million concurrent players. And, in less than a month, Valve’s service was able to break that record and set a new one. Earlier today, Steam had 29,201,174 players online at the same time. As such, we can safely assume that Valve’s service will surpass the 30 million goal in 2022.

Siren is a new cool mod for classic Doom, demo available for download

Modder ‘Dithered Output’ has released the demo of a pretty cool total conversion mod for classic Doom, called Siren. Siren appears to be influenced by numerous games, such as Aliens and F.E.A.R. I’m pretty sure that most of our old-school fans will find this mod interesting. You can...

Xbox Series S vs Xbox One S: the cheapest Xbox consoles compared

The Xbox Series S and Xbox One S both offer a great entry point into the Xbox ecosystem, but one is significantly more powerful and ready for next-gen. Should you buy the Xbox Series S vs Xbox One S? These two Microsoft gaming consoles might have similar designs and similar names, but there are some significant differences between the two.

These prototypes of Horizon Zero Dawn look absolutely incredible

YouTube’s ‘Nixian’ has shared two videos, showcasing the evolution of Horizon Zero Dawn. These videos feature every build of the game, from its 2011/2012 prototypes to its final version. And, to be honest, I absolutely love this kind of videos. There is something truly mesmerizing watching the...