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French game of pétanque finds a home in Gainesville

Sarah Lauerman took an interest in French culture and was intrigued by the sport of pétanque (peh-tonk). She wanted to learn how to speak French and engage with the culture further, so she started a club around the sport. Lauerman is now the president of Gainesville Pétanque, a club...
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French Oscar Contender ‘Saint Omer’ Finds Director Alice Diop Making History: ‘I Want to Cry’

Alice Diop wasn’t feeling well. “Excuse me,” she said, in the midst of an interview in a Soho hotel last week, and promptly left the room before returning a few minutes later. “I’m sorry,” she said, sitting back down and rubbing her temples. “Talking about this film all the time is heavy.” Diop was at the tail end of the promotional tour for “Saint Omer,” the 43-year-old filmmaker’s searing and insightful look at race and class tensions in modern-day France. For months, she has been under constant pressure to explain herself. As the director of France’s official Oscar submission, she’s the...
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Employment: the view of the French always “harder” on the unemployed

Here is a study on which the government can rely. While a new unemployment insurance reform, which will make the rules for compensation stricter, will come into force on 1er February 2023, Unédic – the joint association that manages the scheme – published, on Wednesday December 7, the fourth edition of its barometer of the perception of unemployment and employment, produced with the Elabe institute.

Working in Luxembourg and living in France: advantages and disadvantages

Do you plan to work in Luxembourg, but live in France? Here are all the pros and cons you need to know. When we are French or Luxembourgish, it sometimes happens that you have to live in one place and work in another country. Whether you are transferred to Luxembourg or moving to France, here are all the advantages and disadvantages of living in France and going to work in Luxembourg.

Heating: Are you allowed to cut wood in the forest and under what conditions?

ENERGY The affouage is a practice dating back to the Middle Ages. Gas and electricity tariffs been exploding for a few months. For four out of ten French people who heat with wood, the bill is also on the rise, reports BFMTV. Faced with the increasingly high price of the stere, it may seem tempting to go and help yourself in the forest. But be careful, certain rules are to be followed. respect…

100 euros for the year 2023: France throws fuel checks among the people

In France, the tank discount for everyone will soon end. To help lower-income citizens, the government issues checks. They correspond to a discount of ten cents per liter for the average driver. Shortly before the expiry of a fuel discount in France, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced fuel checks of...

These French people have been named the most influential personalities in tech; number 2 will not surprise you at all

A journalist, an astronaut and a politician on the French podium. The first woman in the ranking is at 8e square. Since 2017, the Tyto Tech 500 has identified the most influential personalities in the tech sector each year. The ranking now includes popular figures in three countries: France, Germany and the United Kingdom (naturally, they are not the same). The 2022 edition of this ranking of tech stars includes several familiar faces, of course.

Gino D'Acampo insists he ‘doesn’t care’ about being cancelled over controversial comments

Ulrika Jonsson recently, has even made the claim that there is "no need" for French people in the world. He has been accused of sexism, xenophobia and risqué humour, but has said he refuses to fall prey to cancel culture."Because I'm Gino and everybody knows me for a long time, I can get away with many things that someone else could not get away with," the This Morning chef claimed."There is a fine line on television and I think I walk the line," he added.An unconcerned Gino admitted he has come close to being cancelled in the past - but instead of worrying, even gave advice to other celebrities experiencing the same thing."What they should do instead of fighting the cancel culture is the way I do it - 'I don't care what you've got to say' - that's what I think," he told The Sun.READ NOW: Amanda Owen in tears over family memories after 'unreal' farewellDuring one episode of This Morning, Gino denied that chicken cordon bleu was originally from France - and claimed he wouldn't have cooked it if it had been."Everybody knows I will never cook a French dish," he declared scornfully."I am going to be honest with you - apart from my friend Fred Sirieix, I don't like French people.Too close to Italy!"They always think everything they do is the greatest.There is no need for French people in the world!"He insisted that he was actually preparing an Italian version of stuffed chicken breast, adding: "Now the French call it blah blah blah but it's really pollo impanato!"One incredulous Twitter user wrote: "Just imagine the outrage if [he] said: 'I don't like Pakistani people, or I don't like African people'.

In Seine-Maritime, two Parisians are the only French winners of the international Airbnb competition

Always looking for unusual accommodation, American company Airbnb Wow! Launches Ten Million Dollar Fund to Fund 100 Amazing Ideas Consulted more than 2.5 million times since its creation in May 2022. So an international call for proposals was launched. Out of tens of thousands of responses, the only French people to win the $100,000 prize were Ann Thai and Romain Briaux, a pair of Parisian designers. They now have to build a unique cottage on a new property in Nullemont (Seine-Maritime), a village of 138 inhabitants.

A collection continues to grow – two Persephone reviews

I have got quite good at acquiring Persephone books – you need only look at my Persephone page to see how the collection grows (I feel confident in one at Christmas too). However, I haven’t been so quick to read them of late – for no particular reason I can think of.

A mayor who refused to marry a French woman and a Turk was ordered to perform the wedding

Dijon prosecutor Olivier Karakots confirmed to AFP that he had given the mayor until the end of March to seal the marriage between a 20-year-old French woman from Salon and a 40-year-old Turkish man. The right-wing mayor of Salon-sur-Saône in central-eastern France, Gilles Platre, had been summoned by justice to...

French Word of the Day: Fanfarroner

Because you probably have some former classmates who fit this description. Une tronche – roughly pronounced oon trohnsh – normally refers to a big stump, log or block of wood, though not to be confused with the word “tranche”, which though it has a similar pronunciation, means a piece or slice of something.