Gabrielle Union Embraces Her Natural Curly Locs After The Big Chop

LISTEN LIVE. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER. So, Gabrielle Union did a thing. The 48-year-old actress took to Instagram on Friday to reveal her latest look: a new short and naturally curly hairstyle, courtesy of her big chop, and we’re obsessed!. “So, I did a thing,” the...
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State Sen. Wendy Rogers appears on antisemitic news show. Again.

Flagstaff Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers appeared again on an online TV network that has made multiple antisemitic remarks. Rogers tweeted about her appearance on TruNews earlier this week. She was interviewed about the Senate’s review of the Maricopa County election and repeated the debunked claims spread by auditors at the Senate’s recent hearing.
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Williams Companies And 3 Other Stocks Have Very High Payout Ratio

(VIANEWS) – Williams Companies (WMB), Gabelli Equity Trust (GAB), FMC Corporation (FMC) are the highest payout ratio stocks on this list. We have collected information about stocks with the highest payout ratio so far. The payout ratio in itself isn’t a promise of good investment but it’s an indicator of whether dividends are being paid and how the company chooses to distribute them.

Australia Protests Covid Lockdown – Sound Familiar?

A handful of cases of Covid and one death in Australia have prompted more than half the population to be placed in covid lockdown. Called the ‘No Regrets Policy,’ it’s also sparked massive protests across the country from Sydney to Melbourne, Adelaide to Brisbane. Essential businesses are to stay open, nonessentials shops closed, construction sites closed, and the people are not allowed to leave their homes unless for essential needs. A massive demonstration that spoke of the people being fed up with such draconian measures has been occurring across the country. Numerous arrests were made because of the protests which “violated the public health directives.”
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Man Arrested for Carjacking an Ambulance With EMT and Patient Still Inside

Houston, Texas – A suspect identified as Brandon Warren, 43, was arrested for allegedly carjacking an ambulance with an EMT and patient still inside. He reportedly first stopped the ambulance by pulling his vehicle in front of it, then walked up to the driver, kicked him out at gunpoint, then took off in the ambulance. The driver was left at the side of the road. The incident occurred at around 3 a.m. on July 23rd.
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Terry Trobiani, Illinois Restaurant Owner, Cited Over Display of American Flags

McHenry County, Prairie Grove, IL – The owner of Gianelli’s Hot Dog and Beef restaurant, Terry Trobiani, says he was ticketed for his display of American flags in front of his Illinois restaurant. The Village of Prairie Grove handed him the sign ordinance, and a day later ticketed him. The village says it’s because of where the flags are placed and that they could ”blow into the road.” Trobiani was so mad that he taped the tickets to the front door of his restaurant – and he plans to fight it in court, even if it costs him more to fight it than to pay it.
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5 Potential Opponents for CM Punk to Face in AEW

Seven years ago, CM Punk walked away from professional wrestling following a less-than-amicable split with WWE. However, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported Wednesday the former WWE champion is in talks for a return to the ring, with All Elite Wrestling being the most likely landing spot. A report...
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A Tale of Two Cities: Grafton, IL vs Minneapolis, MN

Two Cities in our nation are highly divergent: Grafton, IL and Minneapolis, MN. Grafton, IL gave up their raises in order to give their police department raises. Minneapolis is still trying to abolish their police department. Story continues below:. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Minneapolis, MN. Minneapolis has been attempting to completely remove...

Tres Genco Joined Army to Get Training for Mass Murder

Tres Genco describes himself as an “incel’ (‘involuntarily celibate’), and as others who call themselves by the description, he hates women because they don’t pay enough attention to him. He was arrested Wednesday by the DOJ on one charge of attempting to commit a hate crime, and one count of illegally possessing a machine gun. He was plotting to commit mass murder at an unnamed Ohio University Sorority. He joined the Army hoping to get training to do a mass killing. (Military.com)
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Officer Mark Conklin: Ran Toward Inferno to Rescue Family

Jamestown, NY – Jamestown Police Officer Mark Conklin, 25, responded to a call on Baker Street and was walking back to his patrol car when the dispatcher notified him of a possible house fire on William Street. He ran toward it. When Conklin arrived, the house was engulfed in flames, with children and an adult trapped on the upper floor, and others on the main floor.
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Gab & Eat | Best Breakfast in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a great breakfast town. Places like Pamela’s, DeLuca’s, Square Café and Dor-Stop all have their devotees. But there is nowhere I would rather be for an early morning meal than at a counter seat in the Gab & Eat. A blue collar urban hash house just west of downtown, it just might serve the best breakfast in Pittsburgh.