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Real-World Gaming Village: How Undercity is Changing VR Gaming Forever

Since the creation of the metaverse concept, countless projects have emerged looking to become the metaverse of all metaverses. Powerhouses such as Meta (previously Facebook) have funneled billions of dollars into the production of metaverses, yet it’s still developing. At the same time, a wide range of crypto-based metaverses...
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New Red Dead Redemption 2 HD Texture Packs improve birds & reptiles

Modder ‘WickedHorseMan’ has released two new HD Texture Packs for Red Dead Redemption 2. These new packs overhaul the textures of all reptiles and birds. Going into more details, the first pack overhauls the textures of Alligator, Iguana, Toad, Turtle, Snake and Snapping Turtle. On the other hand, the second pack enhances the textures of all birds.
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Cyberpunk 2077 gets new high-resolution textures for Johnny Silverhand, Jackie, Panam & more

Modder ‘XilaMonstrr’ has released new HD Texture Packs for CD Projekt RED’s latest action-adventure game, Cyberpunk 2077. These packs will improve the textures of a number of main characters. Going into more details, the following packs will overhaul the textures for Johnny Silverhand, Jackie, Panam, Dexter, Ripperdocs...

Tomb Raider Caves HD Remaster Project available for download

A few days ago, ilariacroft released an HD remaster of the Caves map from the first Tomb Raider game using the Tomb Raider 4 Engine. This custom map is really faithful to the original map, and can give you an idea of what a faithful remaster of it could look like.

The ‘Nocturnal’ Action 2D Game is Coming Soon to PC and Consoles

If you’re also a fan of action 2D games, there’s good news for you! Sunnyside Games, a game developer, and Dear Villagers, a publishing company, are working to bring ‘Nocturnal’ to the gaming world. While it’s normal for you to have never heard about that gaming title since it’s in the making, you can keep in mind that it’s coming to both PC and consoles.

This 4GB Fallout 4 HD Texture Pack overhauls almost all of its creatures

Modder ‘Blackwolf24’ has released a 4GB must-have HD Texture Pack for Fallout 4. According to its description, this HD Texture Pack overhauls almost all of the game’s creatures. Contrary to other HD Texture Packs, this one brings brand new textures to the table. As such, all of...

Like a Dragon: Ishin! will have Denuvo, official PC requirements revealed

SEGA has shared the official PC system requirements for Like a Dragon: Ishin!, and revealed that the game will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech. According to the specs, PC gamers will at least need an Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 with 8GB of RAM. Do note that the game requires CPUs that support the AVX and SSE4.2 instruction set.

Alienware AW3821DW Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor Review

The Alienware Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor 38 inch (AW3821DW) is a high-performance gaming monitor designed for gamers who demand the best visual experience. Gaming Monitor 38 Inch, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 3840 x 1600 WQHD , IPS, NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate, 1ms Response Time, 2300R Curvature, VESA Display HDR 600, AW3821DW – White.

Angular Next-Gen Gaming Consoles

This Sony PlayStation 6 concept is a rendering of how the iconic video game console could evolve in its next iteration to satisfy a wider swatch of avid gamers. The console is characterized by its angular design that's sleek and sharp, which differentiates it from the PlayStation 5 and its more fluid lines and rounded edges. The console is also equipped with hidden LEDs that are strategically placed along the edges to make it appear as though the unit is glowing from the inside.

Is the PS5 Winning the Console War?

Choice is necessary when it comes to gaming and that’s particularly true in the case of consoles. When certain titles are exclusive to specific equipment, there is a desire among players to acquire as much as they can. Ultimately, budgets dictate that it only makes sense to settle on...

Razer Edge is Finally Here: Here’s Where to Buy, Prices, Specs, and MORE

The Razer Edge portable console is finally here, and the famous multi-national gaming company launched it on time after teasing it last year, and at the recent CES 2023. It features two versions of the Razer Edge portable gaming console, and it centers on both the WiFi-only version, as well as the WiFi+5G version that would be fulfilled by its partner.

How Gaming PC’s Compare to Gaming Consoles

Video games on personal computers and game consoles have both been around for a long time. Both have their strengths, and the experts can’t decide which one is better. Both offer benefits and drawbacks and choosing one over the other should be based on priorities. PC Gaming Explanation:. The...

PC Vs Console: Which Is Better?

In the past few years, it has become obvious how technology has transformed our society completely. In particular, technology has had a tremendously positive impact on the gaming industry, which has resulted in a huge surge of gaming fans all over the world. In this landscape, there are many devices and consoles cropping up, giving gamers more options when it comes to gaming. In fact, at some point, every gamer will have to make a choice between a PC and a console. While it is possible to game on both the PC and console, in many cases, it is not financially viable to do so. In this context, it is worth exploring the benefits of the PC and the console prior to making your decision.

New Resident Evil 4 Remake official screenshots surface online

Capcom has released a new set of screenshots for Resident Evil 4 Remake, showcasing the beautiful visuals of the RE Engine. These brand new screenshots showcase the Salazar Castle which will be present in the remake. Resident Evil 4 Remake will be a complete re-imagination of the 2005 game. The...