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‘French Trump’s’ Run for President Is Already a Total Shitshow

Sex scandals, copyright breaches and aggressive confrontations with members of the public have seen the presidential campaign of Eric Zemmour—a controversial far-right pundit in France—begin with a whimper, not a bang. In typically divisive fashion, the 63-year-old polemicist announced his long-expected candidature on Tuesday from a wooden desk with a...
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Josephine Baker Becomes First Black Woman Inducted Into the French Panthéon

American born Josephine Baker has become the first Black woman inducted into the French Panthéon, the nation’s hallowed mausoleum of heroes and France’s highest honor. The push for Baker to be honored in the Panthéon began in 2013, and on Tuesday the entertainer, civil rights activist, and French Resistance hero joined the likes of 80 other luminaries, including Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Marie Curie.
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Eric Zemmour is my friend. I know he truly loves France

As someone who has known the French presidential candidate and longtime editorialist since 2009, allow me to attempt to explain who Eric Zemmour really is. Not long after arriving in France, over a dozen years ago, I was trying to get my bearings within the French media scene. After a stint co-hosting a nightly talk-show on Fox News at the network's New York headquarters, I crash landed onto nationwide French television - almost literally. The day after arriving in Paris for the very first time in my life, for what I thought would just be a three-week vacation between media contracts in the US, I found myself debating French and international politics with the country's top media figures on the morning political talk show of a public broadcaster. Before that, I knew about two people in France - one of whom introduced me to the program's host. And that's how things work in France. Paris, as they say, really is a village.
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Biathlon LIVE: Desthieux shows off his yellow bib … Jacquelin as the opener … Follow the Ostersund sprint live

After a first warm-up weekend, the biathletes are back in Ostersund this Thursday for the 2nd World Cup stage. Simon Desthieux, 3rd in the individual then 5th in the sprint last week, will set off for this new sprint with the yellow jersey of the leader of the general classification for the first time in his career. An honor that only Patrice Bailly-Salins, Raphaël Poirée, Vincent Defrasnes and Martin Fourcade have known before him in the French camp. The other French people, Emilien Jacquelin and Quentin Fillon Maillet in the lead, will want to continue on the start of the dynamic seen during the sprint (4th and 6th) and show the Norwegian armada (the Boe brothers, Christiansen and Bakken), already firmly established before.

Meritocracy: the French between faith and disillusionment

The French have a special relationship with meritocracy. Are the reasons to be found in the history of France and the advent, at the end of the 19th century, of the compulsory, free and secular republican school?. Or in its preparatory classes and its grandes écoles that do not exist...

which sites are popular with the French for Christmas?

It is becoming almost a banality to point out, but e-commerce has taken a preponderant part in consumption habits. This phenomenon, already significant for several years, was further amplified by the health crisis. Thus, in 2020, one in five purchases made worldwide was made online. This trend is very widely...

Three in four French people ready to eat less meat and fish

More than three in four French people say they are ready to reduce their consumption of meat and fish, according to an Ifop survey for Ouest-France published on Friday. A figure on the rise: 76% of people questioned say they are ready to reduce the share of animal proteins in their diet and to favor products "of better environmental quality" when they consume it, against 67% in 2017, indicates this study. .

Cannabis remains the most consumed drug by the French

Hemp keeps the favors of the French. This year again, cannabis remains the most consumed illicit drug in France by nearly one in ten adults. This is what reveals a study by the French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT) published on Thursday. In 2020, 11% of French people...

The Jewish Privilege Of Éric Zemmour: Why He Can Say What No Other Man In France Dares Say Above A Whisper

CFT – Christians For Truth Dec 1, 2021. The Jewish journalist, Éric Zemmour, has finally thrown his hat into the ring and announced his candidacy for the French presidency. A so-called “far” right wing journalist who has been convicted of “hate speech” for his unapologetic anti-Muslim sentiments, Zemmour has never spent a day in jail in a country where state-mandated political correctness has stifled any and all opposition to the bolshevization of France through draconian prosecutions of political dissidents.

Ikea: this elegant armchair is perfect for taking care of your back!

Ikea thinks about its customers and their problems. To fight back pain, the brand has created an armchair with lumbar support. Ikea knows how to find stylish furniture that is also very comfortable. A new armchair may well blend in perfectly with your interior but above all relieve your back. As we know, back pain is a bit of a disease of the century.