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30 Hilarious and Random Memes To Start Your Week Off

30 Hilarious and Random Memes To Start Your Week Off. lol Ellen Is probably richer than them all put together. No, they are not! this was a bad time for fashion lol. HAHAHAHA everyone’s parents went through the most to get to school!. dear fitness people. HAHAHA if you see...
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Tetris Effect: Connected (Switch)

Nintendo’s Game Boy was a revelation. Those of us who were hardwired to a television were able to finally delight in gaming on the go. I received the original Game Boy on my sixth birthday as a final gift from my father who had passed away a few weeks prior. As a young child, I was already keen on the bright colors and addictive platforming from the likes of Mario and Ninja Gaiden. But I knew the allure of a portable device to play video games on. During a car ride. Before and after church. A quick moment in school after pulling it from my backpack. I wonder how many batteries I went through in those years…
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GRID Game Boy gaming wall artwork plays tribute to the original Nintendo Game Boy

Take a trip down memory lane with the GRID Game Boy gaming wall artwork. To celebrate the original Nintendo Game Boy turning 32, this gaming artwork captures the heart and minds of gamers all around the world. It presents an original model of the gaming device, including all of the inner components. So you get to explore the device across all angles. Best of all, each component is labeled, educating you without any confusion. Measuring 13 by 13 by 1.8 inches, you can present it on the wall or on your desk to customize your space. In fact, the stunning frame and modern design will make you want to display this work of art. Overall, treat the gaming enthusiast in your life.
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Can even the mighty Desk figure out how to make combos work in the almost unplayable Game Boy port of Street Fighter 2?

For the first decade or so after its creation, handheld ports of Street Fighter games served as arguably the most interesting versions to look back to see how developers managed to make the fighting game run. Would they sacrifice graphics to try and make it feel like the original, or would they put everything into the visuals instead?

The Shapeshifter 2 Kickstarter campaign is a rousing success

Exceeding more than 1000% of the main goal, The Shapeshifter 2 Kickstarter campaign is a total success. GreenBoy Games announces that the Kickstarter campaign for The ShapeShifter 2 has been a complete success, reaching more than 1105% of the original goal thanks to more than 730 backers who are fans of retro video games. The Shapeshifter 2 is a game made by Dana and the second installment of the confirmed Shapeshifter trilogy for the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Game Boys, Ep. 264: Thanks Give & Take

This week, the Game Boys are sharing what they’re thankful for. But, in typical Game Boy fashion, they’re making a game of it. Thank you so much for listening, Happy Thanksgiving!. Follow Game Boys on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Email Game Boys at And Check Out Alex’s Work on...

The biggest Pokémon game launches in UK history | UK Time Tunnel

Pokémon is 25 years old. Well, it is if you live in Japan. For those in the US the franchise is a mere 23 years old, and for Europe, it's only just turned 21. With the successful launch of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, our friends over at GfK have revealed the biggest Pokémon game launches -- i.e. first-week sales -- from the 'mainline' series of games. This data is only physical boxed sales and doesn't include digital downloads.

Hacker Manages to Run PlayStation Games on a Game Boy Advance

If you’ve had your Game Boy Advance for two decades now and you’ve exhausted all the games you can play, YouTube hacker Rodrigo Alfonso is here to help you breathe new life into the classic handheld. As seen in a series of videos Alfonso has uploaded, the tinkerer managed to...

Disney Classic Games Collection Wants You To Swing Into All The Versions Of Aladdin And The Jungle Book…

Back in May of 2019, The Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King allowed us to play the classic from previous console editions from Game Boy to Super Nintendo to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive of these games with enhancements such as the soundtrack, artwork, and even see the playthroughs and rewind if you happen to miss that jump. One of the things missing was the SNES version of Aladdin as well as The Jungle Book. It looks like all of that is about to change.

Let’s Settle This Now……

Adult me would go with the PSP but kid me has to go game boy color.. imagine walking in the projects as a kid playing your game boy and finding other kids on their porch playing their gameboys with the other version of Pokemon (Red) crazy cause them n*ggas had a link cable too we started having sleepovers just playing Pokémon .. raising and trading them.

How to Play Maglev Metro (Rules School) with the Game Boy Geek

Skip the rule book and learn how to play Maglev Metro by Bezier Games Purchase Game Link: If you have more questions about the rules, place them here – 1:19 – One MInute Overview 2:52 – Setup 6:09 – Object of the Game 6:40 – Flow of the Game 6:46 – 1st Turns 8:07 – Taking Actions 8:20 – Track Action 10:52 – Building a Station 11:24 – Placing Robots on Your Board 12:13 – Laying Track Through Built Stations 13:06 – Move Action 13:39 – Pickup Action 14:51 – Dropping Off Action 15:55 – Extra Actions 16:16 – Refill Station Action 17:22 – Reverse Train Action 18:14 – Adjust Action 18:51 – Unlocking Passengers & Stations 19:51 – Placing a Commuter Passenger 21:21 – Scoring Points with Commuters 22:12 – Unlocking Bonus Cards 22:56 – End of the Game 23:20 – Final Scoring 24:21- Additional Manhattan Rules 24:45 – Advanced Drafting Variant 25:17 – Berlin Map Setup 28:24 – Berlin First Turns 29:54 – Solo Mode Setup 30:51 – Solo Gameplay 31:13 – Solo Scoring See all the Rules School’s here – The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day. Meet up on these Web & social media platforms: Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Podcast – RSS – Podcast iTunes –

Analogue Pocket pre-orders start shipping on December 13

What just happened? Analogue has confirmed that its retro-inspired Pocket handheld gaming system will begin shipping on December 13, meaning it could make it into the hands of early adopters in time for the holidays. There’s no guarantee on the latter statement, however, as Analogue notes that due to unprecedented shipping congestion, orders could arrive anywhere between December 14 and December 30.