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Elden Ring board game has already beaten Kickstarter goal 12 times over

Elden Ring: The Board Game still has a week to go before its Kickstarter deadline; however, given that it's already beaten that goal 12 times over, it doesn't seem like the project has too much to worry about. An Elden Ring board game is on the way from Steamforged Games;...
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The Big Differences Between Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royals

Persona 5 Royal is basically a game like Persona 5, but it includes a lot of new material that improves upon the first title. Persona 5 Royal includes two new characters (Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki), an additional semester of the school year with new events, new cutscenes, and much more. It is not just a DLC that adds a new chapter to the existing game.
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Review

Pokemon continues to tiptoe into the world of modern gaming. With Pokemon Legends: Arceus, new quality-of-life mechanics were introduced and we got a slightly open world. Now Pokemon Scarlet and Violet set players loose in a completely open world. How well do Pokemon Scarlet and Violet adapt to this new format, and what pitfalls has it found along the way?
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Sonic Frontiers Is Considered A Cornerstone For Future Sonic Games

You should get used to this new format. When it comes to the Sonic franchise, we’ve seen this IP continue to thrive years after its initial launch. Players can’t get enough of this hedgehog character, and it’s clear Sega is more than okay with bringing more video game experiences out. While we’ve enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog since the days of the Sega Genesis, there’s been room for the development team to expand this franchise. There have been a few different takes on a unique Sonic experience, but the latest installment has set a new format style for future Sonic games.

ComingSoon’s Holiday Gaming Gift Guide 2022: Game Edition

There were a ton of incredible games in 2022 that ranged from re-releases, new experiences, bundles, and well-done ports. It can be a lot to keep track of, so here are our favorite games from 2022. We will also possibly be adding more entries since games keep releasing so be sure to keep checking back.

10 best games like Animal Crossing to play on Switch & PC (2022)

Animal Crossing is one of the most popular Nintendo Switch life sims in the gaming world. It’s adorable, filled with interesting elements, and has a fantastic art style, but sometimes players want something a little different. Here are the best games like Animal Crossing for the Switch and PC.

12 Extraordinary Games You’ll Want On Your Wishlist Right Away

It’s Black Friday, the day on which the entirety of planet Earth entirely takes leaves of its senses and spends all its money on stuff it doesn’t need for 5 percent less than it would have cost yesterday. Planet Earth this year has bought itself an entirely new moon, even though the old one’s fine, just because this one has Bluetooth. So let’s distract ourselves from all that by discovering 12 amazing new games.

Gungrave G.O.R.E. Review

Gungrave G.O.R.E. is finally here, launching straight into Xbox Game Pass for all to enjoy. A sequel to the cult classic Gungrave from 2002, Gungrave G.O.R.E. wants to rekindle those memories of the third-person action shooter, reigniting the franchise. Gungrave more recently received VR treatment in 2018, but this time we get treated to a full sequel.

'Bayonetta 3' dares you to keep up with its protagonist

Last week, I tried to describe the character Bayonetta at a dinner party. She’s a glasses-wearing, British-accented, 8-foot-tall Umbra Witch with guns in her shoes, I told my captive audience. She’s over 500 years old, and her endless hair is intricately braided into her bow-and-ribboned outfit. She says things like, “If you’re going to eat me, I’d go down better with caviar.” She wields a wink capable of devastating nations, and weapons powerful enough to finish them off. “I heard she turns into a train,” said one of my dining companions. And reader?

1000xRESIST Interview – Story, World, Choices, and More

One glance at 1000xRESIST is enough to grab hold of your attention- set in a futuristic world where humanity is all but gone and you play as a clone, 1000xRESIST is promising a unique narrative-driven adventure title. From its unique world and setting, to its focus on character-driven storytelling and tantalizing mysteries, to its promise of a “hyper-cinematic adventure”, there’s a lot here that catches the eye. Curious to learn more about the game as we have been, we recently reached out to its developers at indie studio sunset visitor with a few of our most burning questions. You can read our interview below.

8 Best Video Game Sequels Released In The 2000s

In the 2000s, there were a lot of great game sequels. The best ones are these. One could say that the 2000s were the best decade for video games. After all, the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii, along with a few other systems, were all released in those years. So, it was a good time for consoles, and video games weren’t bad either.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Review

Developer Supermassive Games is the master in decision-based horror video games. Some of the games that I have enjoyed from the developer include the likes of Until Dawn, Man of Medan, and more recently The Quarry. Even though most of their games fall into the horror genre, I actually found...

ValiDate update adds rhythm game and other new features

ValiDate aka ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area will add a rhythm game and other features in an upcoming update. Developed and published by Veritable Joy Studios, ValiDate is a visual novel dating game about the woes and joys of dating. That means a lot of awkward moments, hook-ups that go wrong, and listening to some fella talk about his mixtape a lot but, along the way, your favourite characters may eventually find love in the strangest of places. Like Popeyes.

James O’Brien Mystery Hour Board Game Review

No nonsense LBC Radio host James O’Brien first came to my attention during one of the pandemic’s many lockdowns. Aside from his daily three hour offering of burning political discussion and criticism, James hosts a weekly slot every Thursday called Mystery Hour. During these sixty minutes he invites listeners to call in with either a question they have long pondered but have never known the answer to, OR to suggest an answer to one of these questions already posed by another listener.

SIGNALIS Is The Best Silent Hill Game Since Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill fans have been having a particularly good year for once. With the announcement of multiple Silent Hill-related projects in development including but not limited to a Japanese-themed Silent Hill game that looks a lot like Koei Tecmo’s amazing Fatal Frame franchise as well as a from-the-ground-up remake of Silent Hill 2.

Witcher 3 Adding Photo Mode, New Camera Settings For PC In Big New Update

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still getting new updates, and CD Projekt Red has detailed what to expect when the next major update arrives on December 14. One of the big new features being added on PC is a photo mode, which will let players take photos and share them. There will be a photo mode contest to come later on, the studio said. Fans had been wondering if the game would ever get a photo mode for years, and now it's finally coming.

Steam Autumn Sale 2022: the discounted games you need to buy

Black Friday deals aren’t constrained to fancy FitBits or pizza ovens. There’s also some, quite frankly, mind-boggling savings to be discovered in the Steam Autumn Sale 2022. Valve’s extensive Steam Autumn Sale kicked off on the 22nd of November and runs until the 29th. In that time, there...