Google working on Pixel Watch, expected launch in 2022

Google is working on a smartwatch that it plans to launch next year according to an exclusive report from Business Insider. The device, should it see the light of day, is internally code-named “Rohan” and should showcase the latest version of Google’s smartwatch software to customers and partners. This is in accordance with internal documents Business Insider had access to and backed up by multiple current and former employees of the tech giant.

Excellent Free Tutorials to Learn Raku

Raku is a member of the Perl family of programming languages. Formerly known as Perl 6, it was renamed in October 2019. Raku introduces elements of many modern and historical languages. Compatibility with Perl was not a goal, though a compatibility mode is part of the specification. Raku offers many...
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Horizon announces market making and agency trading solution

This will enable banks and institutional and retail brokers gain access to advanced functionalities in high touch, DMA, DSA and global order routing for equity and global derivatives. Horizon Software has expanded its Electronic Trading platform to include market making and agency trading functions. Offered in one single platform powered...
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The Most Significant Differences between MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5

Every broker who wants to establish a brokerage company must first pick and connect a high-quality trading platform that allows for the processing of cryptocurrency payments as well as access to the foreign exchange market. There are around 10 of the most often used platforms, however there are only two of the most frequently used platforms. In this case, it is the first generation of MetaTrader4 (MT4), which was developed in 2005, and the second generation, MetaTrader5, which was developed a year or two later (in 2010).