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Personal Essay: Experiencing freshman year as a sophomore

Like every other sophomore here at UMW, there was much of the first-year experience that I was unable to attend due to COVID restrictions. Even once we were able to come back to campus, the school was like a ghost town. This gave many of last year’s freshmen a uniquely isolating experience. Unlike most of my classmates though, I was able to recover much of this experience this year as an FSEM peer mentor. It was nice to have this opportunity through my job, and experiencing these events and a full campus for the first time after the past year gave me a very interesting perspective on them.

That video might be the single greatest moment in rock & roll

Your pick for greatest musician born on this date (final 10 days!) -- DJ Golf 09/14/2021 06:42AM. Born Apr 13, 1945. Live Little Feat album brings back freshman year for me -- DJ Golf 09/14/2021 11:20AM. That video might be the single greatest moment in rock & roll -- DJ...

Feeling Like You’re Lost at Sea: My Freshman Year

The best four years of your life. This is what I heard before arriving at college in 2018. When I arrived at the doorstep of my dorm building at Penn State University, I felt nervous yet overwhelmingly excited to embark on this freshman journey. I looked forward to finding my passion, discovering who I am all while having the freedom of living away from home.
Daily Collegian

Freshman year 2.0

An oddity strikes me every now and then: I am a sophomore in college. It is a simple and indisputable fact, but with everything that has happened in the last year and a half, it seems as though I am caught between two lifetimes. One moment ago, I was graduating from my high school and giving social distanced goodbyes to people I knew for half my life. Now, I am entering my second year of college.
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The Advice I Wish Someone Told Me Freshman Year

Okay, they are not lying when they say college will fly by. I’m writing this as a senior at Furman, and I am simply dumbfounded at how many memories I have made in what feels like minutes. But it’s been four years. Throughout my time here, I’ve experienced what feels like it all: friendships gained, friendships lost, nights with friends I’ll never forget, nights I spent alone, break ups and awkward talking stages, and above all, a whole lot of self-growth. Sometimes I look at photos from freshman year and don’t even recognize the person I was then. Not physically, though, as I look mostly the same. But mentally, my growth is astronomical.