Online credits expired, we know everyone who worked on them –

I credits Highly expected elden ringThe new game from FromSoftware is gone Online. If we want, we can know in advance the names of all those who worked in the game. If you’re curious, check out the video below. Attention, however, to potential developments, particularly those derived from reading the voice actors of the various characters.
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Elden Ring Director Unveils Why They Didn’t Make The Game Into Dark Souls IV

Developers wanted more creative freedom. FromSoftware has a massive following, and one of their big franchise hits to come out is Dark Souls. The game brought out a dark fantasy world and challenging gameplay. Players couldn’t get enough of the IP, and it spawned a few sequels. However, the studio’s latest release is actually a brand new game IP. With that said, the franchises share quite a few similarities. As a result, some fans might question why Elden Ring didn’t just end up becoming a Dark Souls IV.
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Elden Ring’s End-Credits Have Leaked Online

Behold, oh thou foul Tarnished ones, the leaked end-credits to Elden Ring:. It’s a funny thing to see leaked, if we’re being honest, and also full of spoilers. If you don’t want character names and bosses to be spoiled going into the FromSoftware game many are calling Dark Soul 4, you should not watch these leaked end-credits.
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Elden Ring Has Very Few Bosses Players Absolutely Have To Defeat

Players are given more freedom in how they complete the game. One of the more anticipated video game releases coming out this year is Elden Ring. The legendary development studio, FromSoftware, is gearing up to release this new IP. However, while the studio has been marketing the game for a good while now, we’re still finding new things about this upcoming release. For instance, the director behind Elden Ring Hidetaka Miyazaki was interviewed by FrontlineJP where we got a bit more insight to boss battles.

Watch A Guy Beat Sekiro In Two Hours, Blindfolded

You know how you can’t even get past the first area of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice without crying? Well, this guy can play the entire game, in under two hours, blindfolded. As part of this year’s splendid Awesome Games Done Quick, which overall raised an incredible $3.4 million for charities, speedrunner Mitchriz attempted FromSoftware’s 2019 action-adventure without his eyes. Which is ridiculous.

Leaked Elden Ring footage gives a glimpse of one of the enemies

One of the most anticipated releases of the year is FromSoftware’s upcoming high fantasy action RPG Elden, co-created with George RR Martin, best known for writing the A Song of Ice and Fire book. Must be a ring-the game is targeted but quite a few leaks. Previously, I was able to get a glimpse of what the character creators of the game would look like. This time, you can see the actions of the enemy.

Armored Core: Release Date, Gameplay, and More

The most iconic third-person shooter video game Armored Core has a fanbase of millions globally. The game series began its debut in the 1990s with the last installation released in 2012. Now almost 10 years later, rumors of another extension, i. e Armored Core 6, is in the air and...

‘Sekiro’ speedrunner takes just two hours to complete the game blindfolded

During Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) a speedrunner has completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice whilst blindfolded, reaching the end credits in only two hours. The impressive run was accomplished yesterday (January 16) by speedrunner Mr. Game. According to host Shout, Mr. Game is one of only three people in the world to complete Sekiro blindfolded.

Branching Path: If the rumors are true and FromSoftware is making another Armored Core, I hope it maintains its identity instead of borrowing too much from the Soulsborne games

I recall a distant, specific memory every time I think about Armored Core. It was a 1-on-1 online match in Armored Core 4. My foe and I drop into a barren desert littered with dozens of huge satellite installments at opposite ends of the map. I was testing out one of my new mechs; it was lightly equipped and opted for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Frankly, this new machine was tuned to bet it all on a single strike. If it was spotted first, the duel would likely not end well for me.

Release date, floors, gameplay and more for Armored Core

Considering how much has already been built, we imagine that the new Armored Core game could launch as soon as 2023, or 2024 the latest. If FromSoftware is consistent with its recent releases, Armored Core will likely launch on Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC. The synopsis that was leaked for Armored Core sounds like a Dune rip off. The game revolves around a substance known as Melange that has the potential to advance human society. Funnily enough, the substance in Dune that we know as spice is also referred to as Melange.

Armored Core: Is There Any Potential Release Date & Rumors?

Till the latest times, building a second Armored Fundamental sport was a pipe dream, and yet rumors regarding FromSoftware’s innovative Armored Starter edition oriented by the one and only Hidetaka Miyazaki are circulating. The pictures came from the latest Resetera spreadsheet describing a detailed questionnaire that disclosed snapshots, a...

Completing Sekiro blindfolded seems impossible, but they’ve done it in less than two hours

The Awesome Games Done Quick charity event brings together speedrunners to raise money for the fight against cancer. The speedrun is one of the most complex hobbies in video games, it requires a lot of effort and sacrifice dedicated to knowing every second of the game, in some cases leading entire communities to work to unravel formulas to reduce the marks by just a few seconds. But when it comes to FromSoftware and its challenging titles, everything seems to get more uphill.

Blindfolded Sekiro wins the game in 2 hours for charity

AGDQ is Cancer research, one blindfolded player defeated Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As a FromSoftware game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a very difficult game and will severely punish every mistake. Still, hitting it for some reason while blindfolding has been popular in the past. Over the weekend, speed runner...