Mike Tomlin to LSU/USC rumors.

When I first read this on an LSU message board I dismissed it as being as ridiculous as Saban or Swinney rumors. I still don't think it is serious, but at least on "reputable?" source (MSN) is mentioning it. Just posting it here FYI. I think there are two far...
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Debra Messing Defends Alec Baldwin After Accidental Shooting: ‘Praying For All Their Families’

Alec Baldwin got some public support from his friend, Debra Messing, after he accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer with a prop gun on the set of his new movie. Debra Messing has Alec Baldwin’s back after he was involved in an accidental shooting on the set of his new movie, Rust, on Oct. 21. When Benny Johnson tweeted about the incident, writing, “BREAKING: Alec Baldwin kills person with gun, criminal investigation underway. This is the accurate headline FYI,” Debra jumped in to shoot the critic down. “It is absolutely NOT,” she tweeted. “A prop gun was handed to him. He used it in the scene. Then, a catastrophic event happened where Halyna Hutchins lost her life and Joel Souza was injured. I am praying for all of their families.”
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'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan Released From Hospital After Emergency Surgery

Great news for "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan ... the wrestling legend has been discharged from the hospital following emergency surgery, the wrestler announced. "After 2 nights in the hospital and emergency surgery yesterday, guess who just came home? Thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses at Kershaw County Medical Center which is now, MUSC," Duggan's wife, Debra, wrote on Instagram.
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A 'censored' mural, Mom's Spaghetti comes up, Faster Horses death cause revealed: the top 10 Detroit Metro Times headlines this week

Cincinnati Bengals player Jackson Carman either has a questionable sense of humor, or Eminem's got good lawyers, or both. On Sunday, the player seemed to suggest that he had gotten sick and puked on Ford Field after eating at Eminem's new Mom's Spaghetti restaurant. "Would not recommend eating Moms spaghetti when you visit Detroit" he tweeted. The next day — after, we assume, Em's lawyers had time to react — he walked the story back, writing in a follow-up tweet, "FYI: I did not actually try the Moms Spaghetti Restaurant while I was in Detroit, I was referencing the @Eminem song lyrics." All we'll add is if Carman was trying to make a joke... well, there are other ways he could have done that without appearing to directly imply that the Mom's Spaghetti restaurant was the cause of his on-field illness. Anyway, that was our top story this week.

In Which Adele Is Forced to Pick Between Prince Harry and Prince William

Adele's episode of 73 Questions with Vogue finally dropped yesterday and it truly delivered. Adele was asked a million things (actually, 95 things), including a "British This or That" section which involved "Prince William or Prince Harry." She then took a second to answer and said "Prinnnceee...Harry." (Sorry, William!) FYI...

Duff Goldman Says This Is What Will Happen If You Bake A Cake In Space

There are so many exciting things happening in the world of space travel, but for the foodies of the world, the most exciting part might be the evolution of food in space. The first civilians took a jaunt to space recently, and even NASA reached out to the public earlier in March of 2021 to help find a better solution to keeping food fresh for longer as missions to Mars require more time (via NPR). Alton Brown loved the idea and even stepped in to work on a solution himself.

This Under-Appreciated Grain Can Help You Maintain Healthy Iron Levels

With so many nutritious ancient grains in the bulk aisle to choose from for your next meal—whether it's a hearty grain bowl or a warm change-of-pace from your usual oatmeal—it's inevitable that some might fall under your radar. Though popular options like quinoa often take up much of the spotlight, mixing up your go-to's means tapping into a whole new slew of health benefits.

All the Intel on Shanae Ankney, 'The Bachelor's Alleged New "Villain"

The Bachelorette literally JUST started airing and is already w-i-l-d thanks to a producer plant dude named Ryan, but fun update: we already know that Michelle Young's contestant Clayton Echard has been cast as ABC's new Bachelor. And he's in the midst of filming, which means we have a ton of spoilers—including intel on who the "villain" of the season is. Or, more accurately, the person ABC is giving a villain edit to, who is probably a totally nice person IRL.

Boxer JoJo Diaz Says Ryan Garcia & Devin Haney Are B***hes

Boxing champ JoJo Diaz says he's leaving Ryan Garcia in the rearview and focusing his attention squarely on Devin Haney ... a boxer he tells TMZ Sports is a straight-up b*tch who he plans to hand his first loss. 28-year-old Diaz (32 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw) -- the WBC...

When Will ‘Locke & Key’ Season 3 Premiere?

Great questions, and good on you for clicking on a post titled “when will Locke & Key Season 3 premiere?” to find out the answers. That’s the sort of smart thinking that’s going to pay dividends down the road. Anyway, on with the actual info. As sure as Gabe (Griffin...

* BeJoyful Holistics Yelm ribbon cutting today, * 2nd potential La Niña winter being felt in western WA., * NIH says US funded gain-of-function at Wuhan lab, despite Fauci’s denials!

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele on MSNBC’s Deadline White House: The Republicans would throw over the filibuster in a second if meant more power for them. The GOP counts on Dems being feckless. [start @ 5:50]. The Fox News NIH article is (per usual) leaving out important data. At issue...

Interested In Science Writing? The AAAS Mass Media Fellowship May Be For You…

When I was growing up, I didn’t really know that science and writing could be combined into one career. I thought I had to pick between the two fields, and for a long time, I ended up choosing science. I started graduate school, and then I started writing for Astrobites (FYI we’re hiring new writers, deadline Nov. 5th!). I rekindled my love for writing and started looking for more opportunities to tell stories about science.

FYI: You Can Use Your Air Fryer to Make Pumpkin Pie Goodies

Back in the old days, it might've been all about making sourdough from scratch. These days, at-home cooking revolves around quick and easy snacks in the air fryer!. The latest trend to catch on in the air fryer social media world is seasonally appropriate: pumpkin pie. Yes, you can make pumpkin pie in an air fryer!