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Illinois teacher fired over anti-riot comments says colleagues 'terrified' for free speech

An Illinois teacher whose school board voted 5-2 to terminate her over a social media post decrying the George Floyd riots in nearby Chicago told Fox News on Thursday she is not guilty of their alleged accusation the comments "harm[ed] students," as her attorney wondered aloud how many other educators are having their profiles secretly monitored by school boards or unions.
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Hong Kong police arrest authors of a children’s book in latest free speech crackdown

Nick Schifrin is the foreign affairs and defense correspondent for PBS NewsHour, based in Washington, D.C. He leads NewsHour's foreign reporting and has created week-long, in-depth series for NewsHour from China, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Cuba, Mexico, and the Baltics. The PBS NewsHour series "Inside Putin's Russia" won a 2018 Peabody Award and the National Press Club's Edwin M. Hood Award for Diplomatic Correspondence. In November 2020, Schifrin received the American Academy of Diplomacy’s Arthur Ross Media Award for Distinguished Reporting and Analysis of Foreign Affairs.
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Connecticut’s New Anti-Bias Rule Addresses Free Speech Concerns

Handful of states have adopted controversial ABA rule, several have rejected it. Comments to rule provide guidance to lawyers, address free-speech concerns. Connecticut has reworked an anti-bias ethics rule developed by the American Bar Association to avoid triggering First Amendment concerns that have led a number of other states to reject it.

CNN worries that this country’s problem is “free speech”

You know, we have a big problem in this country. According to CNN, it’s free speech. You see, the two clones of each other CNN and Fox News have gotten into some little sort of sissy fight. CNN claims that the problem with Fox News is the fact that this country allows free speech. Ironically, it was a segment with two old Fox News retreads Carl Cameron and host Alisyn Camerota. These two previous Fox News hacks should give you proof just how much Fox News really is just CNN Lite.
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HARRISON MAYOR JERRY JACKSON: Honor free speech by doing it right

I’d like to offer a friendly tip to demonstrators: Use your heads and be effective.People planning public demonstrations need to think about three things before they hit the streets: - What …. This item is available in full to subscribers. Attention subscribers. We have recently launched a new and improved...
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OPINION: Zeoli: We Can't Allow The Democrats to Criminalize Free Speech

Today on the Zeoli Show, Senator Amy Klobuchar proposed a bill that would prevent people from posting anything they deem as “misinformation” when it comes to public health emergencies on social media platforms. Democrats want to criminalize speech they don’t like but they don’t realize this opens the door for everyone in government to attempt to restrict speech they don’t like. A complete violation of the first amendment.
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Free the Cake Baker!

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner, Jack Phillips, has dealt with persistent persecution from the Left over the right to freely practice faith, his craft of creating magnificent cakes for over two decades, and for the right of free speech. Along with his Attorney, Jake Warner, Jack detail why standing up for one’s beliefs has landed him in court many times, facing numerous anti-discrimination lawsuits, in what feels like a never-ending battle with the court system.
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Free Speech by Big Finish (Review)

‘Free Speech’ was a free 44 minutes about freedoms that left me speechless. Imagine a world where one word costs one drooble. Meanwhile, it gives me images of nights without bedtime stories and unable to afford to propose to my love. The latter is precisely how Aymius Todd got himself into a sticky situation at a loss for words. He better find them and fast; his police interrogator will spend every word before giving up.
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Plans to address legal but harmful content ‘threaten free speech’

The government’s plan to impose a duty on technology platforms to deal with “legal but harmful” content in the Online Safety Bill would be ineffective and threatens freedom of speech, a House of Lords report has warned. Under the Bill’s duty of care, tech platforms that host user-generated content or...
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Free Speech Movement Cafe reopens after extended closure

The Free Speech Movement Cafe, a tribute to the movement that helped shape UC Berkeley, finally reopened July 19 after an extended closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tucked within Moffitt Library, the cafe — upon its original opening in Jan. 2000 — honors Mario Savio, a key figure in the city’s Free Speech Movement, according to the campus library website.

Hong Kong Police Arrest Apple Daily Editor In Crackdown On Free Speech

In a continuation of the Chinese Communist Party’s complete takeover of Hong Kong, police have arrested another journalist who was formerly the senior editor of Apple Daily, a free speech outlet founded by Jimmy Lai. Hong Kong police arrested Lam Man-Chung, 51, in connection with dissenting against mainland China and...

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on the ‘free speech crisis’ at universities with Bristol Uni Free Speech Society’s Harry Walker

The government are introducing a new law claiming to defend freedom of speech, amid an alleged crisis on British university campuses of ‘cancel culture’ and de-platforming. But is it really the case that freedom of expression is being unduly restricted in our society? Or is it an exaggerated distraction from bigger issues? Harry Walker of Bristol Uni’s Free Speech Society has been at the centre of the debate. Neil sits down with Harry to thrash it out.