Rock Port FFA Fish Fry

FFA members were at their stations, starting with the fish and chicken, prepping for the annual fish fry September 12. FFA members cut and breaded both the fish and chicken before sending them to the frying station. Everyone waits patiently for the fish to finish cooking.
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This Nigella Lawson Trick Makes For Grease-Free French Fries

Nigella Lawson is the domestic goddess we all aspire to be like. We love Lawson's tips and tricks, which range from resourceful (using up stale bread to make a panzanella salad) to truly indulgent (adding bacon to our brownies). During lockdown, the "Nigella Bites" host shared her technique for frying up delicious, crispy French fries without the greasy, oily taste or feel. See, she really is a goddess! If you've had time to peruse her latest cookbook "Cook, Eat, Repeat," which has 50 new recipes, then you would know that the celebrity chef really is all that.

Best Pots For commercial Deep Frying And How To Use Them

We all love deep-fried foods like chips, french fries, chicken strips etc. If you have children in your home, they must be fans of deep-fried foods. Here, Commercial deep fryers are very beneficial equipment to fry snacks quickly. It gets used in houses to prepare commercial fries. If you are also willing to buy a product and know about some suggestions, here are the fryers that can help you out in this scenario. Here, we will discuss the best fryers for deep frying and their using process.

The Sicilian art of frying eggplants

We all know, in Sicily we are practically obsessed with 2 things: eggplant and frying. And the two go perfectly hand in hand, don’t you think? Melanzane are delicious in any way you cook them: grilled, ammuttunate, baked, in oil. But the absolute best way, the apotheosis of eggplant is absolutely fried! You will say, frying eggplants, what is so difficult about it, in the end it is just cutting an eggplant and throwing it in hot oil, right?

Patate Ben-Venue | French Fries are Best in Quebec

The name of this snack bar, Patate Ben-Venue, roughly translates as “Potato Welcome.” The headline on its business card reads “Frites Maison.” Sure enough, pommes frites, aka French fries, put this colorful roadside enterprise on the good-eats map. Ben Venue has been getting its potatoes from the same family potato farm for over a quarter of a century. If you want proof that French fries are best in Quebec, you have found it right here.

This Clever Egg Hack Lets You Fry Eggs Without a Pan

Is there anything more versatile than the humble egg? You can fry, boil, poach, ​and​ bake eggs — and that's just scratching the surface. We're especially big fans of frying eggs, as the method takes just a few minutes. That said, when the one and only chef and culinary expert Andrew Zimmern posted a new trick for frying eggs, we just had to share it.

It’s Time to Make a Chicken Fried Steak, And Then Devour It Whole

Held each April in the Texas town of Lamesa, the Chicken Fried Steak Festival commemorates the day in 1911 that short-order cook Jimmy Don Perkins allegedly mistook two separate orders — one for chicken and one for fried steak — as one request. He served up a combo of both to a customer at local eatery Ethel’s Home Cooking, and the rest is history.
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Farmers Market Zucchini Fries with Homemade Marinara Sauce

Believe it or not, I took my very first trip to the Waldport Farmers Market this past Wednesday, a farmers market that is located less than five minutes from my house and runs every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and somehow, after almost two years of living right down the road, I’ve never stopped in. Such a shame that I’ve been missing so many incredible local goods all of this time, because my little hometown farmers market has it going on!

Italian Fried Donuts

Tradition mandates these goodies be made during the Christmas holidays, but there’s no reason not to enjoy them year- round. Why torture oneself to wait 11 months?. The Falvo and Miceli families, a Grandma and Mom team, made these delicious fried potato delicacies in the shape of doughnuts. They were to-die-for. They called them “grispelle,” aka, “crespelle.” “zeppole,”or “fritelle.” But no matter, if they are made with potatoes, they are delicious!

Camping Cookware Set Frying Pan Steamer with Travel Tote Bag

Wealers brings you a whole cookware set to make all that doable, consisting of 1x Nonstick Frying/ Sauce Pan, 1x Steamer/strainer, 1x Massive Pot & Lid, 1x Medium Pot & Lid,1x Small Cooking Pot & Lid. All our open air cooking set’s items are made with premium 304 Stainless Metal...

RMA-Techniek takes over HZPC's frying colour measuring system Soleye

As of September 2021, RMA-Techniek will take over the product SolEye. SolEye is a product to objectively measure frying colour, developed by Solentum B.V. (a former subsidiary of HZPC Holding). Herman Verveld Commercial Director at HZPC:. "Here at HZPC, we are pleased with this agreement. We could not have found...