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Guardians of the Galaxy: PC requirements

The arrival of Guardians of the Galaxy is extremely close and that is why today we will tell you what the PC requirements are. Why do you know the PC requirements in Guardians of the Galaxy?. In most games there are some particular requirements that we must consider in order...
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Android 101: how to free up space on your phone

It can happen all too easily, especially if you’ve got an Android phone with less than 128GB of storage: one day, you try to install a cool new game or an intriguing new app, and you can’t. You’ve run out of space. Don’t panic. If you’re not ready to buy...
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Leaf Space Partners with Odysseus Space to Develop Optical Ground Terminals and Build First Ever Global, Hybrid Ground Station Network

Leaf Space, a leading provider of ground segment as-a-service (GSaaS) solutions, is partnering with Odysseus Space, a company developing end- to-end laser communications systems for satellite missions, to develop a hybrid ground station network optimized for optical and RF communications. The two companies will work together to apply Odysseus Space’s...

Bosque La Esperanza, a space created in honor of the people who died of covid-19

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Corporación Ambiental Empresarial (Caem), a subsidiary of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce in alliance with the Jaime Duque Park Foundation, they launched the La Esperanza forest. It is a natural space that was created thinking of paying tribute to the people who died contaminated with covid-19 and in which the planting of 70,000 native trees is projected with the purpose of protecting the country from the effects of climate change.

This 'junk' from the '80s could make you rich

It always feels great to discard your old, unwanted junk and then bask in your newly clutter-free space — until 10 or 20 years later, when you're browsing through an antique store or online auction and realize those items you discarded are worth a pretty penny now. Here are nine things you might've owned in the 1980s that are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars today.

LVM: How to Resize Volumes After They are Created

A filesystem on a logical volume can be extended using the LVM tool whenever the logical volume shorts for space. The extended logical volume has more space and capacity than the previous logical volume. In this tutorial, we will discuss how the LVM command-line interface and the graphical user interface can be used to extend the logical volume.

Make space: Guardians of the Galaxy system requirements include 150GB of disk space at launch

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game recently appeared in Steam’s store available for pre-purchase. Within this page are the system requirements for players to run the game. Shockingly, Guardians of the Galaxy requires at least 150 GB of free space on your drives to download the game. Looks like it’s about time that players started upgrading their drivers or at least clean them up.

Guardians of the Galaxy on PC requires 150 GB of space

On October 26, Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal will release their new action game based on Guardians of the Galaxy. With only a week left, the developer has revealed the PC requirements for the game, and here it may be necessary to free up some disk space. as Steam side for...

How to Check Disk Space in Ubuntu

Disk space is used to refer to the computer space amount on the hard drive, floppy, USB, etc, and is usually measured in large units like kilobytes, megabytes. We can also simply say that disk space is the maximum amount of data that a disk is capable of holding and any type of media that can hold some data have disk capacity.