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Forza Horizon 5 showcases stunning biomes and new gameplay

In Forza Horizon 5, we will get to explore the stunning landscapes, cities and ruins of Mexico and in the latest dev video blog, PlayGround Games gave us a closer look at these new locations that have been carefully recreated and researched by the devs. Forza Horizon 5 will have...
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Thunder Tier One - Official Gameplay Trailer #2

Watch the trailer for a look at gameplay from the top-down tactical shooter, Thunder Tier One. In Thunder Tier One, set in the early nineties, players must combine leadership and tactical skills to lead an elite special ops team. The game features different single and multiplayer modes, including a campaign mode where players are charged with stopping a terrorist network operating in the fictional Eastern European country Salobia. Thunder Tier One will be hosting a Gameplay Preview Bravo from July 29 to August 1. Experience the new PvE and PvP modes, new maps, UI improvements, and more.
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The First 24 Minutes of Last Stop Gameplay

Check out the first 24 minutes of Last Stop, the scifi mystery adventure game from Variable State and Annapurna interactive. Somewhere in between a Telltale style adventure game and the X Files (with maybe some Twin Peaks thrown in), Last Stop is a game with three interlocking tales. There's Paper Dolls (in which two men named John and Jack body swap Freaky Friday style), Domestic Affairs (a political thriller), and Stranger Danger (a teen romp focusing on a mysteriously powerful man.
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Review Gameplay Controller Explained!

There is going to be a flight simulator that has been developed by Microsoft, it seems like people are finding it odd that there is a game that is a flight simulator and you are going to be flying around alone. but it seems like that the game is not that simple, the game has focused on every minute detail and it seems like that the game is going to have groundbreaking detailing in the game which is going to change the future of gaming, there is going to be data that is going to have all the data that the actual cities are going to have, there are going to be weather effects that are going to be synced with the real-time weather.
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Apex Legends: Emergence - Gameplay Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for Apex Legend's upcoming season, Emergence, and get another look at the new Legend, as well as the new Rampage LMG, gameplay, and more. Apex Legends: Emergence launches on August 3, 2021.
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Hereโ€™s an early look at some Forza Horizon 5 gameplay footage

Developer Playground Games debuted some new footage of its latest game, Forza Horizon 5, showing off what races will look like in its new Mexican setting. If youโ€™ve been curious about Forza Horizon 5, and what Playground Games is cooking up for us in the gameโ€™s new home of Mexico, wonder no longer: a new dedicated developer video has been made live, and it shows off a couple of the gameโ€™s biomes as well as a full race (there will be 11 biomes in total).
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Original Dead Space Creator Reflects On Shinji Mikamiโ€™s Gameplay Reaction

Dead Space is quite the iconic video game franchise. While it had a massive following, we only received three mainline installments. For years now, itโ€™s been a game weโ€™ve been waiting to see a reboot or potentially a new sequel. As you likely are well aware, a reboot is happening, and itโ€™s coming from EA Motive. With all the excitement building up on the upcoming game installment, itโ€™s only natural to reflect on that original Dead Space game release.
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The First 12 Minutes of Crimson Skies Gameplay on Xbox Series X

Check out the first 12 minutes of Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge gameplay on Xbox Series X. With the Original Xbox game releasing today on Game Pass, you can now play Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge at 60 fps, among other graphical improvements. Play as Nathan, a pilot flying the Devastator as you shoot, barrel roll, and fly your way to victory. But first, you need to get your blimp back.
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Action! Screen & Gameplay Recorder Lifetime Subscription Can Be Yours For Just $9.99 If You Avail The Offer Today

If you are looking for a good screen recorder, but you arenโ€™t sure which one to get, then we have you covered. Wccftech is offering a limited-time discount offer on the Action! Screen & Gameplay Recorder Lifetime Subscription. The offer will expire in a few hours, so avail it right away. With this recorder, you can capture your gaming sessions, videos and do so much more.
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Tower-defense and survival game Barricadez is available on Steam Early Access right now. In the near future, amidst the ruin and rubble lies the hope of an entire civilizationโ€ฆ Itโ€™s up to you to protect the cradle against endless hordes of zombie-like creatures of the night!. Developer FlyPenguin has revealed...
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Tower Defense Title โ€˜Barricadezโ€™ Show Off New Gameplay Preview

Developer FlyPenguin has revealed a new gameplay trailer for BarricadeZ, a 2D tower defense game with survival elements, set in a post-apocalyptic world in the near future. In this new video, players get a quick glimpse of the gameโ€™s mechanics before showcasing more advanced features in the game such as Autocrafting and setting up trap hallways to deal with different types of enemies.
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Apex Legends: Emergence gameplay trailer shows off big changes for Worldโ€™s Edge

Just as Respawn teased over the weekend, today the first gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Emergence dropped. While the launch trailer for the Emergence season โ€“ which was released last week โ€“ introduced us to Seer, the seasonโ€™s new Legend, this one shows us Seer (and everyone else) in action. These Apex Legends gameplay trailers are generally a mix of in-game cinematics and gameplay rather than being straight gameplay, but we still get a few good looks in this one.
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Far Cry 6: release date, pre-orders, trailer, gameplay, and more

Far Cry 6, like all its past iterations, is a game about war. This installation takes place on the fictional Caribbean island Yara, which has fallen from a state of island beauty to wartime horror. Dani Rojas, a military dropout, joins a guerilla resistance force to fight against the islandโ€™s dictatorship.