Blumhouse's Freaky Ending Explained And How The Body Swap Magic Works

Too many Friday the 13ths have been straight scare-fests for Jason Voohees’ taking. This year there’s a new killer character in town for the superstitious date for Blumhouse’s horror comedy Freaky. The movie coming from Happy Death Day director, Christopher Landon brings a new twist to the slasher movie when Kathryn Newton’s high schooler Millie accidentally swaps bodies with the Blissfield Butcher, played by Vince Vaughn. Can we talk about that Freaky ending?
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Kathryn Newton on 'Freaky' and the Shocking "Un-Renewal" of 'The Society'

Whether it’s a film set or a golf course, Kathryn Newton treats every scene and every swing as an opportunity to learn. Such conviction is why Newton continues to be one of the most sought-after young actors in Hollywood, as well as a rather disciplined and accomplished golfer. In her latest return to the big screen, Newton stars in Christopher Landon’s slasher-comedy Freaky, as Millie, a high school student who swaps bodies with Vince Vaughn’s infamous “Blissfield Butcher.” Freaky also served as a Paranormal Activity 4 reunion between Newton, [Paranormal screenwriter] Landon and producer Jason Blum.
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New Movies to Watch This Week: ‘Freaky,’ ‘Fatman’ and ‘Wolfwalkers’

With coronavirus cases surging around the country, Friday the 13th might not be the time to test your luck in theaters — though that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from serving up an unusually enticing slate of fresh releases exclusively in cinemas. From body-swap slasher movie “Freaky” to Mel Gibson’s nutzo Santa satire “Fatman,” the week’s new releases will have some weighting the risks.

The Most Purely Enjoyable Horror Movie Made in Years

Millie (played by Kathryn Newton) is a petite, blond high schooler with an awkward streak—the kind of character who’d traditionally be the victim in a horror movie. Since the slasher genre began in earnest in the late 1970s, Hollywood has made countless films about hulking male serial killers preying on teenagers, but it’s still rare to see the reverse. Christopher Landon’s new film, Freaky, achieves that turnaround through an old narrative trick, magically placing the mind of a murderer in the body of the young woman he’s targeting. But the goofiness of the plot device doesn’t undo the movie’s symbolic power.

Vince Vaughn Is Surprisingly Sweet as a Teenage Girl in Body-Swap Slasher Freaky

The new movie is part Freaky Friday, part Friday the 13th—and part Jack Black in Jumanji. The 2015 reboot of Jumanji might have initially looked like nothing more than a gratuitous cash-in, but it ended up making a surprisingly compelling case for its existence through Jack Black’s marvelous performance as a teenage girl stranded in a middle-aged man’s body. Freaky takes that absurd scenario and stretches it out into an entire movie, this time starring Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton (Blockers, Big Little Lies) as the swappees. That Vaughn’s character is a Jason Voorhees-esque serial killer known as the Blissfield Butcher adds a little extra spice, turning this take on Freaky Friday into something more like Freaky Friday the 13th.
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'Freaky' and the Evolution of the Slasher Movie

The quote may bear some familiarity to horror fans. Afterall, it’s one of the most referenced quotes in horror documentaries and journalism as evidence that film critics just didn’t get horror movies, or more specifically slasher movies. Ebert, as brilliant as he was, didn’t always get the appeal of the slasher movie, and he wasn’t alone. The Friday the 13th films in particular created a critical disconnect between audiences and movie reviewers. But maybe Ebert had a point about the nihilism on display in so many slasher movies.

Manny the Movie Guy Reviews “Fatman” and “Freaky”

It’s Mel Gibson versus Vince Vaughn at the box-office. Gibson is starring in the Christmas action flick “Fatman” as Santa Claus while Vaughn is a serial killer in the “Freaky Friday” meets “Friday the 13th horror-comedy “Freaky.” Which one is my pick of the week?. To see my full interview...
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'Freaky': Film Review

A clever twist on classic horror that comes up short. TWITTER. Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton co-star in Christopher Landon’s horror comedy follow-up to the ‘Happy Death Day’ movies. With Halloween and Friday the 13th falling just weeks apart this year, horror fans may feel the pang of an epically...
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Vince Vaughn body-swaps into a slasher comedy with the fun horror hybrid Freaky

Note: The writer of this review watched Freaky from home. Before making the decision to see it—or any other film—in a movie theater, please consider the health risks involved. Here’s an interview on the matter with scientific experts. Countless filmmakers have spent large portions of their careers sorting through a...

‘Freaky’ Review: Vince Vaughn Is Hilarious As Killer Caught In Body Switch With Teen Girl In Bloody Funny Slasher Comedy

Universal and Blumhouse might as well have called their new horror slasher comedy Freaky the 13th. A blatant combo of Friday the 13th — even to the point of vividly making the connection in one early scene — and those mismatched-body-switching comedies along the lines of Disney’s Freaky Friday, this smart collection of laughs, gruesome killings and yes, heart, defies the tired nature of the genres it is aping and proves to be a breath of fresh air where it is least expected.

‘Freaky’ Review: Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton Are Outstanding In This Bloody, Body-Swapping Blast

With Happy Death Day (and its even-more-bonkers sequel Happy Death Day 2 U), filmmaker Christopher Landon took a trope most closely associated with a beloved comedy (Groundhog Day), with a protagonist experiencing the same day over and over again and turned it into a brilliant horror romp. (It was wildly entertaining and offered valuable commentary on repetitiousness of soulless horror movies.) For his latest film, Landon has attempted a similar genre-blending reinvention, pairing a broad body swapping conceit (made famous in Disney’s Freaky Friday and appropriated by a stream of crude 1980s comedies) with the tropes of a traditional slasher movie. The resulting film, Freaky (out in theaters on November 13 and on VOD December 4), is an absolute blast – a fun, frantic, horror/comedy mash-up that works shockingly well and is anchored by two of the more delightful, committed performances you’ll see all year.

'Freaky' director wants to reboot this classic monster movie for Universal

Christopher Landon is one of Blumhouse's most reliable talents. As a writer, he helped shepherd the Paranormal Activity franchise before stepping up to direct Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U, and Freaky, a horror slasher-Freaky Friday mashup he wrote with Michael Kennedy. The point being, Landon may have a...