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Top 20 best games to play on Roblox

Popular online gaming platform, Roblox, is filled with millions of user-generated games, all of which provide a different gaming experience for each of its players. With such a large amount of games available on the platform, all of the different genres ranging from Adventure to Horror, many players may often find themselves wondering about which game they should hop into. In this article, we will be taking a look into our list of the 20 Best Games to play on Roblox. Whether you’re looking for a quick play session or a long-term game to grind, there is sure to be a game for you here on our list.
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When Does Warzone Pacific Season 2 Start? Season 1 End Date

Warzone Pacific Season 1 is well underway, but when does Season 2 start?. Warzone took a step in a new direction with the Pacific update going live around the globe on 9th December 2021. While the update brought a lot of new weapons and Operators, it also added a brand new map Caldera to the game.
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Valorant fans are desperate for Riot to copy popular CS:GO mode

Valorant fans are desperate for Riot to take inspiration from a popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode: Retakes. In Valorant you either play as an Attacker or a Defender. Attackers goal is to plant the spike or eliminate the opposing team, while Defenders try to prevent the plant, eliminate the enemy team, or defuse to win.
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Call of Duty League 2022 Season Format More details about League

Call Of Duty official Announcement league season 2022 with postseason flying by and the New Year Just Around the Corner, we wanted to Share Some Details about the 2022 Call of Duty League Season. Regular Season Updates. For the 2022 Season, the COD League will feature 12 Teams Playing Four...

Hitman 3 coming to Steam this January, will get new game modes and maps in 2022

It was one of the biggest games of 2021, and surely millions of gamers worldwide enjoyed Hitman 3’s stealth gameplay. Playing as Agent 47, the game featured a globe-trotting story in which you had to take down a series of high-profile targets all over the world. You could resort to using the Hitman’s silenced pistol to finish the job, or setup an accident for your hapless victim… The game began in Dubai, in which you had to assassinate a pair of bad guys inside a skyscraper, with the story continuing in other locations such as an English manor and a nightclub in Berlin, one of the best levels in a Hitman game to date no doubt.

Apex Legends dev offers cryptic reply to demands for objective game modes

An Apex Legends dev has offered a cryptic response to players demanding the introduction of more objective-based game modes following leaks. When Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends, it had just one mode – it’s signature battle royale. Over time, though, the developers have brought in different modes through limited-time modes and have also added Arenas as another permanent way to play.

New Avatar Game Announced

Today, Archosaur Games, Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney, and Tencent have announced a brand new Avatar game. In addition to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which is in development for consoles and PC at Ubisoft, a second Avatar game is in the works for mobile phones. Dubbed Avatar: Reckoning, it's pitched as a multiplayer online role-playing shooter created from the ground up for mobile phones. Unfortunately, there's no trailer to accompany the announcement, but a trailer should be coming soon considering the game is slated to release in 2022.

Rush game mode is back in Battlefield 2042 following community backlash

The classic game mode Rush was introduced into Battlefield 2042 last month. However, it was later removed, which upset some players who didn’t understand why it was only available temporarily. Developer DICE has now gone back on its initial decision and reintroduced Rush back into the Battlefield Portal. Alongside...

Hitman 3 Adding New Freelancer Game Mode

Hitman 3 is entering its second year of release in 2022, and with that comes new content that players can look forward to as well. year 2 of hitman 3 The plans were teased several days ago, and now the new content has been officially revealed. Most recently, IO Interactive,...

Is Hitman 3 On Xbox Game Pass? New Game Modes and Trinity Pack

“Is Hitman 3 on Xbox Game Pass?” Well we’re here to answer whatever inquiry you may have. The final installment of the Hitman trilogy is set to leave its exclusivity rights for the Epic Game Store next week. Down below we’ll give you all the details on the...

Roblox Ninja Legends 2 Codes (January 2022)

Roblox is one of the most creative games in the world. Alongside this comes a huge and active community. You can see some of the game's incredible growth in game modes like Restaurant Tycoon 2, Shindo Life and Ninja Legends. If you're looking for the latest Roblox Ninja Legends 2 codes, this is what you need to know.

Raptor Territory

Raptor Territory is a strategic PvP action game that allows you to take control of a Deinonychus and engage yourself in multiple game modes full of fun and excitement. Collaborate with other players to capture the World Map and beware of your enemies surrounding you to become an obstacle in your quest. Raptor Territory currently offers 6 promising game modes to immerse you into this world of Deinonychus.

Hitman 3 Year 2 Livestream Gives More Details About the Game’s 2022 Roadmap

Hitman 3 Year 2 Livestream Gives More Details About the Game’s 2022 Roadmap. Hitman 3 was undoubtedly one of my favorite games of 2021, and one of the things I’ve been constantly impressed by is IO Interactive’s commitment to supporting the game with fresh content on an almost weekly basis. As the game enters its second year, that commitment isn’t stopping or even slowing down. In fact, it seems like it’s getting even better.