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You'll Soon Be Able To Repair Your Galaxy Foldable At Best Buy

We all know that Samsung is best friends with Best Buy, as the retail store makes a lot of space for Galaxy products. Now, according to a new report from Samsung, Best Buy is now an authorized service center for Samsung products; it can even repair foldable Samsung phones. This...
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A Note Lover Switches to The Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

I have owned almost every model of Galaxy Note phone and written extensively about them. If you have read many of my other posts then you know of my appreciation for writing with digital pens. The Note and I were a match made in Heaven. Taking Samsung’s S-pen support bait and moving to the Fold 3 was not a decision I made lightly.
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OPPO Fold will come with a 4,500mAh battery and 65W fast charging

Oppo is rumored to be working on a foldable phone. The Oppo X 2021, a concept smartphone with a sideways-expanding rollable/slidable display, was teased earlier this year. Samsung and Huawei, which have already released multiple foldable phones, including the Galaxy Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, are expected to compete with Oppo’s upcoming foldable smartphone. Oppo’s upcoming foldable phone has yet to receive an official release date. Some details about the device, however, have been leaked on the internet. The most recent leak concerns the battery specifications for the Oppo Fold.

Samsung officially announces the W22 5G .. the premium version for foldable phones

Samsung has officially announced the W22 5G, the premium version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The company had shown an unlockable flip phone from the series with Android license plates before the Galaxy Z Flip was released. But the W Series foldable phones are not in the same sense as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which uses a flexible foldable screen to transform a 6.2-inch screen. in a tablet 7.6 inch. Rather, the W series phones were unlockable Android phones.
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Samsung unveils the W22 5G, a premium version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 that you can't buy

Before there was the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the manufacturer offered a clamshell phone that was an Android-powered flipper. The W-series phones were not foldable in the sense that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses a flexible, foldable screen to turn a 6.2-inch display into a 7.6-inch tablet. No, the W-series handsets were essentially Android-powered flip phones.
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Oppo foldable leak suggests an intriguing alternative to Galaxy Z Fold 3

Details regarding a foldable Oppo phone have purportedly leaked online. It looks like the device could have a larger screen than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, for one. Oppo revealed a prototype rollable phone earlier this year, showing us an intriguing alternative to foldable phones. However, previous rumors point to the company working on a foldable too, and it looks like more apparent details have leaked online.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2 Event Scheduled for October 20

Samsung is just full of surprises these days. Two months after its last hardware event, the tech company has announced that a second Galaxy Unpacked event will take place this month. Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2 livestream event is set to take place on October 20. The event can be watched...
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Watch Samsung's Torture Tests That Ensure Folding Galaxy Z Fold3 And Flip3 Durability

It is easy to take for granted that our premium-designed smartphones just work as expected, and won't fall apart like some cheap gadget picked up from the clearance bin at the local thrift shop. And for the most part, they do dutifully operate to expectations. It takes a lot of design chops and testing to achieve the kind of durability necessary for daily use, and providing a rare glimpse of what goes into the latter, Samsung has partially lifted the curtain to reveal some of its testing procedures.

Engineering student beats Apple to present an iPhone with USB-C port

The European Commission has been requesting Apple to use the USB-C port for a while now, but the tech giant seems to prefer its Lightning port over other options. Until now, an engineering student has somehow made it happen before Apple by modifying an iPhone X to fit a USB-C port, giving the European Commission a peek at what they want.
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Galaxy Fold & Z Flip 5G Receive October Security Update

Samsung has started updating its older foldable phones with the October 2021 Android security patch. The original Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G have recently picked up the new SMR (security maintenance release). The Galaxy Fold, which launched as Samsung’s first-ever foldable smartphone in early 2019, is currently...

Dual-sided fingerprint sensor on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 patent.

Samsung's new foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 are doing extremely well in the sales. It has only been 6 weeks since the new duo was launched, but over a million copies have already been sold. Originally from South Korea. Its low price has made it a top seller. Its most innovative feature, however, is support for the S Pen and an integrated camera. There was a longtime expectation that the Z Fold 3 would also have a fingerprint sensor, similar to the ones found in classic Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

You’ll be glad you’re not getting China’s version of the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung’s foldable phones aren’t the same everywhere in the world, or more specifically, China has been getting special Galaxy Fold versions ever since the original model was introduced a couple of years ago. The Samsung W21 was released instead of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and of course, the brand-new Galaxy Z Fold 3 was also redesigned and rebranded for China. It’s called the Samsung W22 5G, and you’ll be glad you’re not getting this version instead of the regular Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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